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Found 15 results

  1. I purchased the aural pleasures version of the King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard band but my American contact moved back to Canada. Shipping to Canada from AP is a whopping $21 US. Is there anyone who is kind enough to have me ship it to them and they in turn can ship it to me in Canada cheaper. It’s the only version I wanted... let me know please.
  2. Hey all, as noted in the trade section, I'm selling a huge part of my collection. I had about 80 boxes that I'd hoarded from other orders, but at some point I'll probably have to buy more boxes. While shipping I noted that the standard boxes by Whiplash are used for a ton of labels. I like that I can get about 3-4 records in it as well. While slightly more expensive I was also looking into the Sleeve City mailers. From their other products I'd assume they're good. Also when you order in bulk, there's a discount. Plus their monthly sale makes them cheaper that the boxes from Whiplash. So a
  3. I want to buy an item from a 3rd party seller... they are actually a well-known physical record store in the USA. Their amazon won't ship to Canada, though. I'm going to call them and see if they won't ship it to me if I order directly, but I'm looking for someone to buy the item and ship it to me as a back up plan. PM me if you are interested in helping out. Also willing to work out a trade if you'd rather pick something from my tradelist. Thanks.
  4. They posted on facebook today: "Good news! We have some cheaper Domestic USPS rates in our store! https://nosleeprecords.com We are working on some new solutions for INTL orders as well which we hope to allow you to save around up to 40-50% on postage" I put a random LP in my cart and went to checkout and shipping was going to cost $3.47 for Media Mail and $9.28 for Priority. That's like a $1.00 cheaper for Media Mail and over $2.00 cheaper for Priority. Go nuts.
  5. Afternoon all. Anyone know of any drop shipping companies in California or places that will accept deliveries for me for a price? I'm heading over there for a few days at the end of september and was wanting to purchase a few things off here and some other websites hopefully. However with no confirmed address of where I'll be staying yet it does make this quite hard. Are there companies where you can get something sent there and then pick up from them and pay per parcel? Any help is always appreciated. Cheers.
  6. We're a new label and with all the bumps and usual obstacles we recently learned a valuable lesson, steeped in our naivete of course. We worked a deal with another label in the UK that they would take a fair share of our release in trade for theirs to offer them on both sides of the pond at the lowest cost possible in light of the shipping gouges. When the boxes arrived, customs in the UK slathered on some outrageous Customs/VAT charges that equalled the shipping. We did—apparently foolishly—declare a reduced value to get some compensation if they were lost, but no money changed hands, nothing
  7. This supply and demand thing for records is pretty dangerous, and the prices are getting out of hand. Doesn't matter if there's a premium on the record due to shipping from Finland or the Netherlands, or licensing rights, if distributors see that we're willing to pay $40, 50, 60 for a vinyl record, what's to stop them from raising the price that high for new/U.S. based pressings? We're already seeing it with the new $30 reissues SRC is putting out. I'm pledging at this point, i'm not paying more than $25(shipped) for an album. I don't HAVE TO have ANYTHING at a cost more than that, which wil
  8. I had to ship out an LP today, and I picked up a mailer at a shop. It looks bizarre, there are no perforations, extra unnecessary flaps. Please, help me out if you know how to put this thing together. I'm very familiar with shipping out LP's, 7 inches, and cassettes, and I have never come across one like this before. Here are photos:
  9. i went to ship out records the other day at a post office i haven't used before for records. i told them i wanted to do it through media mail but they said media mail is intended for "education and learning purposes only" and refused to let me send it that way. as 95% of the records i receive are through media mail i was pretty pissed since clearly that's not the policy everywhere else. has this been a problem for anyone else?? this post office is super close to my house and most convenient so i'm gonna be pissed if they give me crap about it every time i try to send out records. they als
  10. Hey there, anyone with this sort of experience? I've got a guy who doesn't want to pay registered mailing and wants to go without tracking for the most economical shipping using USPS Thanks for the help!
  11. I recently got an order on discogs and I'm not sure what to charge for shipping from the US to Russia. I also heard that ebay stopped their sellers from shipping a lot of media mail items to Russia earlier this year. Has anyone else had any issues with sending to Russia? Thanks for the help!
  12. If this is in the wrong forum, go ahead and move it, but I apologize on advance. But I've only shipped records about 3 times and its costed about 3-4 dollars. I just got charged $7.53 to ship a record to someone who I have shipped to before. Did I do something wrong or did the guy at the post office screw up? I'm filming a music video today and just didn't have time to sit there and argue about it, so I just paid it. Thanks for listening and for your responses.
  13. I searched for awhile to see there isn't a general thread for shipping questions--just a bunch of one time questions with a one time answer. Maybe it's for the better? Who knows? Either way, here's my question: I printed out (and paid for) a shipping label straight from PayPal. It's attached to the mailer, paid for, and ready to go. Do I still have to take it to a post office or can I just take it to the blue USPS drop boxes on sidewalks? Sorry for the simple dumb question! Feel free to continue using this thread for general shipping questions/answers. Hopefully I can count on Shit
  14. bye bye delivery confirmation. hello usps tracking. also, they raised the price to just under $1 now.
  15. Where is the absolute cheapest place to get vinyl mailers? So far, it looks like this seller on eBay is going to be the best bet. From him I can buy 50 7" mailers and 40 LP mailers for just under 50$ after shipping. Does anybody know anywhere else cheaper?

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