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  1. Hey I'm having some issues on mobile. Any time I try to reply to a thread I've replied to before the text box automatically just fills on my last comment. I can delete it but 90% of the time I quoted someone and can never get rid of the quote box. Is there anyway to avoid this?

  2. Can anyone tell me why my post looking for an older album with "German Christmas Carols" was removed?   The reply emails I got yesterday are now broken links and "content I started" under the activity section is blank.   Perhaps it's been moved?  

    1. THE_James_Champ


      Probably because we have a dedicated "do you have info about this record" thread, like I had linked, and told you about...  I imagine they deleted it, because it was clutter.



  3. Anyone else ever opened a soda and pull out a huge black hair? FML.

  4. Can't get a post to actually 'post' - it sticks on 'saving' endlessly.  Happening on chrome, IE, and mobile...

    1. HectorSRCVINYL


      That has been resolved. Please try again!

    2. hallowken78
  5. Content is being re indexed. So searches will bring no results and activity streams will only show new content.

    1. Dominic_


      >Implying the search function has worked well any time recently

    2. 75 percent oof

      75 percent oof

      Who cares about the search function when everything about this new layout is the worst.

  6. We are almost live!

    1. Gumbo72203


      new site won't let me reply on Firefox, and on Chrome is just says "saving..." forever.  ugh

    2. Gumbo72203


      oh wait it finally worked here.  On Firefox it just says "loading".  So we lost all of our Content?  That was such a handy feature...  now I've lost all my threads I was following.  I wish I could get them all back.  

  7. We will be completing the updates this Sunday morning around 8-9 am ET. It may take a few hours but we will be up and running as quickly as possible!
  8. This should be fixed today. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  9. UPDATE: We are pushing the move to the updated boards until early next week! I will have an exact date soon. We require a few hours of down time and today does not seem like a good day / night to do it.
  10. yes eventually. We estimate a month, maybe 2. We are rebuilding it from scratch but it is going to be a LOT better!!!
  11. UPDATE: We are pushing the move to the updated boards until SUNDAY MAY 1st at 9 AM ET. We require a few hours of down time during this time. Sunday May 1st we will launch an updated version of Vinyl Collective with a new design!! We are upgrading the software with a new design. Everything should remain the same (feedback etc...) EXCEPT the Collection System! The collection system will be unavailable for a short period of time while we update and rebuild it. Once we relaunch the collection system, we are hoping that your lists made will still be there, however we cannot guarantee this!! IF YOU NEED YOUR COLLECTION LIST PLEASE MAKE A COPY BEFORE April 30, 2016 Any question feel free to post here. Thank you!
  12. So it looks like we have ran out of space on our database system because of logs, etc. This started happening yesterday and we did not catch it. My apologies and we are fixing these issues as we speak!
  13. We are doing a bunch of board updates this week and next so the Facebook image shoudl be fixed soon. We will look into the post time thing as well.
  14. Tomorrow at 5 AM EST we will be shutting down the entire Vinyl Collective website to do a large server upgrade. We are adding 2 new servers to handle the growth of traffic at peak time. We are always doing our best to keep things loading as fast as possible and also keep optimum up time. Lately with the huge increase of users and traffic we feel it is time to increase our server resources. We will be down for roughly 2-3 hours. It will be a simple move but because of all the data it does take time so we appreciate your patience and cooperation. Remember this is all happening tomorrow morning (April 11, 2014) at 5:00 AM EST. Thank you all for helping our little community growing and we hope you all enjoy it as much as we do. Danny Server Admin
  15. Hey Everyone, We have blocked this user and associated IP addresses from using VC for not following our best practices policy (Which can be found here: http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/86642-vinyl-collective-best-practices-policy-for-dealing-with-identified-and-confirmed-scammers/ ) We do advise if you have an outstanding issue with the user take it up with Paypal or your credit card merchant. If you suspect this user has somehow returned at any point in the future be sure to let us know. This way we can do our best to help avoid issues like this from happening again.