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  1. It went up back in March, I’m mostly positive they were posting about it then.
  2. They played The Whirling Tiger (FKA The Odeon) on Wednesday and Thursday night!
  3. I would’ve been so bummed had I not seen them play all of FC (plus Miracle and Dionysus Burning) in Louisville earlier this week. Can’t believe they didn’t just let them finish it out though. Friday set the precedent for the main stage running extremely late already.
  4. This makes me really sad. Wish you could’ve seen them. They seem really pleasantly surprised by how well this is going so hopefully this isn’t the last we see of them.
  5. I hate those Next Level blanks they’re using for the shirts. Current shirts on the mini reunion run are cool but also on some pretty flimsy blanks. They also have both of these records and I think all three albums on cassette at the merch table.
  6. If I find out anyone cancels their preorders (this doesn’t even affect items TSR are still waiting on, only in stock things in the awesome warehouse/a few merch preorders that will be delayed) I will fight them. All record preorders are like 8+ months now anyways so you all best sit and wait patiently.
  7. They’d have to get the original gang back together for me to pay these prices.
  8. I feel like that’s my fault. I linked this thread on Reddit just to show the product info since they pulled the listing on storm chasers. Whoops.
  9. Not the same thing at all, but it is an improvement so hopefully nobody fills up the TSR inbox with complaints.
  10. She played Old Pearl too, not sure if you knew that and your wording just made me think you missed it or not, but if ya didn’t know then now ya do. I knew they filmed the movies back to back but still didn’t anticipate seeing Pearl so soon. Very exited.
  11. Glassjaw is still the best version of glassjaw but these guys are for sure making some plays.
  12. Zia is up now at $35 before shipping, sorry I closed the tab already but the link on the waxbodega page will take you there.