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  1. Lol at hardcore kids finding out about how much hypebeast tshirts cost.
  2. I kind of regret not getting both /250s from SC. Seen any mock-ups of the indie /500?
  3. BNM 8.3 on p4k you guys ready to wake up and check this shit out yet?
  4. Doesn’t look like this one unlocks another song if Twitter reactions are to be believed. Hopefully these roll out a bit quicker building towards the next single and preorder or just the preorder. I’m ready to spend this money.
  5. I made it a bit further to some trees which I chopped down and then got stuck!
  6. Ritual 2 is up, it’s a text adventure. I’m too dumb. Anybody solve it yet?
  7. I’ll pay $25 more for the book and cds. Will feel bad about canceling my standard with bullmoose but uhhh what are ya gonna do?
  8. This is a catch all thread for an entire sub genre, hardly spoonfeeding the tennis system links.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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