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  1. Damn, coke bottle green is my favourite vinyl colour but international shipping is my least favourite shipping.
  2. ^ Nice, curious to see how this + the blue turn out. I’m not usually too excited by split colour records but I really like the Castle Face variant, matches the cover nicely. Speaking of, my CF copy has departed Pasadena and should arrive tomorrow or Saturday.
  3. Anyone got a pre-sale code for the newly announced LA show?
  4. New track is pleasant and listenable, I’m sure I’ll enjoy the album but it’s definitely missing the pizzazz of those first few LPs.
  5. ATO pressing https://atorecords.shop.musictoday.com/product/ATLP278/manic-candid-episode-neon-orange-colored-vinyl?cp=126_23541
  6. Murlocs seem like a Flightless offshoot that ATO would have their own variant for, however they did end up distributing the same variants of the last ORB album that were initially only available from Aus so it’ll be curious to see what they end up doing. I’m going for that rainbow splatter and the Young Blindness repress.
  7. Uncle Murl LP + reissues dropping tomorrow. Some pics on the Flightless instagram
  8. Awesome! Thanks for the info. Pirate Press currently shows 2 variants in production (blue and bone/beer). I wonder if this fits the bill of the latter or if it’s a retail variant.
  9. Where is the info re: coloured vinyl? Was there a separate option before?