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  1. As long as the records play. Wouldn't a record store use mailers?
  2. Anyone on Eastern U.S. Coast have any experience on a record shipping standard from UK. It's been a minute since I've ordered from overseas. Am I looking at a couple of weeks? A month?
  3. Pretty sure most of us think that, but without pure certainty, I'll get this one and call it a day. Honestly I want the Crow OST for the same reason I own A Clockwork Orange, Donnie Darko, every AFI album, and the Used s/t. Nostalgia.
  4. So glad this got pressed. Always wanted a copy. Was/ am a big HoL fan.
  5. Probably my last gleam of hope. Seriously a tiny thread of it
  6. New to me too, but the single on YouTube is pretty chill. I can get into it.
  7. VNYL got a new location/ face/ owner: https://blackboxrecordclub.com/subscription-plans BLCKBX
  8. People are seriously doing this aren't they? It's like they've never ordered anything online.
  9. Amazon- the world's largest independent record store (they even consign!)
  10. It's good. AM! is still a thing, but this is a different outlet for her "songs that aren't AM! songs." Also, there was a limited 7" for $20 plus a bag of coffee via Dark matter coffee, but it sold out.
  11. Probably have a good label rep. They had like 100+ Crow OST.
  12. It's probably because I grew up surrounded by rednecks in Georgia, but I don't see how someone couldn't know Loretta Lynn.
  13. I believe they open at 11am est tomorrow, but they're pretty responsive to Facebook.
  14. Nice. Thanks for the info. If I decide I don't want it, I'll let you crazy kids get it.
  15. Right. 3750 US + 4250 rest of the world This based in approximately 0 known facts.
  16. Wish I'd have known this earlier. There were 3 directly in front of me at the Telegraph in New London, Connecticut. I don't know if they sell online, but it was like $30 in store
  17. Managed to get a PJ live from East Street. Anyone actually heard it? Is it any good, sound wise?
  18. Got a Violent Femmes in store. Shipped to you via Media for a total of $33 (it was a little steep in store, but I know it's pretty limited).
  19. Yeah it says first pressing. No real implication there, but we can hope for it (with actual cover art).
  20. As someone who could care less about a mono version of that album, I completely agree. However, if it was something I camped out for, I'd be bummed as hell.
  21. I'm 100% certain that they're already in the works. I have no basis for this certainty. I'm just being optimistic.