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  1. That’s definitely not terrible. If it comes up again I’ll probably do it. I honesty only want Part I.
  2. Thanks! $100 is a bit steep, although I know its value is high. Sold out anyway.
  3. Oh wow, I didn’t even realize since I only had it digitally. That’s awesome.
  4. I went with the white/cyan haze. Looks way better next to the cover, but we’ll see how both pressings turn out.
  5. Yes! This is what I have been waiting for.
  6. Looking to sell my numbered Prequelle orange vinyl from Hot Stuff if anyone is interested. Gotta fund Exalted somehow...
  7. Limited to 2200 units. https://www.fye.com/jimi-hendrix---live-at-woodstock-exclusive-purple-haze-vinyl-fye.000000190759564110.html#q=Woodstock&lang=default&start=1
  8. I used to listen to this album all the time at night during my high school days. Snagged the amber vinyl. Does anyone know if it’s 180g?
  9. The songs seem even more well crafted when you consider each was written and recorded in one day. Plus the story behind the album is pretty cool.
  10. It is, but I’ve heard the pressings are quite noisy and not great. Plus I’d love a color variant for it.
  11. Their bandcamp link states both colored vinyl are editions of 4000. Really excited for these! I've been waiting forever for The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place reissue as well.
  12. https://liamgallagher.com/whymewhynot/ Available as a box set, limited colored vinyl (bottle green), picture disc, and 140g black vinyl. Box set includes: This limited collector edition is exclusive to Liam’s official store Each piece contains: Etched 12-inch vinyl with 3 tracks + an exclusive demo not available anywhere else 12-inch vinyl album - 140g yellow pressing Deluxe CD album housed within the book 20-page hardcover book 2 removable high quality art prints Fold out wall poster, 720 X 450 mm Pre-order now to download and listen to Shockwave instantly Not final album artwork, reveal coming soon …