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  1. I think it still looks kind of cool, but was surprised they didn’t go with a translucent yellow.
  2. I’m apprehensive too as there have been a few records that have had cooler variants the second go around from Flightless (Nonagon and FMB come to mind). I can’t trust that I won’t blow more money on these records before year’s end.
  3. I don’t think anyone knows for certain what the ATO pressings will be and there isn’t likely to be an announcement until after the Flightless drop. The facts as they stand: - Flightless will carry the /5000 variants, dropping at 9AM AEST - There are smaller pressings of each record (/1000 for WB, 2000 for the rest). Part of me wouldn’t be surprised if these appeared on the Flightless website as well (either as the /5000 variants sell out or as a wildcard 2nd variant which would no doubt cause chaos). Alternatively these may be ATO editions to be announced later. - There is also a “Promo” pressing of /10, presumably tests although they could be distributed to ATO for giveaways as they’ve done this in the past - Finally there is a much larger pressing of 7500 for each release. My guess is either black or a retail variant for these ones. Good luck all!
  4. I did, out of town though so I haven’t had a chance to download just yet. 11 copies left of the cheese!
  5. I coulda sworn I read somewhere someone spoke to Amyl and they said they didn’t have an album ready yet... who knows though. Orb test pressings are already in according to Flightless so I’m sure that isn’t too far off along with Gizz reissues. As far as AFL goes I’m more of a Swans guy, will be curious to see how the two teams match up!
  6. Oh my bad, which is which then? Cheese says 500 on the page. Is that the most limited?
  7. Around 330 cheese and 170 green in stock, though according to Pirate’s Press both are /500 so it wouldn’t surprise me if an allotment of green was reserved for Aussie record stores and the band. I went with the cheese and sauce because I like how it looks with the LP art.
  8. If anyone comes across a 12 Bar in store or online, I’d be interested. I’ll still pour my life savings into Flightless represses when / if they come.
  9. I think I heard the original label will be repressing for Black Friday. If anyone has more solid info that’d be swell.
  10. At one point I thought these would slip through my fingers but with some good will and good fortune I’m now in possession of the following test pressings (as well as a former white whale) from The Microphones/ Mount Eerie: KLP-116 - It Was Hot... - The Microphones ELV-002 - Singers - Mt. Eerie ELV-003 - 11 Old Songs - Mt. Eerie ELV-005 - No Flashlight - Mt. Eerie SAINT03 - Little Bird... - The Microphones (pics are from the original owner, I wouldn’t have left the vinyl on the floor like that)
  11. Awesome, thanks! Didn’t think to check inventory qty but that’s good to know.
  12. Anyone know if the Port of Sound inventory is accurate?
  13. Hopefully copped the last record I was after from Port of Sound, cheers!
  14. spoon

    Record Store Day 2018

    Despite missing Mac I think I got the last Kevin Morby / Waxahatchee split from 1234go!