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  1. Kanye West

    PO: Steve Perry - Traces (10/5/18)

    I love Street Talk and Journey was a huge formative band for me when I was younger. Steve is one of my top singers of all time. I never thought he'd be back, and even though this song is kinda weak and cheesy... he's always brought the cheese in the best way and I have decent hopes the album will be a good listen. I like his gravely voice that still has a twinkle of the past.
  2. Kanye West

    PO: Steve Perry - Traces (10/5/18)

    well this was extremely unexpected
  3. I always recommend this site on my channel for news but never neglect to mention that the userbase is more or less a cesspool. Thank you for continuing to ensure my warning is accurate
  4. who's the tool: someone who strives to create art that moves them or someone who belittles them?
  5. I made a 25 minute short film inspired by Alligator that Tom Berninger enjoyed who's next
  6. What I meant was that they weren't catering to people who just want to hear recent hits and went deeper into their catalog. But please continue being bitter fucks ITT it's amusing me
  7. this live record is a true gift for legit national fans that aren't bandwagoners from high violet on and I'm so grateful that it's getting pressed
  8. Kanye West

    PO: Hellogoodbye - S'Only Natural

    yeah I'm mindboggled how that 7" box is still available seems fishy to me
  9. I *just* bought an OG Toxicity for $85... I also bought a SKM- Ghosts for $250 3 months before the repress So you're all welcome. I do this for you.
  10. such a bummer. this album is beautiful and demands silence.
  11. I recently grabbed a copy of the clear/black swirl and it's a kinda noisy pressing. Lots of little pops and whatnot. Anyone else experience this on theirs?
  12. christ it's like 61PPD to the USA. was there a cheaper shipping option I didn't see? holy hell