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  1. It's ugh, really "cringe" (as the kids say 👴🏻) even though I do both of those things. I also listen to major label music and drink Miller High Life 😄. I wouldn't advertise either one 🙃.
  2. Hell yeah! Just nabbed 2 Gwar records for $10 each. Thank you.
  3. Well at least AFI had the wherewithal to include records inside their stupid candle/ watch box. I wish TOOL would.
  4. I bought it. I'm sucker for that stupid record and all the prior ones too. Could give a damn about the knick knack shit I paid for, but the 7" collection is pretty dope.
  5. Somehow I never saw this before, but I just ordered now. I'm not autistic or diagnosed neurodivergent, but all the kids I work with who have diagnosed circumstances are some of the most punk kids I've ever met. They don't know it yet, mostly, but in 20 years they probably will.
  6. I agree, but also $10 LPs/ $2 7"s is pretty cheap nowadays. Hoping to get something I don't already own and have to unload for store credit somewhere. I haven't bought everything this year, so it's possible. I'd also take a black repress of Cool to Be You or a couple of NUFAN releases I don't have. 🤷‍♂️ It's a gamble always.
  7. Vinyl grab bags are up. $50 for 5 LPs. $10 for 5 7"s. Best of luck!
  8. If I'm not mistaken, the ETR press has the original version on it. Glad to hear it sounds good!
  9. Epitaph has a "marked down" section and free shipping of you spend +$40. Definitely some good titles in the mix. All are around $20 price point with mark down, so not a huge "deal."
  10. You know, I'm really not sure. Seeing SO advertised as "restocked" at several brick and mortar stores, but hearing nothing about this makes me think so.
  11. I missed a few that sold out, but got Roxy Music and that Chris Cornell cover record for $26 after tax. Not bad.
  12. New Hard Times headline: "Two Alkaline Trio fans confirm Dr. Dre reissue is almost worth purchase price." 😂 In seriousness, I'm glad it wasn't completely disappointing. There's hope!
  13. I received my copy of The Chronic today. Without listening to it, my only criticisms are: the mailer is risky especially with no inserts, AND the lack of gatefold is lame. The insert picture is crappy and inner sleeves aren't ideal, but whatever. Cover art looks awesome. Foil accents are great. Vinyl color is appropriate. I'll have to listen to the vinyl to give an accurate /10 rating, but visually it's about a 7/10. Audio quality could make/ break. I'll remain hopeful that future releases will slightly improve in overall quality. Still on the fence about staying a member, but I probably will just a little longer.
  14. So, I just watched an ad on Facebook, for this club, that *potentially* has clues to future releases. What I spotted: TuPac Eminem Billie Eilish Blonk Nirvana Elliott Smith (Figure8) 😎 Jay-Z (I believe) Possibly more, but I'm on my phone not a monitor.
  15. Wow, sounds like standard American practice of maximizing profits with low quality garbage 🙃
  16. Yeah, I took a shot on searching matrices one day for some classic rock hand-me-downs. I was thrilled it worked because those are nightmarish to sort through.
  17. I also think that OP had a genuine question and came to the right place to learn a little, not just collect data. Welcome new folks!
  18. @Derek™ I share your take completely. But also not "completely" because I collect first presses for Against Me and The Lawrence Arms. Otherwise I only care about sound quality. (And cool splatturz!)

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