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  1. Thanks to all who have reached out and ordered so far! Just updated the list a little with some additions (deluxe fuzzy Fuzz s/t and some Woods LPs)
  2. Like many on here, “the hobby” has taken up a lot of my time and money, but the greater concern at this point is shelf space. I’m at a point now where I don’t need multiples of most albums and some I just don’t listen to anymore so it’s time to let a few go! Most records are very good to NM unless specified otherwise and if you’re particularly interested in one record or another, let me know and I can shoot you a message or pics. I have a finite amount of mailers so in the interest of making the most of what I’ve got, combine and save $10 per record added. If I run out of mailers I’ll update this post and add a comment below. Shipping is included and offers are welcome. US shipping only at this time! Here is a link to my discogs profile for reference: https://www.discogs.com/seller/samfoolery/profile Without further adieu, here’s what is available: Mac DeMarco - 2 Demos (orange wax, unsealed but still in shrink) $45 King Gizzard - Polygondwanaland (Neptoon Records edition) $65 https://www.discogs.com/release/11496757-King-Gizzard-And-The-Lizard-Wizard-Polygondwanaland?ev=item-vc King Gizzard - LW (Flightless Gold Delicious, seam split along the top of the jacket) $50 https://www.discogs.com/release/18720328-King-Gizzard-And-The-Lizard-Wizard-LW-Explorations-Into-Microtonal-Tuning-Volume-3 King Gizzard Cassette Bundle - Sketches and Paper Mache Dream Balloon (Sketches sealed, PMDB NM!) $80 for the pair or $50 each Meatbodies - S/T (transparent wax) $60 Oh Sees - Master’s Bedroom (Tomlab repress on yellow wax! Unsealed but in shrink) - $65 https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/1854366850?format=Vinyl&text=Thee-Oh-Sees-The-Masters-Bedroom-Is-Worth-Spending-A-Night-In Powderfinger - Odyssey No. 5 (Blue and clear vinyl, sealed!) $55 https://www.discogs.com/release/15854506-Powderfinger-Odyssey-Number-Five Ty Segall - S/T (pink wax) $55 Fuzz - S/T (deluxe edition with fuzzy velvet foil embossed sleeve and clear with black splatter vinyl) $180 Fuzz - II (White wax, some minor signs of shelf wear) $30 Fuzz - S/T cassette in fuzzy sleeve $80 (cassette is still sealed) https://www.discogs.com/release/5023035-Fuzz-Fuzz?ev=item-vc Traditional Fools - S/T (repress on clear with pink swirl) $30 CFM - Still Life… TEST PRESSING! (Signed by the band) $70 Moonhearts - S/T TEST PRESSING! (will include an additional test of one of their splits) $70 Makeout Videotape - Weird Meats 7” (unplayed in poly sleeve) $70
  3. I’ll be seeing Phil next Friday, I don’t expect there to be any boxes available on the road but am hoping he brings along some copies of the book. Regardless I’m very excited to see The Microphones live.
  4. Wishful thinking on my part but it’d be cool if the deluxe edition inserts were randomly included with orders. Probably not but I’m surprised no one seems to have seen them in stock at any point.
  5. It would appear the remaining copies (34) no longer include Early Tapes whatsoever.
  6. No idea what happened but leads me to believe this might be on of the albums that won’t be back in print. Maybe Song Islands too?
  7. Looks like 984 copies of the book available
  8. In a similar boat myself with original pressings and the obi reissues… from a practical standpoint I don’t need this set (especially if the book will be sold separately at some point) but Phil also happens to be the one artist that takes up the most amount of space on my shelf and so it feels like I should be buying this and probably will anyway as soon as it gets closer to selling out
  9. Here you can buy everything from the Microphones contained in a humongous box. This is final. To commemorate and tombstone 25 years of this intermittently-awake recording project, we made this chunk. It's a 10 pounder, lift with your legs. Inside a heavy duty full color foil stamped tip-on slip case you'll find: VINYL: all the official Microphones albums on vinyl (10xLPs) with heavy tip-on jackets and posters for all of these: - EARLY TAPES - Don't Wake Me Up - It Was Hot, We Stayed In The Water - the Glow pt. 2 - Song Islands - Mount Eerie - Microphones in 2020 DIGITAL: - download codes for 74GB of high resolution audio which includes: - complete discography (17 releases, 226 tracks) - unreleased outtakes (36 tracks) - early cassettes (5 of them) - lots of live recordings (55 tracks from 16 shows, 1999 - 2010) and this part is nuts... - STEMS (isolated original studio tracks) for almost everything BOOK: - a new 107 page book, "details and context", of unseen materials, photos, notebook pages, artworks, and detailed notes OBI: - special fancy little decorative sash garlanding the top of the box, silver foil stamped and delicate Note: This box set is a limited one time run, not to be re-pressed. A few of the albums contained inside will not be re-pressed either, so this is the last chance to get some of these records. international customers: To maybe save on shipping, look to reliable stockists like Bis Aufs Messer, HHV and Juno (Europe), or Red Eye (Australia). warning: PRE-ORDER These will ship out in mid February 2022 https://www.pwelverumandsun.com/collections/records/products/microphones-box-set
  10. So strange, my deluxe copy of Loveless just arrived from JB today as well, months after it supposedly shipped. I’d written it off/forgotten about it and hadn’t even followed up with customer service, it just showed up out of the blue.
  11. 1975 on “mostly ghost white” vinyl https://numerogroup.com/products/duster-1975?variant=40263510098118
  12. New album Harmonizer out now digitally, vinyl in October https://www.dragcity.com/products/harmonizer
  13. I was able to grab one of the yellow electric presses juuuuust before they sold out (7 copies left as I checked out). It’s been awhile since I’ve felt any urgency regarding a vinyl release, nice to know the right artist can still send me into a panic.
  14. In for a membership as well, may as well add on a few other exclusives while I’m at it (been eyeing Spiritualized and Dirty Projectors but never pulled the trigger).
  15. I received shipping confirmation via email on 5/18 for my JB order. “Processed through facility (BRISBANE)” on 5/26 according to USPS.
  16. New variant for Contemporary Movement, Half Blue / Cloudy Clear with Silver Splatter Repress: http://numerogroup.com/d/duster-contemporary-movement https://dusternumero.bandcamp.com/album/contemporary-movement (Think link has a pic as well)
  17. The JB Hi Fi page now has this message so I’m hoping it’s an indication that any orders placed while the picks were available are within the allocation they expect to receive: Guitar pick offer expired 01/04/2021 5:10pm AEDT - All picks are taken.
  18. Okay thanks, that’s reassuring. I’m content with 2 pending POs, that should do it for me unless the deluxe bundle comes back at a reasonable price.
  19. Did Juno people receive an email confirmation? The order is showing on my Juno account but nothing in my inbox and the charge is currently $0 in my banking app 🤔

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