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  1. Could have seen that coming from a mile away. It's a BEAUTIFUL package but 2500 copies ruins any sense of "limited" that they need to sell packages that bespoke. Poor strategy on their part.
  2. I think your friend Edgar Bay will understand.
  3. god damnit been looking for that mark hollis album for fucking ages
  4. both are on orange? lil lazy, Guster... lol. KIT could have been a red/yellow split!
  5. this album is all over the place and struggles to find its footing the entire time aside from a couple classic moments. way too long. misstep for chano.
  6. I can't be the only one who thinks that the Is The Is Are "wraparound" cover was the most cumbersome and obnoxious thing to store and not accidentally rip.
  7. what kind of idiotic statement is this just wondering
  8. hot take wilco hasn't made a good album since 2007
  9. These two new songs are wayyyyyyy better than the two last ones he released.
  10. Kinda confused. If we ordered what says limited colored vinyl, is that the /500 or the /2500?