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  1. Imagine using your full government name to post on the internet. That’s some fuckin boomer shit. What a dweeb. Matt Danish.
  2. Surely it’s just a stylization to make them easier to find on search engines. I can’t imagine them being on stage saying “we’re vein dot fm from wherever the fuck we are from”. But if they do actually say that it’d be pretty funny I guess. In a “wtf that’s so dumb” kind of way.
  3. So sign them and then put out the record. Easy!
  4. Just being a geek here but this is Mixed Singles 3. They should for sure do some more Mixed Signals comps tho. That Yip Studio 4 comp was pretty similar at the time since he was basically exclusively working with the RFC roster then.
  5. They likely have every store page built and ready for the actual announcement but they forgot to hide that one.
  6. I love the Alamo Drafthouse (aside from being a big time theater cop who doesn’t believe people should be wandering around serving food mid movie... get there early enough to order and eat before the movie starts you savages!) but alas I don’t live in one of their markets. And on top of that I travel for work so I really can’t bank on being able to use any specific chain’s subscription service regularly enough to warrant the monthly fee.
  7. Hmm so a decent amount of pink/red inside the book. Would still rather it match the actual cover but I guess I get it.
  8. I’ll get the deluxe book regardless of the variant. I like a good pinwheel variant but the color choices on this one aren’t adding up to me. Maybe I’m missing something.
  9. Seriously. Friendly reminder to all that black w/ splatter mockups often times look ok but they rarely look pleasing IRL. Scroll down a few pages to the O’Brother thread for a recent post of how bad a black w/ gold splatter variant turned out.
  10. I think all their albums are either so fucking good or pretty fucking good. Can pretty much put on any deftones song other than Pink Cellphone and get excited about it, I don’t even skip that one when I play SNW tho.