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  1. i ordered from them a few months ago, similar situation, never got fulfilled
  2. dude get that LOGIC out of here on vinyl collective we behave like CHILDREN who have never interacted with another human in our LIVES get with it
  3. When rooks, the most aggressively obnoxious and annoying user on this site, is coming to your defense, you know you're on the losing team shrug.gif
  4. Yeah, when you go to a store and you're treated like shit, you tell people not to go to that store.
  5. And he wouldn't have even known if I would pay top dollar because he never even tried to counteroffer. I got annoyed because I spent the time going through the list, picking what I wanted, looking up their market value and proposing multiple offers only to get hit with one word responses. And you can see how flippant he is in this thread. Shit person.
  6. You should be more sorry that you lack social skills. I hope you get better my man!
  7. If you're trying to sell records and tell people to make offers on your entire collection, and someone makes you an offer that is objectively closer to "fair" than "unfair" in the scope of market value (just because a dude listed his everclear record for $70 doesn't mean it has ever or will ever sell for that price) it would behoove you to engage in conversation to possibly share what you would rather receive for those records, instead of a curt dismissal making me feel like I wasted precious time and energy even engaging with you in the first place.
  8. Nah I'll just share what happened so people can be wary of your tactics next time you post your list: The NMH box set is available on their site for $100 The Discogs median price for those Everclear records are 30 each. I offered you 130 for all 3, as people tend to give discounts for multiple records. You said no. I offered you 45 for the EC records. You said no. Didn't even offer any opportunity to counter-offer with something you'd consider more reasonable. All my offers were reasonable. You lack social skills AND business skills. Good lord man.
  9. FYI all this guy sucks balls. I sent him two offers that were fair for the market value and he just replied "Nah" to both without even counteroffering or giving me a chance to counter. Beware.
  10. Agreed. Both are good albums but are extremely easy to find and their versions aren't that impressive/different. And even worse I couldn't find anything to swap to.