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  1. If he wants to be part of the solution, he should start a record label and sell them for <$20.
  2. You interested in an Isis keychain/weed holder/mustache grease container/I'm not sure what it is? It's like a little pouch with a chain on it.
  3. I bought a condo two and half years ago as a short sale while the market was at it's lowest point. I put offers on 30+ condos and was repeatedly underbid by investors with cash. Despite my higher bids, banks were taking less money from those with cash as opposed to losing more money by selling to a first time buyer with a traditional loan. Which, at the time, was considered very risky due to the high amount of people defaulting on their loans. The majority of these cash buyers were buying the properties to upgrade a couple items then wait a few months to resell the properties once the stock o
  4. "The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell." - Confucius
  5. These will if anyone wants anything before they go up there. They will all eventually be on discogs or eBay but at 10% higher. I've subtracted 10% from all prices since that's what eBay would charge if they sold there. I will also ship media mail in the US for free or credit any other shipping $3.50. If you think these are overpriced, don't buy them. I'm in no hurry. If you don't trust me, I will do a private sale on eBay but each item will cost 10% more. If you want more info about the quality of a particular item, send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. https://

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