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  1. https://liamgallagher.com/whymewhynot/ Available as a box set, limited colored vinyl (bottle green), picture disc, and 140g black vinyl. Box set includes: This limited collector edition is exclusive to Liam’s official store Each piece contains: Etched 12-inch vinyl with 3 tracks + an exclusive demo not available anywhere else 12-inch vinyl album - 140g yellow pressing Deluxe CD album housed within the book 20-page hardcover book 2 removable high quality art prints Fold out wall poster, 720 X 450 mm Pre-order now to download and listen to Shockwave instantly Not final album artwork, reveal coming soon …
  2. Just opened mine and started it. Slight ring wear and a small bent corner for the sleeve. There is the ever-so-slightest warp, but it’s almost unnoticeable and absolutely does not affect sound. And it sounds incredible.
  3. Thank you! That's really nothing compared to the way they worded it on the purchase page. Someone on reddit said their vinyl is pretty warped. Have you checked for that?
  4. Not sure if they will have it, but at 12 EST Rough Trade is dropping their stuff. I was waiting for that next -- https://www.roughtrade.com/us/music/various-artists-howard-stern-private-parts-ost
  5. I've been refreshing that page all morning, I got it I'm so sorry
  6. Not one place with Private Parts? I know it was out of 1500 but I didn't think it would be that popular
  7. Still looking for Howard Stern - Private Parts soundtrack. Went so fast on Plaid and the site never properly loaded ugh.
  8. Got everything I wanted except Howard Stern - Private Parts on blue vinyl. My store only got a couple and went pretty fast. Did anyone snag an extra by chance?
  9. Looks like The Struts - Young & Dangerous will be a regional release...is there a way to find out where it will be carried?
  10. Thinking about the blue inside purple A7X — Nightmare 2xLP. Is it worth it? Anyone able to comment on sound quality?
  11. As does mine. I have never ordered from SRC before, is the quality decent?