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  1. https://soccermommyband.com/ New song and 7” on Loma Vista. https://bodega.lomavistarecordings.com/collections/soccer-mommy
  2. Where is this band after whatever the fuck was said about them? Gone.
  3. RFC store shows: 500 Yellow & Purple Pinwheel (Rough Trade US/UK / Cooking Vinyl AUS) My guess is RT goofed and called it a splatter (aren’t description errors pretty common for them?) and the UK stores are getting 300 with the other 200 being split between RT US and Cooking Vinyl.
  4. RFC variant secured. Will likely double dip on the pinwheel.
  5. Yea I see 9am now as well. When they first posted it at 8p it said “premiers in 12 hours”. I will definitely be spamming the F5 key on the RFC store from 7:50 on.
  6. THANK YOU for the heads up. I can stop refreshing the RFC store until tomorrow!
  7. Someone on the emo subreddit claims someone from a band that opened for them this year (great Grampa?) sent them a bunch of details and photographic proof of sexual misconduct and it would be coming to light soon. I’m hoping he’s just an asshole and hard to work with...
  8. I also got a ridiculously high up seat for somewhere around $120 after fees after getting kicked out of any other seat I would have preferred. Didn’t help that I’m going solo so if two seats were left in a section they wouldn’t let me get one, had to find somewhere with 3+ seats next to each other available.