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  1. Hairy Potter

    PO: Lord Huron - Vide Noir

    This band is so good. All of their previous releases are perfect so I'm excited for this new one. I have tickets to see them at a local music fest right around when this drops.
  2. Hairy Potter

    PO Now: Northstar - Pollyanna

    I got this in the mail the other day. Ordered form Amazon and received a white vinyl pressing which isn't listed on TCR's website. Not sure if there is two versions of this repress or all of them are white and its a typo by TCR.
  3. Hairy Potter

    Vagrant Records 20th Anniversary Vinyl

    I think there is a thread for these somewhere but just in case anybody follows this one but missed the other. A few Saves The Day records including Ups and Downs https://kingsroadmerch.com/vagrant/?id=2700
  4. Hairy Potter

    PO-Rural Alberta Advantage -The Wild

    Niceee. Ive been a big fan of this band for a long time
  5. Hairy Potter

    Turnover - Good Nature (8/25)

    Wait, this gets released on Friday 6/23? Is that a typo on the order page? I thought this was scheduled for late August
  6. Hairy Potter

    Turnover - Good Nature (8/25)

    I recently discovered this band and could not stop listening to PV for weeks and weeks. I''m really excited for this one too! Single is tight
  7. Hairy Potter

    PO Now: Iron & Wine - Beast Epic

    Ordered so fast I broke a sweat.
  8. Hairy Potter

    Vagrant Records 20th Anniversary Vinyl

    I missed the news about Sorry About Tomorrow! Glad I came across this and was able to order a grey copy. I look forward to some Dashboard!
  9. Hairy Potter

    Bluetooth Speaker Set-Up Help

    Do wireless speakers digitize the output and flatten the sound? The whole point of listening to vinyl (in my opinion) is the different analog sound quality. I'm assuming using wireless speakers would have the same quality as an mp3 and if that is the case... whats the point of spending all the extra money on records?
  10. Hairy Potter

    10" Record Recommendations

    In my collection I have: The Decemberists - Florasongs The Decemberists - Long Live the King Radiohead - Kid A - 2x10" Typhoon - A New Kind of House Wolf Parade - ST
  11. Hairy Potter

    Discogs feedback question...

    Yes, people do have the ability to leave feedback without exchanging money but Discogs may work with you if it is viewed as unfair. As a seller, somebody once left me negative feedback before an order was even started because I did not respond to an order REQUEST fast enough for their liking. They then asked me to just cancel the order for an $8 Modest Mouse record because they were "over it." I politely emailed them and explained that I am not a business and I'm just a guy who sells records I don't spin much on her occasionally. I apologized for taking two days to respond to a request. I requested that they remove the negative feedback considering no money was actually exchanged and the only inconvenience for them was that they did not buy a cheap record. Of course there was no response from them. I was mad! I only had a small handful of feedback and all was 100% positive. The one negative review really bothered me because It lowered my rating to 65% Discogs takes feedback pretty seriously and were very reasonable in my case. I filled out a form to dispute the feedback and they removed it for me because it was obviously unjust. Here's a link to their feedback policy. https://support.discogs.com/en/support/solutions/articles/13000015248
  12. Hairy Potter

    New Records....Scratched to Shit

    I bought the record several months ago tired several times to email and never receive a response.
  13. Hairy Potter

    WTB: Owen records

    Good luck man! It took me forever to track down a few of those for reasonable prices. I'll keep this thread in mind if I see any
  14. Hairy Potter

    Out Now: Tigers Jaw- spin

    I didn't notice the late date. Wow you'd think a major label would have the product ready for the release date