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  1. Was going to place an order but in the more recent past I've heard many people have issues when ordering from the label. They don't get their stuff and it results in unanswered emails and eventually to Paypal claims. Has anyone dealt with them lately? Are they still pretty unreliable in getting you your records?
  2. If it won't go on the spindle, grab an Xacto knife. Put it in the hole, give the Xacto knife a few turns and you should be good. Rinse/repeat as needed.
  3. Looking to trade or sell. $40 shipped for any variant below. Should be lower than the going Discogs rate. All are numbered #6/100 and still sealed. Every cover is folded incorrectly as the majority of them were. Each has some minor corner dings from shipping and I can provide pics if necessary. Thanks! Black Blue/White Clear
  4. Out Of Time

    Victory Record Test Presses

    Counterparts / Hatebreed? These will probably be way out of my price range but I'd like to check nonetheless. Thanks!
  5. Out Of Time

    New Noise Flexi Series

    So, I think my subscription has run out a little while back with the last issue that I received being the Trapped Under Ice cover/flexi if I remember correctly. I ordered the Iron Chic / Hot Water Music issue from their webstore recently. It never shipped so after an email they send me the correct issue with flexis. No big deal, all is well. A week later I get another envelope from them, this time with the Black Dahlia Murder issue/flexi. Maybe it was a freebie as an apology? I have no clue. Still don't know why I was shipped it but thanks NN!
  6. I was wondering why so many of these were popping up on Ebay recently. A few-ish months ago I paid $75 or $80 for a sealed copy. It was worth the extra to not have to deal with Backbite.
  7. I missed out on this and need it like crazy. I think it would look pretty damn good sitting next to my alternate cover of Tragedy Will Find Us. Will buy or trade. Thanks!
  8. I received #6/100 and all 4 of my covers are folded incorrectly. How do you fuck that up?
  9. http://merchnow.com/catalogs/hundredth Out June 16 via Hopeless Records Cloudy Clear/Light Pink Aside/Bside /500 - Available in bundles White with Purple/Grey Splatter /800 They're back with a different sound than they were known for, but I'm into it.
  10. Although this year has been rough in other ways, as far as the hobby is concerned, I've knocked a few major wants off of the list without having to break the bank. So far I've crossed off: -Atreyu - Lead Sails, Paper Anchor -Every Time I Die - Low Teens - Merch Limited Alternate cover /100 -Stick To Your Guns - Comes From The Heart -Tigers Jaw - S/T - CD - 1st pressing on Prison Jazz -Trade Wind - Suffer Just To Believe - Preorder Cover /50 I would love to be able to cross any of these off of the list. Let me know if you'd part with any of these. -The Acacia Strain - Wormwood -The Acacia Strain - Continent -Counterparts - The Current Will Carry Us - Clear w/ black smoke /100 -Stick To Your Guns - The Hope Division
  11. Out Of Time

    Let's make a sale or a trade!

    Hey! If you ever want to get rid of that Suburbia record release, Transit - Joyride or the STYG/TSSF split, let me know! https://www.discogs.com/user/CoffeexZombie/collection
  12. Out Of Time

    Memorial Day Sale metal / hardcore / punk

    That's a really good price on the deluxe edition of Juturna. I made sure to grab that. Thanks!
  13. Out Of Time

    PO: Hundredth - Rare

    I've had these singles on repeat for the last few days. Can't wait for this to drop. Is this new for Hopeless? I know Rise has done the limited variant with the bundles type stuff for quite a while but I don't buy too many releases from Hopeless.
  14. Out Of Time

    PO NOW: PWR BTTM Pageant

    Nothing good is gonna come from this thread. I think that's well established. Lock it up.
  15. Out Of Time

    PO NOW: PWR BTTM Pageant

    As I just said above, I felt the same at the Detroit date. I can certainly concede to the point that you're making but that doesn't make it cool or okay. Granted I'm just one person, but I don't go out of my way to make anyone LGBT or even otherwise feel uncomfortable. I think it's possible to make a space where both LGBT and hetero people can feel comfortable without alienating or making one group feel uncomfortable.
  16. Out Of Time

    PO NOW: PWR BTTM Pageant

    I felt the exact same way at the Detroit date of that same tour. I felt very out of place. You are definitely not alone in feeling that way.
  17. Out Of Time

    New Noise Flexi Series

    I'm not regretting subscribing to this at all. I've been on board since the NOFX issue. Number 32 has a bonus flexi too!
  18. This is the last of my Citizen collection with a few others thrown in. Prices are ppd. RFC 2013 7" Subscription boxset - $55 Anti-Flag / Hostage Calm Tigers Jaw / Code Orange Kids / Self Defense Family / TWIABP Shook Ones / Death Is Not Glamorous Self Defense Family / Meredith Hunter Miserable / Grey Zine Pity Sex / Adventures Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) / Joie De Vivre The Contortionist - Exoplanet - Picture Disc $50 Pity Sex - Feast of Love - Blue/White Split /200 with flexi (Banquet/UK tour exclusive) - Decent corner dings and creases from shipping. - $32 Citizen: -Everybody Is Going To Heaven1200 Oxblood A-Side / Gold B-Side $221300 Gold / Black Color in Color (Hot Topic Exclusive) $18 150 Deep Purple A-Side/Beer B-Side with Black Splatter (deluxe edition) $60 (some creases and dinged corners from shipping)2000 Bone $10 -Nail In Your Hand Flexi $25 Take any variant of the Turnover Split and any variant of Young States for $20ppd! -Turnover Split 300 Milky Clear W/ Oxblood Haze $15800 Sea Blue $8200 White, Grey And Mint Tri-Color $15300 A-Side/B-Side Oxblood And Mustard $15500 Bone $8300 Electric Blue/Hot Pink $12500 Ultra Clear $52000 Sea Blue / Oxblood $5 -Young States 200 Black/Gold Marble $15 300 Teal Blue (Band Exclusive) $10 300 Clear $8 500 White $8 300 Red/Black Marble $8 700 Gold $8 1000 Black $5 -Youth1273 Black/Red Marble $221052 Green w/Black Smoke $22 509 Pink/Red Marble $22 1100 Clear $15754 White/Green/Gold Starburst $202000 Black $123000 White $12
  19. I just grabbed an extra balance and composure while in Ann arbor. $12 ppd and it's yours.
  20. I'm not going to look through 30 pages to see if this has been previously mentioned but there's one copy of Against Me! - Stabitha Christie from an Amazon seller. $11.99 plus shipping. I was looking for this and grabbed one just a few minutes ago. I figured someone might be on the hunt for it. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XRFNJ36/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1493240996&sr=8-1&keywords=stabitha+christie
  21. Out Of Time

    10 LPs for $25 GRAB BAG at No Idea

    Received these: Lake Me - Solace V/A (Kylesa, Municipal Waste) - Best Friends Day 6 Tony Wain and the Payne - Don't Worry About Anything Ever Peter Stubb - Selected Cuts Vol. 1 Let Me Run - Meet Me At The Bottom Lil Daggers - S/T Auxes - Ichkannichtmehr Shotwell - Celery, Beef and Iron 10" Axeman - Arrive - Already traded in. Not at all what I'm into. Countdown to Oblivion - Discography - Already traded in. Not at all what I'm into. Bonus goods: 5 cds (sealed and loose) Against Me! - Disco Before poster AP Euro T(h)rash Tour 2007 pin - Not exactly sure what band this is referring to. A random stud from a studded belt? I am unfamiliar with most of these. While I liked what I heard from a few of these, I think I'm done with grab bags in general.
  22. Out Of Time

    New Records....Scratched to Shit

    I haven't had anything too awful. Most recently when I bought the repress of Hot Fuss, there were a couple minor scratches the first time I removed it from the sleeve. Annoying, but I can live with it.