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  1. Yeah, I ordered every record they released so far in the last month from different places. (also because of the price difference) Only Amazon did it right for one record. I received one where the foil package was cut open. Send a pic to cmptr stdnts and he was nice enough to send me a new copy with free shipping. Hope to receive it this week. Every album is actually awesome. Current favorite is Oxes but Drose is also something else. Never heard anything like it.
  2. One tip: When you want to open the aluminium foil package use a scissor to cut it open at the top. If you want to rip it open, it doesn't look nice.
  3. I couldn't find the original topic for the Self-titled release but I found something interesting for people in Europe. https://www.fnac.com/a3712503/Deftones-Deftones-Vinyle-album#omnsearchpos=8 Self-titled 2012 pressing for €21,37 Ordered a copy myself and received it today. Looking at the discogs prices this is a bargain.
  4. Got mine here in Belgium this morning. (€23 for a 2XLP is great price these days). Quality release when it comes to packaging. Shiny heavy gatefold and comes with an insert. I don't own a previous pressing so I can't compare it to anything but there is some IGD present. Usually a Music on Vinyl pressing is pretty good when it comes to sound quality but like mentioned before there's just too much music for a 2xLP.
  5. Updated today. Check your tracking number again from the email you received. Tracking number is not yet recognized in the bpost app. (I'm also from Belgium)
  6. I'm like 90% sure the Self-titled will drop on Thursday. Parting Gift teased the next release with a little hint from the artwork. If I'm correct it's from the back of the album.
  7. Maybe TTTH/Parting Gift will release the individual EP's on different variants. Since they released Nfg - Coming Home on vinyl...
  8. The label that will release Cheval De Frise on vinyl has also released Hey!Tonal on double LP. Didn't know the band but after listening I also ordered it. I'm sure some some people here will also like it! https://cmptrstdnts.com/hey-tonal/
  9. Thought I would post this here. Cheval De Frise's self titled album is being pressed on vinyl for the first time. It was originally released in 2000 and it's an excellent math rock album It's being released by Computer Students. I didn't know the label but I like what they're doing. Very clean style. https://cmptrstdnts.com/cheval-de-frise/
  10. Mail from august: Due to unforeseen manufacturing delays beyond our control, your order containing The Moon is Down Vinyl Box Set is now expected to ship in September.
  11. There is a difference.... First Press: 800: Color In Color (Custard + Emerald) 1200: Custard w/ Black + Evergreen Splatter Second Press: 2000: Custard w/ Evergreen + Black Splatter
  12. Was your card or PayPal charged? I got an email from PayPal with the payment details but I never successfully checked out. So I contacted Parting Gift on IG and they said I should send an email later if I dont receive a confirmation. That's what I did and a few hours later they send me a screenshot from my order and that it is awaiting shipment. Hope this helps