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  1. after my mac last.fm application kept crashing i switched to Simple Scrobble from the the mac app store. It works easily and takes less ram/cpu usage.
  2. thanks for the heads up on this!!
  3. picking this up tomorrow on LP.... i swear if someone would have told me 2 months ago that i'd be a die hard bieber fan i would have laughed so hard.... lol but hot damn this album is solid. #biebfever
  4. Listening to the album now, i really like some songs. A few of the songs are pop-duds. Especially the Beyonce track.... i feel like "drunk and high" are not coldplay lyrics. That being said, i still like the overall sound of the album. A few tracks have stood out so far, Everglow, Adventure of a Lifetime and the last three tracks.
  5. wbhendrix

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    yes, i picked up the original Orion LP release (clear vinyl, shiny jacket). Its an amazingly stupid fun record. If you don't take it seriously and half-way like heavy metal then you might enjoy it. I've enjoyed pretty much everything Ryan has put out. I'll even listen to his This is Shit cassette from time to time.... which is indeed, shit music lol.
  6. dude the last song. Dear god.... so good.
  7. wbhendrix

    Bibio - Fi & Ambivalance Avenue Reissues

    Do you think these will make it to Amazon? I wouldn't want to pay for all this shipping if I can save more via prime
  8. i consider myself a fairly harsh critic, i won't like a new song from a band no matter how much i like their previous material. That being said, MM has always amazed me with each release. They are one of my favorite bands who has not mellowed over the years. Their new single didnt grab me but i'm still hoping the album in its entirety will be worth picking up.
  9. i've seen them three times in texas and WOAH. Every show is better than the next. I would argue they are one of the best live acts I've ever seen. They truly love what they do and the energy they bring to every show is just )($*!)(@# awesome.
  10. Yes, i did. Other than that the vinyl seems good so far but I'm still mid-first listen right now.
  11. wbhendrix

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    https://itunes.apple.com/us/post/idsa.6d5dd8b6-6082-11e5-94ed-2b0266d32438 great interview with Ryan Adams and Taylor Swift talking about the new album.
  12. just saw this at slyvinyl.com and ordered immediately! all the other new AL vinyl releases have sounded great. cant wait!
  13. wbhendrix

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    he WILL release tswifts covers. Selling it? i doubt it. I'd be shocked if he sold it since he would be afraid of the backlash from fans saying he's cashing in on the top selling album of the last year by re-recording it. i think he'll drop a download link on his website and let anyone grab it. MAYBE in the future a vinyl release but i'm sure he'll see how people respond to the free digital release.
  14. i've been listening to this album on spotify for a while now but just yesterday purchased the vinyl. Its just so rare that an artist after 20 years can still put out great rock and roll albums. Most people after all the money and fame just cant come up with good music in their later years.
  15. wbhendrix

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    just pre ordered and listening now to the songs from spotify. I love it! especially after reading his full page description of this single. Sad story but it brings so much more life to the music once you know that.
  16. wbhendrix

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    i was living in Auckland back in 06 and was just discovering Adams. He was supposed to come through town while i was there but he ended up canceling the show. Then he quit the cardinals shortly thereafter. Had to wait until 2011 to see him in Copenhagen! haha had to chase that boy around for quite some time to finally see him.
  17. http://www.theframes.ie Product Description This is a collection of songs from throughout the twenty five years we’ve been a band. We initially wanted to mark this anniversary with a sort of ‘Best of The Frames’. We put together a few different versions, including a certain number of songs from each record and including more popular live and radio songs - but this felt forced and incongruous. After many conversations amongst ourselves we decided it should simply be a collection of our favourite tunes, songs we would be happy to put on a mix-tape for a friend. So, here it is, with no regard to what album is most or least represented. It’s a short collection of tunes we are proud of, some in slightly different versions from the original recordings, and one new song. This is not the sum of our career but maybe some of the songs where we felt we had broken through to a new place or gotten better as a band. We hope you like it….we hope you enjoy it LP Track List Side A: 1. God Bless Mom 2. Seven Day Mile 3. Happy 4. Santa Maria Side B: 1. Revelate 2. Fitzcarraldo 3. Star Star 4. In the Deep Shade 5. Lay Me Down Side C: 1. People Get Ready 2. Ship Caught in the Bay 3. The Cost 4. None But I Side D: 1. What Happens When the Heart Just Stops 2. Your Face 3. Look Back Now 4. Mighty Sword i'm buying the vinyl now before it goes OOP. I would suggest the same for any fans of Glen or the Frames!
  18. man, what a great album!! i was 7 when this came out and remember jamming to the cassette for hours on end. It was so "hard core" to my 7 year old ears lol. I'll buy this strictly for nostalgia purposes.
  19. Jars of Clay debut album. Wow, what a record for its time.
  20. buy this vinyl! i paid $30 for it on eBay, totally worth it. The clarity of this release is impeccable. The song sounds amazing as always too. I never get tired of hearing ocean b/c JB plays it differently every time. Each version has its own personality. This was a superb release.