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  1. Also noticed, on IG, that more Lungfish is in the works.
  2. One Last Wish on seaglass on Bandcamp and webstore: https://dischord.com/release/118/1986
  3. My perception of the gold variants from FAT is that they are usually "band variants." That's really it.
  4. Yeah even the FAT Store version had normal labels on this release. Oh well! Still a gold FAT wreck chord (tbh, I kinda hate that I typed that). It'll go nicely between my Milo Super 7 figures.
  5. So it's an NFT, except pretty fungible (to a point) and you can HOLD it. Vinyl is an NFT.
  6. I know everyone has jokes, but I bought a metric fuckton of records during quarantine/ 2020 and there are certainly some I haven't plopped down on the platter yet. There's also the 2 that came in yesterday and the 2 that came in today that I won't have a chance to listen to until after the semester ends.
  7. Nice! I got I and I Survive some time back. It sounds sweet. You go for the orange? I haven't put on RFL yet, but will soon. I'm sure it sounds delicious.
  8. There's 3 remaining, so I'll just leave em for anyone who stumbled upon it and is actually interested. I hope you get something awesome @tlr!
  9. I did too, but $13.33 for any TP is a pretty great deal. I was kinda hoping for a Terror Vision TP, but I'm sure it'll be something I don't know.
  10. Random GF test for $18 shipped: https://graveface.bandcamp.com/album/2021-graveface-label-sampler
  11. Ill take it. According to Nicole's posts there's a lot that's been in the works, but we all know how life is... I just can't decide if I want cop blue or brain splatters.
  12. Super bump (I'm not making a new thread): https://instagram.com/onehundredyearocean?utm_medium=copy_link Check stories. Split 12" on Friday
  13. Just received an email 20 minutes ago from Secret Audio and immediately preordered both colors. They were always a fantastic live show, so hopefully the energy shows in the live performance here.
  14. Not boxsets. Just a regular record plus a zine. I think the "box" is just the mailer.
  15. Yeah but color records are FUN for the whole family!
  16. They should be vertical/ upright. I usually put the spine outward, so I am able to read the artist and album name. If they are in containers, I also store them upright but in a way that I can flip to what I want.
  17. Gray Matter - Food For Thought on metallic silver https://www.dischord.com/release/048/food-for-thought

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