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  1. Gotta be your postman/office then man, that sucks. Mine came perfectly snug in the mailer and no issues to any jacket or vinyl.
  2. 4th press tomorrow, 10am. GL to those who missed the last one! Pro-tip, they usually launch a few minutes early, so spam f5 around 9:50.
  3. Bummer no physical version yet but I bet there will be eventually. Still happy to donate to a good cause!
  4. Not sure, I was actually thinking it might be something Holiday related, or a collaboration, as I don't believe there has been any evidence of new MO recording/writing sessions ect that I've seen anywhere, but I'm not a patreon member. Would be a huge surprise if so.
  5. One you take the plastic wraps off and squeeze the air from the box, the whole thing fits very nicely. The obi strip is nicely snug. The milky clear boxset looks great, very minimalistic aesthetic overall, but I'm not so fond of the Solitude 'galaxy' variant. Might grab the new splatter and see which I like best, get rid of the other.
  6. My order is still sitting at label created from UPS since the 18th of Nov.....wtf is going on...
  7. Interested to see how this sounds taking a more ambient/space approach rather than classical/drone.
  8. post-engineering has it posted a few days ago, they look great. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIJRMPIp-BO/
  9. Been putting off getting this as the single didn't wow me, nor the cover art, so the vibe seemed off from Reverie Lagoon but now I'm considering it.
  10. TBH too, if it does sound like shit, you can still get rid of it pretty easily. It's similar to the MYW situation. All the 1LP's that were garbage I got rid of right away at cost without any issues, so might as well try it out.
  11. Just grabbed a Rose Tertia, which looks beautiful. Have all the others and I'm overloaded on Yellow.
  12. All my other box sets are black and I always grab a single of a color as well so went for eggplant. Can't wait!
  13. It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All a Dream! It's Alright tonight midnight. Collectors editions and most likely standards. Can't wait to round out the collection! Sad it's coming to an end though from one of my favorites of all time.
  14. Honestly with how fucked the US is and the new shutdowns and spikes in cases/deaths, I don't see this ever happening. They meant to 'break up' annd stop early this year, then that got pushed a year back, but with everything I just stated, I would not hold it against some members if they were just done now. Maybe we'd see a reunion tour in 3-5 years, but def not next year or 2022.
  15. Was $60 plus shipping and tax back when I bought from the PO in March.
  16. 6131 sold out now too, just missed it. JB store one was sold out, but just ordered it through UK store, which went though. Couple extra bucks, but don't care, pumped for this! Bummed I missed spotify too....was not paying attention today...

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