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  1. bluescreenlife

    The Autograph Thread

    Saw David Byrne last week, one of the coolest shows I've ever seen, and he was real nice and signed stuff outside. The book was for sale signed at his merch table, excited to read it.
  2. bluescreenlife

    The Autograph Thread

    I went through and made an album of my signed vinyl, curious to see what you folks have stashed away as well. http://imgur.com/a/NFcua
  3. Shipping included in prices. Bon Iver - For Emma (10th anniversary pressing, sealed) - $30 Jackson C. Frank - self titled (4 men with beards pressing) - $45 Half Japanese - Greatest Hits - this pressing - VG+ - $40 SOLD Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsys (2008 red/pink limited pressing) - $20 The Sundays - Reading Writing and Arithmetic (RSD 2018) - $38 The Sundays - Blind (brown vinyl, RSD 2017) - $75 [will take $100 for both Sundays releases] The Velvet Underground & Nico - this pressing - VG+ jacket, vinyl NM. - $30 Wilco - Schmilco (autographed by full band, played once) - OFFER
  4. bluescreenlife

    P.O. NOW: Slowdive S/T (05/05/17)

    Ltd. blue Japanese pressing just put up: https://revolvemerchandise.shop/products2/slowdive-slowdive-blue-japanese-lp-vinyl-record 300 copies. $35 is a bit steep, I want it but don't know if I can swing $43 shipped. Especially with no mention of any variation in the audio/mastering/bonus tracks.
  5. bluescreenlife

    Record Store Day 2018

    Was able to grab Floyd, Arcade Fire, the Sundays, and Wire 7" box, which I'm currently spinning and man this thing jammmms. Never heard 'em so full and punchy. Almost put it back due to the kinda steep price, glad I didn't.
  6. Cool, thanks for the info.
  7. So what single was released from Pinback in this set? Hoping someone can do a rip at some point. Or ship it to me and I'll do one for everyone! Could prove a good track record with ripping vinyl and buying/selling, and I'd pay both shipping to me and back to you. Any takers?
  8. bluescreenlife

    WTB Daniel Caesar - Freudian

    Let me know if ya got one.
  9. Is there really no official thread for this yet? The band has been hinting about news coming out today. https://instagram.com/p/BBKzrb7i5w6/
  10. Looking for one in NM-M condition. Thanks.
  11. bluescreenlife

    FS: Dave Matthews Band - Before These Crowded Streets (Sealed)

    Sold to an instagrammer.
  12. PM me with offers. Will ship safely and securely. I will be taking lower than Discogs prices. I have a personal copy as well and can tell you, this thing sounds incredible. Might be the best sounding pressing I own.
  13. bluescreenlife

    Do you have a vinyl only instagram?

  14. bluescreenlife

    WTB Daniel Caesar - Freudian

    Ah cool, saw that pressing on Discogs and thought it came and went, didn't realize it was a future release. Are they not going to be in stores? I've been screwed by UO shipping before. They threw it in a black bag and shipped it.
  15. I don't think you get to decide that for everybody.
  16. bluescreenlife

    PO NOW: Bon Iver - Emma, Forever Ago (ltd reissue)

    It's the same. But my copy sounds cleaner and clearer, low noise floor. Sometimes something as little as the temp of the press can affect the sound, so maybe they did it more accurately with these.
  17. bluescreenlife

    PO NOW: Bon Iver - Emma, Forever Ago (ltd reissue)

    I think it also depends on the individual. Maybe it's a high school kid without any real expenses, who has 30 bucks burning a hole in his pocket and can either spend it on this or to go out with some friends and drink soda pops and go roller skating at the roller disco this weekend. Or, maybe he wants to buy some weed. Who cares. I'm not his mom.
  18. bluescreenlife

    PO NOW: Bon Iver - Emma, Forever Ago (ltd reissue)

    I don't, but some people probably do. Not my job to give them financial advice. But yes that would be silly.
  19. Prices include shipping in US. All these are NM unless otherwise noted. I believe all of these are priced under Discogs/Ebay prices. Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American - 150g black - Signed by band in silver paintpen (looks awesome) - $120 Photo: * Note the little dotted-line at the top, the print was torn off weirdly in that spot because an album in one of those sleeves with the sticky flap was pressed up against it then moved. I bet you could color it in a bit with the right blue marker, but I'll leave as is for now. I also have a copy of Clarity by JEW, signed in the same silver paint-pen. Same price. The Sundays - Blind - RSD 2017 pressing, brown vinyl - $90 (note: no off-center label or warping as some others had. Sounds great.) Tigers Jaw - S/T - cream colored - $25 Spritualized - Ladies And Gentlemen... - 180g black - $27 Jackson C. Frank - S/T - 4 Men With Beards pressing - $60 Half-Japanese - Greatest Hits - 3xLP blue vinyl - $40 (this one is actually not NM. It is cosmetically, but has some light crackling throughout. I'd say it doesn't overpower the music, though.) Radiohead - The King of Limbs - 2x10" Limited deluxe/newspaper edition - $50 SOLD Placebo - Without You I'm Nothing - ltd. yellow vinyl - $40
  20. bluescreenlife

    PO NOW: Bon Iver - Emma, Forever Ago (ltd reissue)

    There are some very objective reasons why to worry about pressing quantity/scarcity. If something like this was 2500 copies, when it's gone, your only options will be eBay or Discogs for triple the original cost. People were already listing them for $100 when they were taken off the website. Never_Has_Enough_Records is trying to decide if he should spend $30 on it now in case it won't be available later. Maybe he wants to wait until payday. Macho Man must have unlimited funds and never have to make buying decisions based on cost.
  21. bluescreenlife

    PO NOW: Bon Iver - Emma, Forever Ago (ltd reissue)

    No idea, but if you had buyer's remorse, I'm sure someone here would take it for cost, especially when they're gone.