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  1. The tour didn't come to Florida so I was worried I wouldn't get a copy of the 7' but my friend really hooked it up
  2. New song up for stream and it's astoundingly good
  3. Just another of my yearly requests for someone to find me a copy of warm the end of a year demo so I can complete my collection and finally know peace.
  4. Gonna have to scoop both those shirts and the LP. Music video for the single is dope and so is the commentary Andrew and Pat did. "This song is our Use Your Illusion pt. 2."
  5. Whoa didn't expect that but yeah I hope they do they deserve it
  6. Also the single is on YouTube right now if you look for it but I imagine all this will actually be announced including the preorder by the time everyone wakes up. I'm so excited :')
  7. It's finally happening boys http://Have You Considered Punk Music [Explicit] https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CG3YMJ9/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_cch4Ab57QCT3Zp
  8. Did it happen to come with a lyric sheet?
  9. It comes with a download code when you order it.
  10. Triple B tweeted that the new SDF 12 inch will go up for preorder on Friday at 12pm est.
  11. Thanks man! they answered an ask about it on their tumblr not too long ago and said "I'd be surprised if it hit 40." So I've basically given up hope on it lol but god I would pay so much money for that stupid thing.
  12. So earlier last year I actually completed my Self Defense Family collection by finally snagging a copy of Disappear Here off discogs,but I just managed to finally take a picture with everything in frame and thought y'all might like to see it. Only took me 4 years to get everything! I still need the warm demo and bacha bazi but considering there's like less than 40 of one and the other has never even been confirmed to exist I'm pretty happy with what I have. P.S. sorry for the shitty photo it was so hard getting everything in frame .
  13. Do you know when the preorder might go up?