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  1. holy crap this awesome. Swingset is sick!!!!! what album is this? I know nothing besides that they have an album called Pneuma that most people love and i heard it once or twice years ago.
  2. I feel for you; ive been in for a while, but yeah... its hard to catch. keep trying tho. I'll see if i can get you an invite code. Also that Gray in Blue looks WAY cooler than the /250 blue/powder blue one. I got both /250's but i need that Gray in Blue i think. I got into Holy Fawn during the Realms era so that album holds a lot of nostalgia for me. I remember when they only had Arrows out, as the new single, for like a year, before Death Spells dropped. What a ride.
  3. Man you guys are bonkers, Kisses is a fucking banger! What a mix. Still haven't listened tho.... been waiting for the vinyl to arrive!!!
  4. just scooped Pinkshinyultrablast "Everything Else Matters" in the Japanese bonus material CD edition for like $30 shipped from Japan. Very happy!
  5. pretty sure the Steve Hoffman forums hold that 70% alcohol will eat your records? I've always been told 99% is what you need.
  6. man..... what a shame. These albums deserve RTI pressing treatment, and they get dogshit. The only clean-pressing one, sound-wise, that i have is the 10th anniversary Young Mountain - but of course it's pressed off center and sounds like a broken cassette player lol. I just got a copy of Another Language from Chris King himself, and the Suicide Squeeze pressing is SO NOISY and the labels go over the runout groove lol i didn't know, and suddenly heard SHHHHKKKKKKK..... SHHHHHHKKKKKK as my $400 stylus/cartridge dies lol
  7. Haha okay so this was NOT SUPPOSED to be up yet. They don't know who/how/why. I would probably hold off on ordering until the announcement is made? Not sure on official formatting, just that it's coming eventually!
  8. They announced that this would be coming a while back on discord, Black Moon is coming as well. Weird tho, nothing was announced on their Discord yet.
  9. ahhh word. I snagged that cuz it was the only limited one i could find at the time haha. Besides the orange subscription one.
  10. You gotta look for a black RTI pressing dude, I have it and it's one of the best-sounding albums in my collection. Dead quiet, and just.... perfect. I see all the comments on Discogs tho, that's mind-blowing. Also, for this one Turntable Labs has a green that they said is limited to 2,000. I made an order with them, and the shipped everything in my order already except that lol. Looks the same as the other one listed tho? https://www.turntablelab.com/collections/lab-of-the-moment/products/slowdive-everything-is-alive-colored-vinyl-lp-turntable-lab-exclusive
  11. How did you figure this out? Also damn, I am SUPER glad i didn't buy this. sucks that Caspian is now on the "skip" list. what a sad day that is. @Sad HeartI'm reading that PVC sleeve as meaning everything to be mastered for vinyl, but who knows.
  12. I kind of agree with everyone here but for the sake of having more Isis music in the world, I am glad for the record to exist. It doesn't fill me with the !!!!! that Isis does, and I'm not a massive Deftones guy anyway, but getting to hear more of that drumming and washy bass is enough for me.
  13. Yes!!!!! Full agree!!!! Ryan said the same thing when we saw the headlining tour last year. It was funny, in Boston he began that part of the set with a quip about "We're going to play some stuff we don't usually get to play...." and i've been yelling Yawning at them for YEARS, so I did that again because it's kind of become a joke with us, and without missing a beat, Austin immediately starts into the drum intro and I lost my shit screaming because I never expected to hear it again, and he looked right at me and laughed lol. They're such nice people. I love it. I told Ryan afterwards that I thought it fit because of the Thrice crowd being used to more high energy stuff. My Thrice friends complained that Holy Fawn is too slow lol so I think it helps their case in this context. We talked a bit about Gloandi too, he said he redid all of the tracks for that and remade them for the live show. Very cool drop. Now we need Foal next! They teased a snippet of it in an old social media video maybe last summer or so, once touring was gearing back up. Coming this Fall i believe is the time frame! Thanks man. It's a thing... i hate it. I get a lot of shit from my friends, and they all mean it in a playful teasing way, but it gets old after while you know? Yeah, Seer has become a favorite too. That one took a bit for me to warm up to, and it was especially powerful as a closer. I think this is the first time I haven't seen them play Arrows either. I'm going to put Dimensional Bleed on now, I always forget to spin it haha. Death Spells is such a tremendous album, it kind of overshadows everything else from them for me.
  14. Haha nope sorry! I was also trying to answer in a way that was like "Dude you don't know Realms?!" but it came out way sterner than i hoped or meant, so I'm sorry for that. I miss a lot of stuff, ADD really fucks with your ability to catch all that's there. It causes a lot of problems, like right here lol
  15. Are you not aware they have an album prior to that? It's called Realms. It's a bit more ethereal and lacking more of the heavy elements that are found on Death Spells and Dimensional Bleed. Make sure you check it out! Foal has one of the catchiest guitar hooks ever. I mean, like others have said - there's 3 full-lengths and an EP, so it's not a lot. Realms - more post-rock/indie-ambient-gaze style, lacking a lot of the the heavier elements found later but absolutely fucking amazing. "Foal" is my favorite song. Death Spells - classic album, heavy, moody, gazey.... 10/10, just a titan. "Yawning" is my favorite song. Dimensional Bleed - good album, a bit more moody, kind of like Deafheaven turning more shoegaze with Infinite Granite. Still a great album, but nothing will ever top Death Spells IMO. That was a hammer to the face of the scene when that dropped. The Black Moon - short, but crushing. Candy is a live set staple. Just dive in dude, they're so good. I've seen them... 6 times now, soon to be 7 with Post Fest in a few weeks. They're so good, and so good live, and such nice dudes. Ryan is a sweetheart. He wrote a custom lyric sheet for me for my girlfriend, with the lyrics to "Take Me With You". And those motherfuckers kept Yawning in the setlits! Sneaky bastards! I lost my shit in Boston and Austin just LOL'd onstage haha. It was great. Such good people.
  16. That is very cheap... turns out he's back in the band too, for now at least anyway. JFC the prices for many of these on discogs are like double or triple what he's asking.....
  17. LOL, dude - same. You can find my post on this very forum saying Departure Songs is boring, and I'm passing. 10 copies later........... (including all 3 Live at Dunk) here we are haha dude this Chora is fucked up good. Holy crap. Too bad it'll never get vinyl, unless someone does 2xLP at 45rpm.
  18. Had you not picked up a copy yet? The black Dunk! pressing from like.... last year (?) has become my play copy. It took me forever to get a good-playing one. They always came with lots of surface noise and background nonsense. With the upgrades that they've done recently, I'm betting that they'll all sound awesome moving forward. Enjoy! This is very good Cult of Luna worship haha. Sounds great! Edit - holy fuck this is amazing
  19. Jesus fuck, forgive me for having a conversation and trying to help folks with an idea. God damn. sO wErE oN t0p1c.... I'll be reaching out to Jeff again with some new information from our friend Jennifer here. We'll see what happens.
  20. Yeah i mean, this is kind of the whole point - you can't go hogwild, or you'll get screwed. BUT, $500 in spending... over 3 months. That's $42 a week. And then you've just gotten Solace for free with the $200 statement credit by buying gas, groceries, whatever, AND you've made 1.5% back on all of those purchases. So that's basically like $10 if you factor in 200 for Solace. Its not a ton, but it's also not nothing, and you've done nothing different other than life your life. PM incoming! Yeah my one friend is craaaazy with it and has like 10 cards haha. That's insane. But giving up free money when you're going to spend it on your debit card anyway, rewardless... i mean, that just seems silly. As long as you aren't the dupe that the company is hoping for and forget to pay it off after the year's grace period and then the whole year's interest comes hammering down, you've used the system to your advantage. I really don't get why people are mocking this so much haha. And yeah...... Jakob needs to come back. Or at least do Dunk again. Them and Envy are my last ones, I believe.
  21. DUUUUUUDE you have to check out the new Orak Oslo album!!!! It's spacey motorik krautrock. So, atmospheric like post-rock but different. I can't get enough. It's so groovy. I'm so glad Justin told me about it. One of my favorite new things I've been shown in years. They have older albums on KP, but the new one isn't. You mentioning them just made me think of it.
  22. I mean that's not literally what happened haha but I can see how you'd infer that from what i said. I meant that I used the offer to get a bunch of things I'd had on the wantlist for a while, like that Jakob album, Soup - Remedies, Joywave's "Koda Vista" and Century Media had a massive black friday sale so i got all the Necrophobic albums i like. it kind of all happened around the same time. Laugh and make fun of me all you want, but the offer gave me $200 free statement credit when I spent $500 in the first 3 months. So i got Solace for freeeeee, AND 1.5% back on all of those purchases as well. Use the system! It's the Capital One.... something card. Silver something? I'm not sure. I have referral codes tho if you want, but i know you're just gonna turn me into the butt of the joke again But I got $80 back on offers for using Stubhub and Holiday Inn when we went to Montreal for my birthday to see the Canadiens. Something I was buying anyway. My girlfiend just got hers too - we just got a free hotel room with the $200 thing. It's amazing. This is the 2nd time I've done this, as well. Play the balance transfer and sign-up bonus offers game man. You pay the small fee to transfer the balance, but then you get a year + of no interest to worry about. Use the system to your advantage. I do this because my work picks up significantly in the summer, so i can do what i want during the cold months and then pay it off later when my income goes up. My friends had been raving about their rewards cards forever, and they were right. It's free shit. You're spending money anyway already, might as well make it work for you too.
  23. They're def available, you just have to pay. I did, and I'm glad i did. Look around for interest-free credit card offers dude, that's how I did it. No interest for a year! As far as all the repress talk, I've chatted with Jeff a good bit. They know. I just think they have no real motivation to do the work for it. Like i said before, the last talks were that Translation Loss was offering, but they wanted to do a local place. I must imagine that when this new album finally drops, we'll see them. If not, I doubt that we ever will.
  24. I read this whole thread in one sitting. That was fun, thanks everyone - this was my first dark mode post! lol My friends flipped when this came out, we were seniors in high school. i was a death metal kid but was impressed by this album. i love how you can get it for $30 new but people are still buying it for over $100

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