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  1. Did they not play any other songs? I was hoping for some deep cuts.
  2. Looks like this: https://www.ebay.com/i/293033199896?chn=ps
  3. recently picked up a 2x picture disk of Aenima minus a few light pops and ticks in quiet parts it actually sounds pretty good no gatefold, kinda flimsy jacket anyone know the origin?
  4. Yeah. I never said it was a bad thing. It was just very on brand.
  5. Seeing Phoebe and Conor do Lua together absolutely wrecked me last night
  6. where do you live? my only option was $12, and I'm in CA.
  7. And you've certainly made a splash with this topic! Clearly you're not new and you're some alt because why else would you bandwagon attack me? Either way, no, no rules against it. And this isn't even self promotion. I'm supporting my friend's band get their wonderful record pressed. This is a site to post pre-orders of records. Sorry, charlie.
  8. Or maybe rather than a lock, the mods can delete all the off topic idiocy (including my own) and we can get back to the actual content that's relevant to this forum...?