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  1. Forget what I said about the mission impossible artwork. Blade Runner just took its place.
  2. Received the box today: Have Heart orange 7" Lemuria - Varoom Allure 7" - green marbled Polar Bear Club - Clash Battle Guilt Pride - Orange Expire - Old Songs - Orange Translucent Modern Pain - Peace Delusions - Orange with Smoke Hierophant - Great Mother; Holy Monster - Red Translucent True Love - Heaven's too good for us - Oxblood Malfunction - Fear of Failure - White Boysetsfire - Boysetsfire - Blue And some posters including a HUGE Defeater one.
  3. Some bands not mentioned before but I really like them: - Tubelord - Our First American Friends Tubelord - OFAF Poppy Emo Math Rock. Recomended song: Propeller -And So I Watch You From Afar - S/T ASIWYFA Best album from them, soon to be reissued on vinyl. Incredible instrumental band. Algernon Cadwallader- Parrot Flies Parrot So damn good! Axes - Glory AXXXES Another instrumental mathrock band. Another good one!
  4. So why that price if you're not expecting anyone to buy it? If it was $80 I would be interested 🙂
  5. Compared the GITD with the retail yellow and the EU orange. EU orange comes out as the winner. No surface noise and it sounds just a bit brighter. Next yellow with a little bit of surface noise. GITD sounds OK on the speakers but with headphones you can here the surface noise.
  6. What is wrong with the glow in the dark and other pressings? Have to check if I face the same problems.
  7. What are you doing in here @gazzo? You hate her :-) But yes! Thank you for that!!!
  8. So with a little search on Google I found out that the picture disc was available from her shop. https://store.universalmusic.com/billieeilish/*/*/SPOTIFY-FANS-FIRST-PICTURE-DISC/63MN0000000 Asked a friend in the UK if I could use his address and received shipping notification today. (Sold out since Saturday)
  9. First you can only buy bundles and it says it's limited. Next you can buy everything seperate and it's cheaper when you do. (GITD vinyl + cassette is cheaper in Europe) There are some exclusive vinyl colors that are not exclusive anymore it seems. Here's the orange vinyl for the people in Europe who read this: https://www.dodax.de/de-de/musik-cds-dvds-vinyl/pop/billie-eilish-when-we-all-fall-ltd-coloured-lp-orange-dp3BU91S9N9G6/ €17,51 shipped to your door. The standard yellow is also available at €21,99
  10. Not cancelled. Maybe they got a limit for each show and when they don't sell them at the end of the week they sell them online?
  11. Got mine today! https://www.instagram.com/p/BuME1y1g33M/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1fvm15qlv7h7h
  12. You can try dodax.com Free shipping but still $28.99 (I got mine from that site in the EU) Or those sellers on Amazon...
  13. Spielbergs - This is not the End LP First pressing on transparent yellow vinyl (limited to 500) Released: February 1st on By The Time it Gets Dark https://bythetimeitgetsdark.bandcamp.com/album/this-is-not-the-end Also available from other sites. Ever hear a new band that’s so truly, madly, and deeply your shit that it seems like a prank?” – Ian Cohen – Stereogum / Pitchfork “This Is Not The End” is the much anticipated debut album from Oslo’s Spielbergs coming February 1st 2019 and follows the release of their breakthrough “Distant Star EP” earlier this year which saw them reach no.1 on Hype Machine as most blogged about band in the world. They have already had passionate plaudits from the likes of Biffy Clyro (whose Simon Neil called “We Are All Going To Die” the last song that truly blew him away) and Frank Turner amongst others. They have already had extensive support at press (DIY, NME, Kerrang!, Stereogum, The FADER, Noisey and more) and radio with Steve Lamacq making them his Livener and playing 9 days running on 6 Music, and both Dan P Carter and Huw Stephens supporting at Radio 1. Tracklisting: Spielbergs – This Is Not The End 1. Bad Friend 2. 5 On It 3. McDonald’s (Please Don’t Fuck Up My Order) 4. Distant Star 5. Sleeper 6. NFL 7. We Are All Going To Die 8. 4am – Have a Listen Here 9. SK 10. Familiar 11. You All Look Giants 12. Forevermore