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  1. At The Mars Spartamasque

    Flightless Records - New Releases and Reissues

    New date for release has been announced, being Wednesday September 19th 0900 Australian time.
  2. https://flightlessrecords.com/collections/king-gizzard-the-lizard-wizard/products/king-gizzard-the-lizard-wizard-quarters-castle-face-black-wax-edition Quarters back up on flightless site.
  3. At The Mars Spartamasque

    PO Now: The Bronx - V

    Looks like there is a pre-order for Bronx I https://kingsroadmerch.com/the-bronx/view/?id=13015&cid=2920 Edit: looks like it has been removed.
  4. At The Mars Spartamasque

    RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    I picked up At The Drive In. Nice looking record.
  5. At The Mars Spartamasque

    PO NOW: Glassjaw - Material Control (12-1-17)

    Derek vs daniel vs sunshine. Kinda like that brand new song, only brand new fans care though. Shouldn't we be debating on how rediculous this release may be?
  6. https://hot-wax-records.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage Not sure if already posted but just saw this one. Oops it has, please disregard.
  7. "Peace and love, humans" work better?
  8. "Suck a duck, butch" would work though?
  9. At The Mars Spartamasque

    Albums That Should Be Pressed on Vinyl

  10. Haha same thing happened to me with PMDB.
  11. Did anyone get lucky with the release of some old stock this evening through flightless?
  12. At The Mars Spartamasque

    PO Now: The Bronx - V

    Pretty sure they have been switched in error.
  13. At The Mars Spartamasque

    PO Now: The Bronx - V

  14. At The Mars Spartamasque

    PO Now: The Bronx - V

    The Bronx are selling I and II reissues and III at shows, limited to 300.