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  1. I was about to rip up my Strange Ranger Fan Club card. Then it wound up being great after all!
  2. I have amazon music and I’m still annoyed by the streaming platform exclusivity. I might check it out eventually but I need that spotify access.
  3. I love tie dye and that shit is hot but I got distracted at work and they are out of L already. Shit.
  4. It’s the main page when you go to bandofnothing.com ya ding dongs.
  5. I’d assume it’ll go live at 12pm eastern time since the teaser video said that time. I’ll snag something to watch this one.
  6. I wish the current system would cause these fucking dorks to quit doing what they love. That could’ve been the best song I’ve ever heard and I would still hate it so much after that wack fake press conference.
  7. I don’t remember what the contest was for but I’ve won the live stream RSVP prize. I’ll let you guys know if I get anything cool!
  8. https://store.triplecrownrecords.com/products/681016-oso-oso-gb-ol-h-nf-subside-7-vinyl
  9. I’d bet that if they keep selling out then Rollin will keep ordering more. Send them a message on IG and ask them what’s up.
  10. That /300 is going to evaporate instantly with the known drop time. RIP completionists.
  11. I tried to order it from them during one of those sales and they refused to ship it out so I wound up getting a refund. SRC sucks.
  12. Anybody still on team Trump at this point would be fuckin dead to me too. Easy enough to screw up and “give him a chance” 4 years ago but people who are still with that guy at this point seem way more like the bad people to me. And of course you know it’s a song lyric so could very well be hyperbole...
  13. Imagine thinking Jeremy, who by all accounts seems like one of the kindest dudes in this scene, is a “bad person” because he wrote lyrics about being bummed his closest friends emotionally let him down a few times. And about how he doesn’t want anything to do with his MAGA relatives. Imagine.