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  1. The BAM show is rumored to be the cherry tree vol 2 release.. I don't get why that's such a great choice though, there's no deep cuts in there besides Secret Meeting and that's arguably a "bigger" deep cut
  2. I've never been a big fan but there's always been 1-2 songs per album that I could dig. I listened to this and each song had me praying they would end by the halfway mark. Breathe Deeply or whatever was the only decent track. The fact that it's getting any critical acclaim is a testament to the lack of quality and integrity in music journalism in 2020. And as a fan I would be insulted by this album. So many stockholm syndrome'd Tame Impalagists smh.
  3. What about this release screams sex appeal? The music videos (granted i've only seen two) are like short horror films
  4. LOVE the new single. But I also loved Weather.
  5. This was pressed as a 2LP with Lucy already FYI, not 1st pressing
  6. Yea fam trying to get that SEO for google clicks leading to my sick YouTube
  7. hard to believe that grown men living their pop punk fantasies on the internet need to try to bring other people down for no other reason than short-sighted malice in 2019