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  1. Even if it’s standard black, aren’t all the other pressings 1LP so far?
  2. Limited 2LP Set: https://www.whatrecords.co.uk/items/anthem-of-the-peaceful-army-limited-vinyl-2lp-set/86564.htm Yellow isn't my thing and with 4000 pressed from UO that's an easy pass for me. I'm interested in what the "Limited 2LP Set" is though. Sent a facebook message to the store and will hopefully hear back soon.
  3. Yup ordered mine Wednesday midday and it arrived before 10 am today.
  4. I don't think it was advertised as such (as far as I know), but that is still a little disappointing. How does it sound? I was a little surprised when I saw it was 180g splatter.
  5. Mine arrived this morning before 10am. Next day air shipped as well, although they did send me a shipping notice once it was sent. Can't wait to spin it when I get home from work! If you're able to post a pic or two that would be sweet!
  6. This is finally being delivered today. Ordered from merch now. USPS is the worst and said “the company had it redirected to another address.” Total lie on their part. Regardless, hoping it arrives in good condition given the extra routing it took.
  7. zackdumbass

    Pearl Jam fans

    I appreciate this
  8. zackdumbass

    Pearl Jam fans

    How are you able to see that?
  9. I definitely feel that. I sometimes get defensive when people ask why I care about scarcity, value, etc. People tend to think I am just a flipper. The honest truth is I’m overly obsessive with wax
  10. Yeah this is more along the lines of what I meant. Anyway, how does it sound? Anybody try it out yet?
  11. I care. I enjoy the collecting aspect in addition to having an album I love sound great sonically.
  12. Mine hs finally shipped as well. From a collecting stand point, does anyone think blue will be more or less collectible? And from a sound standpoint, how is this baby?? Been waiting to hear the remaster!
  13. Can you take a pic? Mine hasnt shipped yet and I’m wondering if I should grab the blue one from importcds...
  14. I haven't received any notifications on shipping yet, so when you figure it out please let us know
  15. zackdumbass

    PO: Dave Grohl-Play. (Sept. 28th)

    It's for the vinyl. Up on the Foo's store currently here: https://shop.foofighters.com/collections/dave-grohl-play/products/play?variant=12342339371095 How limited will this be? Probably just a marketing tactic with a large number. Still psyched to hear it regardless!