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  1. Did he mention anything about what the variants will be? Would love to know which one I want before making the purchase, but having missed the first run I'll take what I can get.
  2. Just dropped online: https://www.metallica.com/store/kirk-hammett-portals-ep-ocean-blue-vinyl/KHPORTALSV.html#q=portals&lang=default&j=492783&sfmc_sub=4358745&l=580_HTML&u=10190924&mid=100013938&jb=11015&utm_source=sfmc_marketing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=kh-portals&utm_term=CTA_Hero&utm_content=20220423_kh&start=1
  3. Seems like all of them based off the discogs entries. I grabbed a green version. Just a couple left of those it looks like. Only one with photos at the moment: https://www.discogs.com/release/21133159-Sum-41-Does-This-Look-Infected-
  4. Right? I know the demand for Foo is high right now, but this was unexpected.
  5. On the hunt for Foo Fighters still if anyone has another lead today.
  6. Yeah seems like more effort was put into the demos release for RSD Drop 1. I agree it does sound great though.
  7. I'm pretty sure there were around 2000 of each on the US site. Having said that, check ebay.
  8. Target has one, but it's sold out for now. https://www.target.com/p/john-mayer-sob-rock-target-exclusive-vinyl/-/A-83474090#lnk=sametab
  9. This does seem pretty cool. The surprise aspect has me a little skeptical, but Rough Trade could definitely have some good exclusives.
  10. Where is that from? Hope he's going to get well soon if it's true!
  11. Clear your cache or try again now. Same issue for me and it eventually updated and I could order.

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