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  1. the dynamic pricing model of vinyl begins lol But it's a good point. It's just that the bands traditionally are not in a position to take that sort of risk. and it's not always the entirety of a fanbase willing to spend that much.
  2. dude, what?! That's insane to hear. That's one of THE most screamed-about albums people want on vinyl in all the message board forums everywhere. Have you seen what they sell for on discogs? Fucking $200! I have all 3 variants, cost me about $650 total. Insane. Although i suppose way back in 2006 when the internet was still new socially and the band wasn't as big as they are... I bet you could move 1,00 copies of that, easily. Maybe even 2,000. People would lose their absolute fucking minds if Jakob vinyl was available again. The old albums too! The band is interested, I've been talking to Jeff a bit about it.
  3. dude you work for/run Graveface? That's crazy and very cool. I've always wondered why you never did more copies of "Solace" by Jakob. Everyone is always clamoring for that online.
  4. It's not even about whether you like it or not haha.... it's more like....... it just needs to be experienced. And then, it is respected. It transcends taste. XD XD
  5. have you for serious not watched any of their live videos throughout the years? If so, my friend....... your cultural enlightenment awaits: https://youtu.be/hT7x1NvGf5k?si=kCEOPYMcblo-P7du
  6. finally heard the new Ride singles, and they're good! I'm looking at their site tho, and Rough Trade has 2 iterations of their blue variant for sale. One of them is limited to 250 with a signed print, is that just the number of signed prints? Theres another drop down available for blue but it doesn't specify the limitation. I tried searching this thread and couldn't seem to come up with anything. thanks!
  7. I hope that made you feel better, knocking down someone else's positive story
  8. Yeah I feel you on that, especially because i found the versions of Bosses Hang live before Luciferian Towers came out to be EXCEPTIONALLY more badass than how they whittled the song down for the album. That said, I cannot abstain because I am pathological in my consuption lol. I can think of only one album where i waited for the vinyl, which was Long Road North by Cult of Luna. I've done Song 2 so far, thanks to a youtube video, and i'm curious to see how they develop it. It's a bit sprawling, and jammy, which I guess is to be expected for this stage of the game. And I don't mean that to be negative or disparaging at all, just descriptive. It's cool tho!
  9. 3 new songs! Thank god for tapers. https://archive.org/details/gybe2024-02-24.dpa4061.flac24
  10. I first heard Dreamhouse because the guy who runs Dark Descent Records (home of Spectral Voice, Blood Incantation, and other OSDM revival stuff that rules) was posting something about it, and all of the trv3 kvlt kydz were losing their fucking minds over this band not being "real metal" in the comments. I want to say it was a Pitchfork article, I'm not even sure if the whole album had come out yet. But I 1000% remember exactly where i was and what i was doing when I heard that first major chord come in under the blastbeats, and i was like "What the FUCK is this!!!!!" I was hooked instantly. Fuck the trends. Fuck the trv3 kvlt losers. I still love Darkthrone and Emperor and Entombed and I love Deafheaven and Phish and the Grateful Dead too. Fuck all of the boundaries and rules. Music rules.
  11. 3 songs actually, per discord! The clips were great, and there were tapers at the show so we'll get to hear them in a couple days!
  12. I like Soul Net but Brown Paper Bag seems a bit sparse for them. I'm sure i'll dig the rest of the album but I really miss the fast, dancey, dreamy thing they did. Not really feeling the slowing down and getting heavier thing but hey, it's their band. Still bought 3 vinyl and a cd haha because fuck me right On another note, I am shocked that there are still copies of Ozean up.
  13. lol thanks man. It's really not that crazy. His bass lines bring a massive character to the band that was 100000% missing from their old stuff. You didn't talk about Deafheaven bass lines before OCHL. Now you do.
  14. More or less. He's a real nice dude. Shares a lot of inside perspective on stuff. It's cool to just talk about the music person to person.
  15. i actually like that drum sound haha but i know what you mean. Its probably when I got into them, but ATE is my least-listened-to album of theirs. The songs are great, but i'm not a fan of the production. I do remember that cover art drama tho lol. Man. It's been a long time. I also agree that the new song is 100% by-the-book ITTCT. Which is totally okay with me! Wow, I didn't think there was anyone who doesn't absolutely love Red Forest! Of course it's you tho haha. ❤️
  16. bought the fuck out of that! I can't believe the other variants are still available unless they did 1,000 of them or something.
  17. I'm saying he has completed their sound. WIthout him, they are a lesser entity. His basslines have so much character in a medium that traditionally does not have attention-getting bass playing.
  18. dude he's the best. he's so gracious with his time. we get deep into the music. I'll tell him i know you!
  19. I think the most important thing to talk about is how Chris Johnson is the most crucial member of the band now. His basslines bring character to the songs in a way that wasn't there on any song beforehand. Him and I chat on IG a bit, he's super cool. We talk about gear and the music, and it's so funny, because we were watching the 2022 Outbreak fest show that he mixed, and they're playing Honeycomb and him and Kerry both do some different stuff in it, and I brought that up to him and he's like "oh yeah we never play the songs the same way, that's boring." He has some clear bass fills in the shoegaze outro that are noticeably different, and they sound great. Its things like that that make me love the band even more than I did before. Typically, big metal bands are pretty rigid and don't change setlists or don't let the music live and breathe, but seeing stuff like that happen where they're kind of jamming and in the moment is just so beautiful. That all being said, I'm very excited to hear what theyve been cooking up. If you listen to the Worthless Animal and Honeycomb Audio tree videos from 2019, that bit at the start... that's them jamming. 100% improvised. He said the Audiotree people were like "Hey we need some intro music, just jam a bit" and they came up with that haha and it sounds SO good.
  20. i agree but after watching the Big 4 encore with Jeff on South of Heaven and Angel of Death, I think he was underselling Jeff's ability a little bit. Dude sounds fine. He made it seem like it would be a train wreck.
  21. Before "Brought to the Water" every night on the Sunbather tour, he would say that if you like this next song, you'll like the new record. I'm a firm supporter of Infinite Granite, but it took me seeing the songs live to get it. It's a hard shift, and losing the blastbeats and metal riffs completely takes a while.
  22. PO's are closing soon for this shoegaze classic, a 3rd pressing that won't likely ever be pressed again. Only $28 which is solid. This stuff is just solid, dreamy modern shoegaze like Slowdive, Mondaze, Blankenberge, etc. The PO period is closing this week probably, and I'm just trying to get the band a few more copies sold so they can get some cash out of this. Go here: https://www.diggersfactory.com/vinyl/315454/the-daysleepers-creation-blue-moon-vinyl-edition Information Artist : The Daysleepers Label : My Daydream Records Format : 1 x 12" (140g) Country : United States Genres : ShoegazePost RockDream Pop Estimated shipping date : April 2024 Description 3rd pressing of the 2018 Shoegaze classic "Creation" by Buffalo, NY based band The Daysleepers. now available in a limited one-time only Transparent Blue Vinyl Edition! From big spacey ambient tracks to distortion driven walls of sound, "Creation" takes the listener on an ethereal journey through time and space. Purchase if you like The Cure's "Disintegration", Cocteau Twins "Heaven or Las Vegas" or The Verve's "A Storm in Heaven".
  23. dude, you should really go back and revisit. I didn't like it at first, but now, I think it may be their strongest effort. The production is tremendous, and the songs are all so, so solid. I know it's impossible to compete with when you first heard Red Forest and ATEBTS but man, Bones is fucking killer.

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