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  1. Kids these days don’t want to put on a record and then sit down with the lyrics sheet. They wanna put on a record and go eat some ass! Why waste the materials?!?
  2. This all seems pretty fitting for a Whirl release so I’m not feeling too mad about it.
  3. PWR BTTM. dude did get accused of sexual assault which is worse but this Beach Slang guy’s shit shouldn’t be tolerated either. Polyvinyl isn’t the type of label to look the other way in the pursuit of profit so this trend will be easy for them to continue.
  4. These are grown ass men. Yikes. If you’re going to argue on the internet at least do it on a message board with a pseudonym like a normal well adjusted human,
  5. If you can’t tour for a while longer why not drop something like this right as people are getting stimulated again? Pretty smart. Not much different than the bands that have patreons but you gotta pay up front (and it’s a bit more vague obviously).
  6. I’m careless with my money. In for a $160 quad shipment bundle. Down to support the boys and RFC.
  7. Text +1 (419) 273-6233 to get on the LP4 early warning list.
  8. Keep politics out of the thread that had ZERO replies for 5 months until this fucking loser did something stupid and political. There was just too much happening in here before, we cannot derail the thread!!!
  9. Would’ve resubbed for this if I had actually checked my email last night. Might grab the Newbury if the markup isn’t insane, otherwise will look for an indie retail copy. Solid album.

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