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  1. Shipping to France was $22, insane...
  2. If someone can hook me up too, that would be awesome!
  3. Cause only people willing to pay $90+ and around Austin, TX, or people rich enough to buy it on ebay will have access to it. I don't mind limited runs if it's a small label trying to make something happen. If you make a limited edition just for Mondocon people, it's the same as having 1st and 2nd classes onto planes or trains. I know the vinyl hobby is a rich people hobby, but why can't you make only one nice colorway for everybody?
  4. For The Fountain, if golden's is Mondocon variant only, people will get maaaaad!
  5. Hope they will also release the 7" without the reissue.
  6. The problem might be that the original label, Dreamworks Records, has been sold to Universal and Ours is on a different label now.
  7. Mockups for Ours' early albums
  8. If anyone has an extra copy of the star shaped 12", please PM me!
  9. We're excited to announce we're releasing a new album. It's called The Wilderness and it'll be out April 1. This is the track listing and you can listen to one of the songs below. Wilderness The Ecstatics Tangle Formations Logic Of a Dream Disintegration Anxiety Losing the Light Infinite Orbit Colors in Space Landing Cliffs We'll have more to say about it soon. As always, thanks for listening. http://explosionsinthesky.merchline.com http://shop.temporaryresidence.com/trr270
  10. Xsjado

    PO now: Rushmore OST (out in July)

    If anybody finds a EU store...
  11. Hey, you're making cool videos! My YT name is The Photo Album.
  12. How come? I recently got a mail from amazon.com telling me it was still out of stock.
  13. For the Adz tour in Paris, the opening was Seven Swans, Adz-style. So you never know, maybe you'll get Impossible Soul C&L-style!