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  1. Gotta have that limited variant and flexi that will never get played though!
  2. One in cart, payment and shipping info in but place order button doesn’t do anything. Hmmm
  3. Oh well, while browsing BullMoose trying to get some free shipping I learned that the tenth Trail of Dead album is coming out in September. Legit didn’t even realize they were still an active band so that’s cool!
  4. There’s a blue swirly guy /500 on the EU site now. Basically costs the same shipped to the US as the peacock. No Flexi tho
  5. The number of times the ‘B’ word can be said in a thread before lockdown has been reached. Anymore and we might all go to jail.
  6. Don’t love that. It cost the same to ship a bundle with a shirt. Of course there is only one shirt option with the /500 peacock...
  7. Woooow shots fired at TMP hahaha they are probably just hype they didn’t wind up canceled after the assault allegations.
  8. Turnover’s book was 1LP. MWY’s book will probably never come. Buy it.
  9. AEW is cool but I’m going to night 1 of the G1 and I couldn’t be more excited!!! Will also check out Impact Slamiverary while in Dallas.
  10. ‘Scramz’ has to be the cringiest of all the music sub genre names.