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  1. dantheriver

    PO Soon: Restorations - LP5000

    https://www.npr.org/2018/09/20/649212230/first-listen-restorations-lp5000 check it
  2. dantheriver

    PO: The Story So Far - Proper Dose

    How dare a business do something that makes them money and hurts no one (super ultra variant collector nerds don’t HAVE to buy every variant, they want/choose to)! Boohoo.
  3. dantheriver

    PO: Colossal - Welcome the Problems

    The record club tab of the store loads an empty page so I’ll assume they aren’t currently admitting new subscribers. I was a member the first year, X number of dollars for a copy of the next X number of releases plus some bonus stuff like an exclusive shirt.
  4. They will change their inventory based on whatever the current trend is. They’ll be fine.
  5. dantheriver

    PO: The Story So Far - Proper Dose

    Maybe one day the collector mindset will die off and labels won’t be able to get away with it, until then you’ve just gotta have will power I guess. Who am I kidding though? The most limited shiny version of anything will always be worth more to some portion of any fanbase and they will buy extra crap to get it (I am including myself in this subsection of collectors, at least for some bands).
  6. They don’t ship internationally so they block every country other than the US.
  7. dantheriver

    PO Now: Ovlov - TRU

    New Stove album coming out soon: http://www.explodinginsoundrecords.com/products/627541-stove-s-favorite-friend https://www.stereogum.com/2013899/stove-mosquiter/premiere/
  8. dantheriver

    PO: Shook Ones - Body Feel

    “Stay tuned for a track preview next week.” - Rev twitter
  9. Well... he is the villain.
  10. dantheriver

    PO Now: Strange Ranger - Daymoon

    Dear @bearchuck if you still lurk VC... you already assumed it but we’d like this new EP and that first Strange Ranger EP to get pressed. If they will fit just do both on a single LP! love, us guys
  11. dantheriver

    PO Now: Strange Ranger - Daymoon

    If you haven’t checked out Snow Roller since the Sioux Falls split then give them a listen. The new songs from their 3rd LP are pretty rad, I think they’re starting to hit their stride. https://www.stereogum.com/2012843/snow-roller-mr-longo/music/?amp=1&__twitter_impression=true
  12. dantheriver

    PO Now: Strange Ranger - Daymoon

    http://tinyengines.limitedrun.com/products/624650-strange-ranger-how-it-all-went-by good thing I didn’t make a new thread... cassette only