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  1. I’ll see what I can do after work! meanwhile, here is the EU/UK tie dye (8 copies available at Beartree)
  2. I received a pretty nice peachy burst colour (yellow / orange transitional)
  3. I remember paying way too much for the standard black because Australian record store prices can be steep and I knew nothing about vinyl / thought all of the copies were like the loser edition. Today I was able to rectify one of my greatest vinyl regrets and can finally move on with my life.
  4. Alrighty, I received THAT email, fingers crossed for Friday!
  5. Damn, did not get a stock email or a record. Haven’t ordered too much from TTL before, are they the type of shop to throw up extra copies or is it usually when it’s gone it’s gone?
  6. Ty has a 10 week residency in LA kicking off in late July and running through August so this sounds about right.
  7. Damn, coke bottle green is my favourite vinyl colour but international shipping is my least favourite shipping.
  8. ^ Nice, curious to see how this + the blue turn out. I’m not usually too excited by split colour records but I really like the Castle Face variant, matches the cover nicely. Speaking of, my CF copy has departed Pasadena and should arrive tomorrow or Saturday.
  9. Anyone got a pre-sale code for the newly announced LA show?