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  1. This argument is even stupider than the other one. If nobody cared about dumb shit like variants and covers then the label you all are defending wouldn’t be nearly as successful. I’m sure they are extremely pleased that idiots sell out stupid variant bundles on the regular. Just let people like dumb shit even if it means that they sometimes get upset when they can’t get that stuff easily.
  2. I’d be interested to know how specific the contract is. Or if it has them agree to “marketing and merchandising strategies”... none of my/our business really though. I’m sure if the band isn’t happy they can’t do much about it or even publicly announce any disagreements due to said contract. Gotta respect Ian for being willing to die on this whole “the variant was available separately” hill, though. Even though he knows damn well vinyl nerds (ie this whole community) will consider the same color record with a different cover a separate variant. Rule number 1: Deny til you die.
  3. Hell yea. I’d like to see a Quarantine 2020 Compilation LP for sure.
  4. If Shitty Greg did it then it was a meme like everything else TWIABP has ever done online, something tells me this group and their fans would take it seriously.
  5. There’s yet another cover/variant for the 7” up as of today. Holy shit.
  6. Been a while. Like many on the boards I’m out the 7” game. Never really spin them and they just keep getting more expensive. Anyways... new island series 7” for those of you keeping up your complete SDF collections! https://www.runforcoverrecords.com/products/668924-self-defense-family-make-me-a-pallet-fire-on-your-floor-local-clerics https://selfdefensefamily.bandcamp.com/album/make-me-a-pallet-fire-on-your-floor-b-w-local-clerics?utm_campaign=later-linkinbio-runforcover&utm_content=later-7152422&utm_medium=social&utm_source=instagram
  7. We are spoiled by $4-6 media mail though. Everybody that won’t fork over $10 now better hope the USPS doesn’t fold.
  8. If this band wasn’t already canceled then that shirt would certainly be grounds for it.
  9. The Midnight talk goes in the Synthwave thread not shoegaze, you fools!
  10. Geez can’t the OP fix the thread title? OCD poster alert but this album has never been titled ‘Free Fetch The Bolt Cutters’!!!
  11. Didn’t actually look at the image and was frantically searching the PV item description to see if I was still getting the special artwork. You got me.