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  1. touche amore 1000th show live record is up for preorder that has the two songs they played live with sdf on it. for the sdf completionist out there.
  2. would love a bluray of the show that also includes the sdf and la dispute sets
  3. jamescandeletta

    PO: Drug Church "Cheer" 11/2/2018

    Nobody buy the deluxe bundle so they don't sell out before I can scoop one.
  4. Most sdf songs weren't up there either until pretty recently this one guy has been doing the discography and I'm so thankful to them. If I get time I'll copy the lyrics from hit your head onto genius tho.
  5. The lyrics are actually up on genius already if you don't wanna wait!
  6. I hope we all get our rfc copies tomorrow I need to spin this and I need my like 25th sdf shirt
  7. Anyone get a shipping notification from rfc?
  8. The tour didn't come to Florida so I was worried I wouldn't get a copy of the 7' but my friend really hooked it up
  9. New song up for stream and it's astoundingly good
  10. Just another of my yearly requests for someone to find me a copy of warm the end of a year demo so I can complete my collection and finally know peace.
  11. Gonna have to scoop both those shirts and the LP. Music video for the single is dope and so is the commentary Andrew and Pat did. "This song is our Use Your Illusion pt. 2."
  12. Whoa didn't expect that but yeah I hope they do they deserve it
  13. Also the single is on YouTube right now if you look for it but I imagine all this will actually be announced including the preorder by the time everyone wakes up. I'm so excited :')