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  1. Hey @xgrantx, yer flexi came today! Lemme know if you still need it!
  2. I saw this last night... someone put it up on Discogs. I was hoping it was TLA.
  3. If you haven't listened to this yet, get on it. Furthermore, if you can make a show this tour, do. They have so much energy and presence right now. Plus they're all pretty down to Earth.
  4. Anyone get any info on pink (or black for that matter) pressing quantity? I could guesstimate all day, but doesn't mean I'd be correct.
  5. Edit: ***Nevermind, got it to work on desktop.***
  6. I don't think there is a download. Unless I just overlooked it.
  7. Both of my copies showed up today (they shipped priority... w/e). I'll be spinning one shortly. Seeing them tomorrow! Wahoo!
  8. I'll be able to buy a third copy on Thursday
  9. Yeah! Supposed to be same but different color.
  10. Ahhh, I misunderstood. I saw that too. I know he has vinyl on tour, but I imagine it's just pink or black (maybe extra blue and grey). He is making show posters /15 per night. Hoping to snag one of those. I love date-specific gig posters.
  11. Going Thursday. Any different colors/ variants.
  12. I made this some years back to help newer users understand. It's an over generalization.
  13. If not, we're all going to feel dumb for not rushing to the nearest FYE.
  14. Hahaha. Fair. God I hope no one ever pays $4000 for anything from TBS
  15. This is tempting since most Victory pressings suck. I'll wait for reviews and grab the black if it sounds better. Given my age, I surprisingly do not own a copy (mostly because people say the pressings sound like garbage).