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  1. This is streaming now which is good because I didn’t want to double dip 😉 b-sides sounding good so far though I’m confused why ‘Very Invisible’ isn’t on the 15th Anniversary. I didn’t know about this b-side until I found it as a bonus track on the standalone version.
  2. Full band (label posted a instagram story last week) which isn’t terrible, but I also prefer the piano version, though, the song in general is my least favorite track on the album anyway 🤷🏻‍♂️ grabbed a clear! Finally sold off my shitty ETR press last week within minutes on Discogs and used the funds for an og copy of ‘Exile In Guyville’. win/win!
  3. If anyone ordered the bundle and doesn’t want the coffee mug, I’ll buy it from you 😉 I keep seeing them on instagram, but I guess they’re not selling JUST the mug 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. I’m not knocking these releases, but come on, where’s that S/T 😛
  5. 500 Miles To Memphis - Blessed Be The Damned furnacemfg.com/redeem jaQ8J4r5NaV
  6. Grabbed a /300 of both! Looks good with the album art @jhulud could you merge? 😎
  7. It’s possible since I’m noticing the copyright on Apple Music is simply credited to ‘Dashboard Confessional’ for everything that has been reissued as well as Poison. I see Vagrant didn’t give up the rights to ‘A Mark..’ and ‘Dusk’ or else we’d possibly get better reissues of those two. I hear the UO ones aren’t the best plus they’re already OOP.
  8. Grabbed a white! Plus that sweet black tee and a livestream ticket because why not?! Love this album and stoked to have it on regular wax. Let’s gooo Catalyst and Coming Home 🤞🏻
  9. I have to give the new one another chance. I really like the one with the apple on it, ‘The Shade Of Poison Trees’.
  10. I was assuming the studio version of ‘Vindicated’ plus maybe a demo or acoustic version plus that song @cautionthieves mentioned. Personally going to pass on it, but in for the other two EPs unless they offered some sort of bundle. Though looking through Mondo’s webstore, they seem to charge $15 for a 7”. Nice 🤗
  11. I dig the crowd on it. I remember watching the DVD countless number of times. Solid album and a really good band backing him up on it.
  12. Anyone figure out how to redeem their download code? The page on the card isn't found when you go to it.. 😑
  13. Strike Anywhere - Nightmares Of The West www.dropcards.com/vinyl 79XF4N4476
  14. Hook it up with a DL code if anyone has a spare 😉 prob won’t work until Friday though
  15. Now I want one of these for the extremely slim chance this would be in it! 😍
  16. More green copies up on Revhq they were holding onto for tour. https://revhq.com/products/smackin-isaiah-the-way-to-a-girls-heart-is-through-her-boyfriends-stomach?_pos=1&_sid=b6d1a6e49&_ss=r
  17. Official reissue from Splattered Records, hop on it quick! Red /300 (Japanese Cover) Black/700 (English Cover) https://www.splatteredrecords.com/product/the-nerves-ep-7-re-english-japanese-versions
  18. two Metalcore(?) freebies I got in an order that someone might be into 😉 Faded Line - Prayers For A Dying World bandcamp.com/yum xwv6-dntq Fall - Messiahs bandcamp.com/yum rjms-wh8e