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  1. Keep trying until it actually says sold out because I was still able to check out. (didn't do it but I passed the sold out thing...)
  2. I think some people still have in their cart and didn't check out. Was able to order a split a few minutes ago.
  3. My "Meet me Behind the Mall" variant sounds like absolute shit on all 4 sides. I have a feeling the grooves are not deep enough and the needle can't register everything. Disappointing
  4. Check these guys from Belgium Fast energetic hardcore! https://animalclubhc.bandcamp.com/
  5. For all 3 it was $94 shipped to Europe and customs would charge us $36 when it arrives. So that's $130 for 12 songs. So I thought let's only grab the Summers Kiss EP -> $49 shipped... Ughh I'll just wait for another pressing because these prices just SUCK!
  6. I got a few Wax Mage copy's and some are underwhelming. Most of them are beauty indeed. But ordered the Honey Wax Mage hehe.
  7. Yeah that signed printed isn't really a thing that would convince someone to buy the bundle 🙂. I grabbed the bundle. Wanted both The Dream and You & Me and I think the Starburst variant might look better as the Wax Mage variant. B-sides is a nice addition and the total price is great. €66 shipped to Belgium is an awesome price for 3 albums.
  8. Ps. We are doing the Trustkill reissues and WEIRDO this year as well Found this in the first mail when this repress was announced
  9. Keep us updated on that one. Definitely want a wax mage from that one.
  10. Same here for the Wax Mage variant. Looking forward to You and Me pressing.
  11. Received Xibalba - Hasta La Muerta deluxe picture disc reissue this week. It's beautifull and a genius design. This is the Metnal variant and limited to 100 (numbered) released by Knives Out Records. His store is (still) down but you can contact him on instagram or facebook if you want more details or want to order.

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