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  1. New album Harmonizer out now digitally, vinyl in October https://www.dragcity.com/products/harmonizer
  2. I was able to grab one of the yellow electric presses juuuuust before they sold out (7 copies left as I checked out). It’s been awhile since I’ve felt any urgency regarding a vinyl release, nice to know the right artist can still send me into a panic.
  3. In for a membership as well, may as well add on a few other exclusives while I’m at it (been eyeing Spiritualized and Dirty Projectors but never pulled the trigger).
  4. I received shipping confirmation via email on 5/18 for my JB order. “Processed through facility (BRISBANE)” on 5/26 according to USPS.
  5. New variant for Contemporary Movement, Half Blue / Cloudy Clear with Silver Splatter Repress: http://numerogroup.com/d/duster-contemporary-movement https://dusternumero.bandcamp.com/album/contemporary-movement (Think link has a pic as well)
  6. The JB Hi Fi page now has this message so I’m hoping it’s an indication that any orders placed while the picks were available are within the allocation they expect to receive: Guitar pick offer expired 01/04/2021 5:10pm AEDT - All picks are taken.
  7. Okay thanks, that’s reassuring. I’m content with 2 pending POs, that should do it for me unless the deluxe bundle comes back at a reasonable price.
  8. Did Juno people receive an email confirmation? The order is showing on my Juno account but nothing in my inbox and the charge is currently $0 in my banking app 🤔
  9. I went with JB Hi Fi (Aus), roughly $57 shipped to the US and seems to come with some guitar picks? https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/vinyl-my-bloody-valentine-loveless-limited-edition-deluxe-vinyl-2021-reissue-lp?queryID=610e39a73557d37ee3ddce1ba34706b8&objectID=439821
  10. That Moon 7” is the only item from the listings I’ve yet to track down but is already at $100, ah well. The listing for Blood mentions Phil is auctioning off the 3 surplus copies in his possession and keeping his favorite, would love to see what that jacket looks like.
  11. I can add to cart but when I hit checkout I see Sorry, one or more of these items are no longer in stock.
  12. I don’t remember signing up for a mailing list but received an email addressed to “newsletter friends” announcing the record last night. I ended up grabbing a pink copy. edit: newsletter sign up is at the bottom of the store page in case anyone else wants to get on board.

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