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  1. I checked a minute after receiving the email from the German store and it was sold out there. Went to check on reddit and it looks like it didn't last more than 40 minutes on any of her webstores. Will buy if it goes back up, won't sweat if it doesn't.
  2. Just did a bit of quick math, that's around a $550 total with shipping and tax to EU. So great they chose THIS one to be a US exclusive. 😕 Alas, I'm out.
  3. Finally: https://intheredrecords.com/products/the-linda-lindas-ep Four variants: Eloise - Moon Phase in Orange and Milky Clear Bela - Color Inside of Color in Sea Blue and Coke Bottle Green Lucia - Splatter in Swamp Green and Evergreen Mila - Tri Color in Kelly Green, Royal Blue and Neon Yellow Check them out here: https://thelindalindas.bandcamp.com/album/the-linda-lindas
  4. Technically yeah but that would just be another unnecessary cost on top of already unnecessarily high cost of the boot and shipping and import fees. I've got an OG press, but in addition to it being my fave afi album it's also the first vinyl record I ever bough so it's got a special place in my heart and I'm trying to keep it off heavy rotation. I've had at leas 5 or 6 copies of the OG at one point, but gave all of the extras away as presents and such as it was anything but hard to find back then 😩
  5. Man for a boot that's listed everywhere as an eu import it's absurdly impossible to find it in eu or even a place that ships to eu -.-
  6. Anyone who's keeping a closer eye on their socials and such, was there any mention of leftovers or another pressing at all?
  7. Please more negative comments, if anyone has anything positive to say just keep it to yourself, I feel bad enough for passing on it, don't need you guys to rub it in 😣
  8. Yeah, one of my biggest regrets not picking it up.
  9. Some tunes are super catchy, but damn Miley's voice is still the worst sound I've ever heard in my entire life, and I've heard my parents banging
  10. Don't have time to read through the topic, but I'm seeing these on ebay, didn't they get delayed?
  11. So I just saw this posted in a synthwave fb group today, never heard of Roosevelt before I don't think, but I'm getting the entire discography asap, just need to figure out what the most economic way is of getting all (or most) on colored variants. Incredible music.
  12. I'm still holding out hope they ever restock "Chromatics - Girls" 😕
  13. I bought mine off amazon DE and it's the same as pictured in that post https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B08QFRKNNJ Shouldn't cost you more than $45 shipped
  14. Raye - Euphoric Sad Songs (Pink Vinyl, signed copies also available) https://shop.raye-music.com/
  15. For what it's worth, I've been using an ortofon 2m black for about a year now and I listen to records way less since installing it. Still deciding on what to replace it with, but I'm definitely not a fan of the 2m sound and when A/B-ing digital vs the 2m black, they're almost indistinguishable. That's not to say that it's bad, but it's not how I want my records to sound. I've got tidal for that.
  16. I mean for what it's worth, that includes games and prints and books and all the other shit I buy. When I pay for something, it goes on the list. When it ships, it moves from the "PO" to "incoming" section (with the ship date and tracking number of course). When it arrives, it jumps to one of 10 or so tabs for the specific category. Then there's a few pivot tables, and yearly buy/sell reports, etc. Yes, I ❤️ sheets
  17. The "preorders" tab of my google spreadsheet usually sits at around 80-100. No idea how I'd manage without it. QFT:
  18. The UK store has "pale yellow", "golden yellow" and "cool blue": https://shopuk.billieeilish.com/ But wtf is that price?
  19. Yup, that VGM group kinda went down the toilet. Not that I was too invested really, and boots aren't my thing, but still the place got weird.
  20. They should. But you've been a fan since mid 90s, maybe you should too.
  21. Release day variant for NOFX popped up on an AUS store, apparently it's green.
  22. Yeah, I've been eyeing the discogs listings, was wondering more if there's like a shop/retailer that might have something in stock, as it seems that lately thre's tons of colored fat pressings from not fat

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