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  1. Oh shit I just remembered the real reason I checked out Greet Death. Spotify’s fans also like section is pretty sick for these guys... most importantly STRANGE RANGER!!!!
  2. A lifetime of off key MW emo dudes sets you up to not be turned off by bad vocals I guess. Shit’s tight. EDIT: just read the Ian Cohen p4k review and it’s pretty good. He really does GET why the two different vocal styles work and vocalized it in a way that I wouldn’t have. All I know is my first play though i was for sure thinking to myself “wait who TF is this guy?” when nasaly dude jumps in after digging the first vocalist (that second song slaps btw). But when he comes back in on You’re Gonna Hate it all makes sense.
  3. I saw DW posting about that Greet Death album a lot leading up the release but the combination of the band name, album name and cover art had me extremely disinterested. Then the album dropped and they posted all the week 1 chart numbers and I figured there was no way this band was charting that well if they were some grindcore/death metal band. Checked out the album and was like daaang I fucked up. Anyways, I continued to drag my feet on picking it up which paid off due to the sweet $50 2019 release bundle DW did for Black Friday.
  4. Had this LP in my Bandcamp cart when I went to swoop the Tennis System album via graveface’s BF sale. Why not? I wanna be gay too.
  5. If any of you nerds missed out it looks like there’s a repress coming 12/6.
  6. Some of those Deathwish bundles are sick. Got the 2019 vinyl bundle and 3 random shirts for $59.99. Three records I’ve been wanting and a few I’ve never heard plus 3 shirts for that price is a steal.
  7. You do you but... it’s not just a cool box that increases the price. 2LPs vs 1LP Cool Box vs Standard Packaging Book thing vs no book thing
  8. can you even imagine being a big time vc user who is also a big mwY fan that sees this thread bumped consistently for a week and never even once clicks it? Also they don’t follow them on any form of social media but they are their favorite band? GTFOOOOOOOH BUFF
  9. You thought all the bands listed were just going on the cruise as well? Of course there is live music you goof.