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  1. The Canadian dollar has been weak as fuck for something like the last 3 or 4 years, before that it was stronger than the US dollar. But... you still gotta pay for shipping from another country and there’s not gonna be a $5-6 media mail option. So Buff hitting you with the “but this is $17” bit is BULLSHIT. Cheapest I can get the shitty white version is in the $28 range. Throw in an extra $10 CAD trying to snag the most elusive of any Dine Alone variant and you are way up in the ‘fuck that’ price zone. If this album doesn’t wind up being completely terrible (doubt that) then BullMoose usually gets DA stuff.
  2. Dudes are for sure a peak Menzingers cover band but I’m not even mad about it. There’s some rippers on their last album for sure.
  3. Song sucks. Can’t believe brother passed on the ATDI reunion cash grab to keep doing this.
  4. Increased time, effort and cost. They aren’t amazon. Can’t blame them for pushing the whole thing. Now what they could do is offer to let people choose to wait or to just receive the bad slip case version now with no corrected case shipped later. But they don’t seem to want to compromise their vision.
  5. I factored in up to +6 months of buffer before I’d allow myself to be bummed. I do wish I had split my order up so I could check out the single LP version, but it seems like most people are pretty unimpressed by it anyways.
  6. If it were real then it would be released by Enjoy the Ride. Stupid ass shit nobody actually wants to listen to is his forte.
  7. Deluxe delayed until sometime in March. Who has mwY pre-order bingo?
  8. /200 red banquet excl https://www.banquetrecords.com/hot-mulligan/you'll-be-fine/HMybf
  9. Thread was made a tad too soon, nothing else for people to talk about so far.
  10. Let it be known I’m merely playing devil’s advocate here... this also wouldn’t be the first time the same colors were used in multiple different styles of variants. Could easily be the tri-color via the band/label and a “mix” (which I’d assume is a starburst of some sort) for the indie stores.
  11. Bullmoose specifically lists the variant they are getting as an indie exclusive. The lomelda online store and soccer mommy Bandcamp are not indie record stores. This is the only thing making people think maybe there are other variants. Could just as easily be a mistake and there is in fact just the one. One day we’ll find out.
  12. I really like that it’s $5 extra for the download code on at least one of the variants. You think they get to count those as 2 album sales for week 1 charting?