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  1. redroom

    The Bronx - B Sides and Rarities

    I don't think it was ridiculous. Just look at what you get and what normal prices are these days and you'll get around $100 $25 for a double LP $30 for the shirt $10 for the bag $15 for the slipmat $20-$30 for the stand $5 for the patch Thats $105 - $115. They can even ask more for a shirt or the LP these days.
  2. You'll have to pay more on discogs once it's sold out.
  3. redroom

    The Bronx - B Sides and Rarities

    Who plays what on every song is listed on the site. Maybe you didn't see it. (last 4 pics)
  4. redroom

    The Bronx - B Sides and Rarities

    Yes. Only on No Joy No Vik
  5. redroom

    The Bronx - B Sides and Rarities

    Ordered the bundle just in case...
  6. redroom

    The Bronx - B Sides and Rarities

  7. redroom

    The Bronx - B Sides and Rarities

    I hope it has every song on it from Sunset Overdrive! But yeah that song rips!
  8. For me €32. But I have seen it online for around €35-40
  9. Found some more info and it's coming out on February 15. Indie only exclusive european edition limited to 1000. Spot Varnish artwork.
  10. Dopesmoker on Orange I bought this one today. The only info I have is that this is a European exclusive limited to 1000. No idea when it was actually released and can't find any info online. Looks great.
  11. Also got that party favor 7" I spinned it a few times. Cleaned it but still sounds kinda crappy. Made a recording from Hotline Bling and with some software I was able to make it sound OK. Ordered the GITD because I like UV cassettes. Probably will also pick up a standard copy when I can find it for cheap on Amazon.
  12. redroom

    Athletics - BFRSD

    So yeah I was pretty negative about that low resolution cover art. But I also want to say that the inside from the gatefold is sharp and has all the lyrics printed and has a nice band pic. Maybe it's just to logo that looks bad. The records sound good and that's what's most important in the end for me. (I'll just need to forget that I payed €63 for one record :))
  13. redroom

    Athletics - BFRSD

    Got mine a few weeks ago. Why Aren't I Home pressing sounds good. The heat sensitive cover sucks and the logo is just glued on it or something and it looks like it can fall off every moment. WYAINE album cover is very bad. The logo is kinda blurred or something. Almost like low resolution but without the pixels. It's a gatefold jacket. The original album is 33rpm and doesn't really sound good. The instumental album is 45rpm and sounds better. Because he shipped my records in 2 seperate orders, although i asked him to combine it and he said ok, I had to pay customs twice. In the end I payed $190 for 3 record that are probably the worst quality in my collection. I'm happy that I can finally spin them again (had the original pressings) and that WAIH sounds good. And the music is still amazing.
  14. Damn expensive here in Europe. Starting around €35/$38 without shipping.
  15. https://www.instagram.com/p/BomBy30gGwm/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=9jpa1z4u4m23