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  1. Sorry to bump this but I thought I would share. When I reached out to FP a month ago about getting the grey splatter instead of clear blob they asked for photos of the splatter and even the sign card for the person who packed the order! I then never heard back... Til today when the correct record randomly arrived!
  2. Hey all, I am on the hunt again! For Your Health/Shin Guard: Death Of Spring Split Cassette and or Vinyl this time. If anyone has either or both that they would part with hit me up! Thanks for reading.
  3. I received the grey with splatter after ordering the clear with black center. I've reached out via email, hopefully they're able to sort it for me.
  4. Never good to hear, did you reach out to them? Thanks for the heads up though, I'll be checking mine as soon as it arrives!
  5. Yeah okay... I need this haha Going for that starfish variant!
  6. I got a notification for my color in color but not for the pixel yet. My bad! The second drop is shipping in December.
  7. Not sure if this link will work overseas due to the time difference but this link is up in Australia. I use to be so in to this band and was excited when I heard Tom was back but I am finding it hard to get in to this track.
  8. The band did a post showing all the varinats, they all came out great https://www.instagram.com/reel/CjaEgjcji7H/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  9. Grabbed the splatter! Check out was nice and smooth. Both variants and test presses now sold out.
  10. Smartpunk replied in a instagram comment with the pressing info: Splatter/750 White/1250