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  1. Yeah, I couldn't get into the first single but this one is killer.
  2. Start one song. Don't click anything until it started to download. Click the next song and once again don't click anything until it started to download. If you just click one after the other it won't start. Hope this helps.
  3. Also got that one. It's been a while since they said something about pressing the S/T on vinyl and maybe a repress Maybe we just have to wait.
  4. Still looking for this one! Send me a PM if you don't need it anymore.
  5. Received my package today in Belgium. Didn't have to pay extra because they were nice enough to change the value on the box. (Did send them an email). It does have a DL card inside and downloaded all tracks in WAV. Also only the insert for LP1.
  6. If anyone wants to share the digital album that would be great. (PM) Mine is still in Los Angeles atm and it will take some time before it arrives in Belgium.
  7. Received my notification last night. Let's hope it arrives in one piece.
  8. Did anyone received a shipping notification yet? Wonder when they'll drop the digital files.
  9. Forget what I said about the mission impossible artwork. Blade Runner just took its place.
  10. Received the box today: Have Heart orange 7" Lemuria - Varoom Allure 7" - green marbled Polar Bear Club - Clash Battle Guilt Pride - Orange Expire - Old Songs - Orange Translucent Modern Pain - Peace Delusions - Orange with Smoke Hierophant - Great Mother; Holy Monster - Red Translucent True Love - Heaven's too good for us - Oxblood Malfunction - Fear of Failure - White Boysetsfire - Boysetsfire - Blue And some posters including a HUGE Defeater one.
  11. Some bands not mentioned before but I really like them: - Tubelord - Our First American Friends Tubelord - OFAF Poppy Emo Math Rock. Recomended song: Propeller -And So I Watch You From Afar - S/T ASIWYFA Best album from them, soon to be reissued on vinyl. Incredible instrumental band. Algernon Cadwallader- Parrot Flies Parrot So damn good! Axes - Glory AXXXES Another instrumental mathrock band. Another good one!