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  1. Bump to update the "I still want/ need." Looking to buy the following: Greatest Story- burgundy Falcon- God Don't Make... - blue Slapstick- Discography 1st (photo cover) 7" Buttsweat- purple Slapstick- still need a yellow Slapstick/ Tommyrot split CSs Slapstick- Lookit! Slapstick- Crooked Also any cool comp CDs/ tapes featuring Slapstick, The Broadways, TLA. I'm always down to trade shit. I know the (relative) value of each item on my wantlist, so I'm not low balling anyone.
  2. Jeff, that's not a very punk rock attitude. I waited 9 months (twice!) for a kid and I'm not pleased either, but I'm tired. Honestly, I just feel like you're wrong. And I think you're so mean. Maybe you try. I feel like you need this in your life. I know you're scared, you waited too much.
  3. Totally thought I cancelled this. I did not. Guess I have 2 copies of WP and some BS I'll probably never listen to. Par for the course.
  4. It's totally different (well not TOTALLY), but if you haven't listened to/ watched his stuff with the String Theory, you should. I saw them live and it was insanely good.
  5. You know when you're driving your old pick-up down a dirt road on the way to the creek and your favorite kissing cousin is goin down, then you hit the wrong pothole, he bites off yer junk, and you give him a bloody facial? Kinda like that. This is the worst $50 I've ever spent and I've drunkenly played blackjack for the first time at a casino. At least that was fun...
  6. I know Dischord is not trying to print money, but they will almost certainly press more, as MCW said. They're pressing the more popular releases, so they know what they're doing. I just hope they keep it rolling. I'd love a whole Fugazi color collection.
  7. Yeah, this week has seen a lot of ordering, unexpectedly, from me.
  8. Green w/ green cover Dag Nasty https://www.dischord.com/release/019/can-i-say?t=2c5f5c0749a1629a5de8e3706a56d205 @Dhesketh beat me
  9. Somehow I've never picked up any Shins records. Seems like a good opportunity to grab a copy. I already know every song, so it's good Sunday morning music.
  10. I might do the sleeve thing. It's pretty thin, so it's no huge deal to lay it stop a cube of records.
  11. Yeah. Wasn't in great shape. Corners are sharp, but there's some internal pocket wear (tearing). The records do not stay in place. It's gonna have to be stored flat.
  12. The numbers and names were in the IG story. I didn't recognize any names @Tidal Wave I believe I know yours (?)
  13. I think O!C! had just been in stock for awhile. I'm sure SA was a preorder like the color copies.
  14. I received shipping notification. They printed the label 3 hours from now, I guess. April 7, 2021 at 12:40 pm BAY SHORE, NY 11706
  15. It's pretty great. I had the original release. You just get (legally) high as shit, put the record on, and read lyrics in three dimensions.

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