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  1. What the heck... I ordered a swirl copy for my friend in California who's favorite band is Blink 182 as a birthday gift and one for myself. His delivered, mine doesn't have any tracking yet. Is mine going to get cancelled?!
  2. The vinyl set isn't really worth it. There isn't any music on there that isn't on the MOV pressing
  3. white with blue black swirl looks nothing like the mockup pic so i'm confused as to which is which
  4. If we joined the secretly society now would this be the record for July? Confused on how it works.
  5. Pressing sounds excellent which is why it's even more of a shame about Matt's voice for the final third.
  6. Yeah, having finished this now, his voice is super off for the second half. No idea why they chose this outside of the fire setlist. Kinda a bummer since his voice is so integral to the band's sound.
  7. Spinning Vol 2 right now. Sounds incredible. It's criminal that we don't have more live National on vinyl. Disk 2 has a slight visual warp but doesn't affect how it sounds thankfully. All the Wine and Day I Die (currently spinning) his voice is sounding a little shot though...
  8. To me, Sleep Well Beast is a colossal snoozer compared to their other records. System and Guilty Party are the only two stand outs, the rest all feels like the same song over and over. I'd give a nod to Turtleneck for being the most aggressive song but it doesn't land for me. Day I Die and Walk It Back are pretty good too. I like it, but it's their worst album. I'm shocked at all the IAETF hate in here. The female vocalists add such a beautiful and unique layer to the sound they've built over many albums. The first 7 songs are among the best National songs of all time, and the titular track is in my top 3 (next to All The Wine and Slow Show) - the 2nd half is a bit more experimental and less tight but I really enjoy everything. I hope some of you National fans can come around to it.
  9. My rankings are going to piss people off. They're my favorite band. They're all good albums but every ladder has a bottom rung. Alligator Boxer I Am Easy To Find High Violet Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers Trouble Will Find Me The National Sleep Well Beast
  10. I think the setlist is pretty fire after reading it over a few times. Some great boxer cuts, my favorite song (All the Wine), and I love IAETF so it's all good for me. All it's missing is Slow Show.
  11. The BAM show is rumored to be the cherry tree vol 2 release.. I don't get why that's such a great choice though, there's no deep cuts in there besides Secret Meeting and that's arguably a "bigger" deep cut