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  1. Unless he came back from the future my best guess is April or March 😉
  2. Thank you for the answers! I just looked at the tracking from another record and it stayed for 4 days in Chicago and is currently in transit to another location. No idea where but it left Chicago. One shipper already refunded me without a problem and the other one is looking into it. It's not a biggie if the refunded one doesn't arrive but the other one is sold out. Got to be patient I guess 🙂
  3. So I got 2 packages that are shipped with USPS and one hasn't updated since 03/30 and the other one since 04/14. Both say they are on it's way to it's destination (I'm from Belgium) and for both the last update is from Chicago. Are there big problems in Chicago?
  4. Received my package from the free shipping promo today. 2 Records but both the wrong variant. Nice...
  5. Ow Okey. It's not easy to follow where what is happening at the moment in the US if you don't live there.
  6. No idea what is happening but this is really strange. My package arrived on 04/14 at the Sorting Center in Miami. Every shipping update after that was from the same place. 5 Updates so far with the latest being Arrived at Sorting Center in Miami on 05/12. But it's still alive...
  7. https://iam8bit.asia/products/sayonara-wild-hearts-2xlp-vinyl Only one i can find.
  8. I received an email a few minutes ago from Mondo saying my order was delivered. Received nothing and when I check the tracking number it's still in the US. Kinda weird and the first time this happened. Weird times I guess.
  9. No idea. Was surprised it was down. But he's working on all kind of things at the moment, including the site. I'll let you know when it's back up. Missed that gold edition from Arkangel unfortunately. The wood edition was the first one I ordered. The artwork is beautiful but it's the most standard release when it comes to DIE-cutting. That Xibalba one will be amazing when you look at the cutting.
  10. Wanted to post the EU link for the tri-color but it's sold out now on CoreTex. Other Xibalba news: Knives Out Records from France will release "Hasta la Muerte" on deluxe double picture disc vinyl. If you don't know Knives Out you have to check his site (yes, it's only one person who does everything). These are all little pieces of art with an insane amount of detail put into the every single release. After buying one release I had to collect all the others. Releases from Knives Out so far included following bands: Excessive Force, Arkangel, Sheer Terror, Grimlock, Hoods, Integrity,... Upcoming releases from: All Out War, Terror, Death by Stereo, Xibalba, From the Dying Sky, Sentence,... His website is also being update and the store is down for the moment. But here you can check things he did so far: https://www.knivesoutrecords.com/releases/picture-disc-vinyl/
  11. Mine is still stuck in the USA at the moment and I guess it won't be moving anytime soon. So reading all this I'm afraid mine will look like shit when it arrives. Probably also have to pay customs so i'll end up with a crap $100 record. But who knows, maybe I get lucky...
  12. I heard about who received everything at random. Even from the signed box set. First they received the signed card and had to wait for the box. Strange times maybe
  13. Yes, I'm from Belgium. Arrived on the 7th. Bought the pink one so I don't need to spin the yellow one.
  14. Both yellow and pink sound good. The Boxset is more like a book but a nice quality release. And Yes. This is easily the best pop album from 2020. Just fun from start to finish with no crappy love songs or weird intermissions.