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  1. But being in Belgium and stupid Google always seems to give me the wrong hours I rather want to know how long is that from now?
  2. So how long before these drop from now? Late afternoon CT? Is that around now, is that in an hour, 2 hours?
  3. Might take a shot at Annihilation. The Drive posters are OK. Waiting for a bigger image.
  4. Did you get a shipping notification? And any extra songs with the DL? :-)
  5. I've contacted them yesterday so they can combine the other orders. I hope they read it before I get another notification. It would have cost me less when I ordered them all together without free shipping.
  6. Did anyone placed multiple orders during the free shipping week and received their stuff? I'm asking because one order shipped yesterday and 3 other are still unfulfilled. Thought Mondo said they would combine orders. This will make a HUGE difference when I have to pay customs. €35 vs €140.
  7. redroom

    Waxwork Records Thread

    Hooray for Belgium :-)
  8. Maybe the download we got are the extra songs...
  9. From instagram: thisdayforwardWe are excited to announce that our last album “In Response” is now available on LP for the first time through Equal Vision Records. Download with extra songs available upon preorder from EVR / Merch Now. http://merchnow.com/catalogs/this-day-forward/music - Link in bio also: thisdayforwardFollow the link for a cover of “Coup d’ Etat” by Refused recorded at Skylight Studios w Vince Ratti in 2002. Available as a free download and stream. https://soundcloud.com/user-4698258/coup-detat-refused-cover
  10. Still available from them for €4
  11. Until the Ink, and Vanity released by Goodlife Rec and The Best Of by Sober Mind Recs on vinyl. Nothing to do with Goodfellow. Maybe you were thinking of goodlife and got confused
  12. Also ordered. One of my fav records ever. Is that download with extra songs available or do we have to wait a few days. I hope they'll also release Kairos. Still got those 3x7" from the transient effects. Never really got into the first one except for one or two songs.
  13. Received mine a little while ago and doesn't appear to be leaking. It is however a little bit different like djghost said. Mine still has enough liquid to call it a liquid filled record and it still looks amazing. I think there's just less space between the records so there's less space for the liquid. It's not that thick I guess. (Can't compare anymore) so it feels a little less impressive. I received another liquid filled record this week that feels the same. This one also isn't leaking.