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  1. Not sure to be honest 🤷 it just popped up so I posted it here to see if anyone knew anything about it
  2. Did you receive confirmation? I looked them up and they seem to have good reviews as a local store. It just seems very werid that nothing was mentioned about them
  3. Yeah my guess is they report the listing then maybe try work out who belongs to the orders by location However in saying that I am sure more than one was sold in the state that the listings were made from?
  4. Looks like they're all down. Well played Triple B! Mad respect.
  5. https://merchpit.de/new-found-glory-sticks-and-stones-20th-anniversary-vinyl-lp.html Saw this pop up... Seems a little weird a euro distro wasn't mentioned...?
  6. Grabbed the /1000 That was nice and easy! Also noticed it's called Clear Blue inside Ultra Clear with Splatter... much better than cream!
  7. The original Tripe B post says preorder so I am guessing they're not on hand
  8. I kinda like the cream/blue w/red & green splatter even though it has a high potential of coming out really ugly haha Small chance it comes out real cool...

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