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  1. It looks like a Sunburst vinyl so you might get what you see! And it's indeed a nice album cover.
  2. Ferret and Good Fight is run by the same guy(s) so I think it's not that hard to get the licensing. (could be totally wrong...) But The Banner would be great indeed and just put I Am Legend on an extra 7"! Others I want to see: A Static Lullaby Poison the Well - Versions and The Tropic Rot represses. Scarlet SKYCAMEFALLING
  3. Finally a vinyl pressing for FLOOD! Ordered one locally just now but we'll see about limited editions.
  4. Received my package today with the 3 standard records and a free Jonah Matranga CD. Also came with that art print and got 1/300 so that's pretty cool. Happy to have these on vinyl and revisite the albums.
  5. So if you want all 6-7 records you have to pay shipping for each record because they were kind enough to already include it in the price?
  6. That's pretty fast for it to arrive in the UK. Last time I took about 2 months before Honey arrived. I think they always include some leftover stuff in the package. I got a Jonah Matranga / Kevin Seconds split 7" with that order.
  7. Still impressed by the box and all the details. Nice way to store/hide the pins and keep your records save. You'll see it (or maybe not) when you get the box. But when I took out the first vinyl I immediately felt this wasn't 180gr. (also confirmed on discogs) For me it doesn't matter because lower weight vinyl is better for sound quality and it does sound perfect! But I already see people on discogs that they want a replacement because... Blah blah blah.
  8. Picked mine up at a retail store here in Belgium. Very well packed I must say. Payed €326 ($393) for it. The best price I've seen so far. Never thought they would actually get it.
  9. Keep trying until it actually says sold out because I was still able to check out. (didn't do it but I passed the sold out thing...)
  10. I think some people still have in their cart and didn't check out. Was able to order a split a few minutes ago.
  11. My "Meet me Behind the Mall" variant sounds like absolute shit on all 4 sides. I have a feeling the grooves are not deep enough and the needle can't register everything. Disappointing
  12. Check these guys from Belgium Fast energetic hardcore! https://animalclubhc.bandcamp.com/
  13. For all 3 it was $94 shipped to Europe and customs would charge us $36 when it arrives. So that's $130 for 12 songs. So I thought let's only grab the Summers Kiss EP -> $49 shipped... Ughh I'll just wait for another pressing because these prices just SUCK!

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