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  1. How does that og press sound? I’m always looking for a copy, but it always looked like it wouldn’t sound good (if that makes any sense). This may actually happen since T&N/Unoriginal recently pressed those 3 Slick Shoes albums
  2. Copped a color Bombpops.. speaking of cops.. can’t wait for Bad Cop/Bad Cop this year
  3. There’a a clear copy on ebay right now with a $999 bid in! I watch these for fun. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F293411584043
  4. Spinning this now and it surprisingly sounds really good. Dead quiet pressing too. My only issues are the seam splits and lack of any liner notes (although the Stephanie/Richard note was cool). It’s a long shot, but a sort of oral history all these years later from the bands/label would have been awesome, but that’s a job in itself. @thedillon killed it and my vote for the next Drive-Thru reissue would be... a pressing of the first ‘I Can Make A Mess’ album 👍
  5. I remember scoring a copy of the EP on ebay, but it was cracked in half during transit. 😩
  6. A lot of the other songs are demos (Allister, Home Grown, Midtown) or EP versions that never made it to wax (Finch ‘Letters’, Something Corporate ‘Jordan’). That’s why I love/loved this comp growing up. A lot of variety (not just all singles like a sampler). I prefer some of those early recordings to the album versions too, but I don’t expect this comp to have superb sound quality unless they mastered it for vinyl maybe.
  8. Bob Mould - Sunshine Rock Bad Religion - Age Of Unreason Fences - Failure Sculptures Strung Out - Songs Of Armor And Devotion Somos - Prison On A Hill Jimmy Eat World - Surviving Tegan And Sara - Hey, I’m Just Like You Third Eye Blind - Screamer Blink 182 - Nine The Early November - Lilac
  9. I have to check this one out. They used to play locally, but never gave them a listen. Their old label has this on their bandcamp also (pay what you want) https://allaboutrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-way-to-a-girls-heart-is-through-her-boyfriends-stomach
  10. Propagandhi - Victory Lap www.dropcards.com/vinyl V36GYCD4YV
  11. All original surprisingly (according the liner notes). Ace, Jeff, Bill, Sergio and Joe. Touring is a different story and I think Ace is vocals only for shows now if I’m not mistaken (no guitar).
  12. I was thinking about that the other day. I never heard it, but thought if Craft used that, it would be a true remaster. I’m assuming they used WAV files or something, but I can’t speak for them. Too bad these labels and/or bands aren’t very transparent when it comes to sound quality and sourcing. 🤷‍♂️
  13. This is on sale for a $13 (as well as other TEN merch) in both stores. 😎 https://riserecords.merchnow.com/products/v2/296759/lilac-pinwheel-lp https://merchnow.com/products/v2/296759/lilac-pinwheel-lp
  14. They have a new EP out now called ‘Supermoon’. The songs were written for their last record, but left off (way more guitar). ‘Heaven’ is on it too. Vinyl ships early 2020. PO link I love their first LP, but not so much the second. However, I might give it another try. It’s been on Amazon for cheap lately ($15)
  15. I don’t think anyone is comparing this one with the S/T. That one is classic and stands in its own. It’s just nice to hear a band that started in that era to be releasing good, relevant music in 2019. Also ‘2X Tigers’ is great! A hip hop song on a 3eb album sounds odd, but strangely works well especially after a few listens.
  16. This! I gave it two spins when I first got it. It was a quick grower and one of my favorites this year. There’s also two LP versions. The retail/standard is white with pinkish red splatter, comes with a printed innersleeve and a label layout similar to the artwork. The other is the 10 Bands, 1 Cause version which by the pictures looks like pink on pink splatter, a plain (?) pink innersleeve, but a different label layout. Seems like this was in production first since it’s more available than the standard.
  17. I’m surprised it was on black. I assumed the whole pressing was white. Either way, it’s a great album.
  18. The live F2F songs sounds great and I just listened to the whole thing on digital (grabbing an LP tomorrow!). My big disappointment was the sequencing of tracks. I believe it was recorded during those Triple Crown shows where they played albums in full so it’s not a seamless live show. Worst one was after ‘You Could’ve Had Everything’. Trevor says he hasn’t played the next song in awhile and then goes right into ‘Should Anything Go Wrong’ with the crowd cheering as if they just started playing the show. So it just sounds a bit chopped up. They did it with the og live album since it was recorded among a night or two, but you can barely tell on that one.
  19. Pitchfork can eat it. They’re the same ones who rated ‘Bleed American’ a 3.5 🙄
  20. Yikes! I saw him live a few times and had a lot of fun. I’m not sure why everyone shits on this band so hard with so much actual terrible music out there in the world.
  21. Can anyone comment on the sound quality? I’m curious if it differs much from the Victory pressings.
  22. This is a solid album. Definitely better after each listen. There are upbeat songs like ‘America’, ‘Anna’ and ‘Strangers’, but a lot of mellow, mid-tempo tracks that are great. ‘Portland’ is my favorite track so far. They are playing a local acoustic show on Sunday so I’m excited to hear these in that setting.
  23. It’s definitely on my copy (US neon pink). ‘Nine’ is actually tame for a blink record when it comes to ‘bad language’. Major label shittyness. They should have just labeled the clean copies. You would also think the PA sticker/label would have been redesigned by now to something more transparent.