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  1. $97.45 AUD shipped within Aus for me
  2. ATO pressing https://atorecords.shop.musictoday.com/product/ATLP278/manic-candid-episode-neon-orange-colored-vinyl?cp=126_23541
  3. Murlocs seem like a Flightless offshoot that ATO would have their own variant for, however they did end up distributing the same variants of the last ORB album that were initially only available from Aus so it’ll be curious to see what they end up doing. I’m going for that rainbow splatter and the Young Blindness repress.
  4. Uncle Murl LP + reissues dropping tomorrow. Some pics on the Flightless instagram
  5. Awesome! Thanks for the info. Pirate Press currently shows 2 variants in production (blue and bone/beer). I wonder if this fits the bill of the latter or if it’s a retail variant.
  6. Where is the info re: coloured vinyl? Was there a separate option before?
  7. I threw in a copy of the Cyboogie 7” and shipped to my parents in Aus where I’ll be visiting in a couple of months. All that saved me about $12... Already down to 44 copies!
  8. Traffik Island (Zak from Orb) is up on green wax /500 https://flightlessrecords.com/products/traffik-island-nature-strip-limited-green-grass-edition
  9. The packaging looks to be in line with other special editions so maybe it’s just that there is no regular edition (at least not available through Liz for now). edit: looking at the page source the qty available is or was ~273 and the current limit is 27.
  10. Kranky just posted this about 15 mins ago, new project of Liz Harris / Grouper. I haven’t listened yet but ordered immediately https://grouper.bandcamp.com/album/after-its-own-death-walking-in-a-spiral-towards-the-house
  11. Anyone remember Harlem? Their album Hippies is fantastic and I had no idea they’d gotten back together / are releasing a new record next week. I couldn’t find too much info online but the vinyl is available on bandcamp with about 45 copies remaining https://harlemwhateverr.bandcamp.com/releases
  12. spoon

    Wand- Laughing Matter- 2xlp out 4/19

    Glad it’s a 2LP, I loved Plum but it felt a little short. The band announcement hints at something special for pre-orders. Probably worth noting though that the bonus for Perfume was just a postcard with a link to some extra tracks.
  13. I’m gonna hold off for now and see if I can throw this in with the new Murlocs or Traffik Island.
  14. Available from ATO at 5PM eastern, 2500 copies of the “ATO pressing” with 750 available online.
  15. Variant looks great. I’m sure with such a small pressing it’ll be tough to come by but if anyone grabbed an extra or decides to part with a copy I’m definitely interested.