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  1. It seems like the picture disc is the "standard" NA variant of this. It's the cheapest, it's featured in the Rot video, it's the only one being sold by both US and Canadian retailers as far as I can tell. I'm guessing there's a fair amount of these.
  2. I canceled my Newbury and got the banquet as well...and the color your own. 🙈 I was never a variant collector before but this pandemic has changed me.
  3. Australian variant as well. Cornetto Transparent Orange and Doublemint, as well as Neon Green. Don't see any pressing info. https://cvaushop.com.au/collections/pup EDIT: Cut Loose has it on purple vinyl also. https://cutloosemerch.ca/collections/pup EDIT #2: AND there's a UK Indie Exclusive. Man oh man. https://www.crashrecords.co.uk/product/pup-this-place-sucks-ass-various-formats-pre-order/
  4. Already pre-ordered the Newbury variant but I really like that color your own cover variant too
  5. Got it! Now here's hoping I'm able to cancel the large bundle I ordered last week when I believed that was the only remaining way to get this record. *fingers crossed*
  6. I was so pleasantly surprised when this ended up being the gift Jake has been teasing. Shocked it's lasted this long!
  7. Regarding SRC...I will say I just had a positive experience with them. Recently pre-ordered a record before finding it cheaper elsewhere. Was able to cancel the order relatively painlessly and was never charged. Maybe they've improved since the days of these horror stories.
  8. Same. I'm surprised, I thought there was a lot more love for this album than that.
  9. Just bought a t-shirt, hoodie, and facemasks I definitely would not have otherwise purchased just to finally have this album on vinyl. Then come to find out they are releasing 500 more in a week or so lol. Fuck it
  10. Third round of signed CDs at all Reckless locations in Chicago right now.
  11. Both Reckless Records locations in Chicago have more signed CDs. Just picked one up in Wicker Park and they still had a fair amount left.
  12. Mine arrived today. Shipping label initially created July 27, delivered August 11 if that helps anyone. I had that same "Package Acceptance pending" in Batavia, IL for a long time too. I'm in Chicago so it didn't have to travel too far. Haven't had a chance to listen to it yet.