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  1. wow i'm so glad i checked the board today. had no idea this was a thing. Bought both instantly. i hope the side breaks are natural.
  2. Pre-order hubris. stellar 2017 album 'Apocryphal Gravity'. It will be limited to 150 Gatefold records on 180gm White vinyl with Gold Splatter. Expected ship date for the records will be July 2021. Pressed by Dunk! Pressing. FFO: Jakob, Meniscus, Astralia. This album fucking rules, and these guys are massive. If you like spacey, sorta proggy post-rock you need this. USA: https://www.postrecordings.com/products/hubris-apocryphal-gravity-lp Europe: (also available here: Test presses, hoodies, CDs, other Hubris albums) https://www.hubrisband.com/shop
  3. the folks at www.upscaleaudio.com would be really helpful for this questions
  4. NEW SHY, LOW and YEAR OF NO LIGHT!!!! FUCK YES!!!! Both of these tracks are so satisfying. I'm really stoked to see where the Shy, Low album goes. Much heavier and darker but retaining the pretty melodies they're so good at. And YONL is just.... YONL being awesome at being YONL. Sadly i can't link any of the tracks individually but you can view them here until like tomorrow or something. YONL and Shy, Low are both on Friday, you just click on that day on the left and then scroll til you find them. https://www.roadburnredux.com/
  5. Saw that! I regret skipping out on Remedies, because it was for sale forever. Now you can only pay through the nose on discogs haha. D'oh! New Baulta is fucking amazing. I just got mine yesterday, haven't spun yet but played the CD in my car today. Love it.
  6. I am forever grateful to whomever it was that posted 2 years ago about the reissue of Tarentel's "From Bone to Satellite" Spinning this now.... every time I'm absolutely floored by how good this is. Top 5 post-rock album ever? Maybe.
  7. oh shit this is great news. I love their style. Post-rock with hardcore is always awesome
  8. yeah this can happen... it's weird that it's only on one side though. The worst offenders I have are "Canopy" by Silent Whale and the 10th anniversary "Young Mountain" by TWDY. That one, it sounds like you're listening to a tape deck that's dying, the pitch change is so egregious. I had a pressing of "Panopticon" that did this too, but I ditched it.
  9. Here's some other hits from the Antigony store at A1KA too, especially the first one: Thalos - Event Horizon The Chasing Monster - Errant The Chasing Monster - Today Our Last Day on Earth
  10. i'm like 99.99999% sure everything they do does. Baulta is through them and Dunk and I know i've got all the WLTS albums in my Bandcamp. If that one did as well, then they will definitely have them.
  11. Forsaken by A River Crossing releases March 26th, 2021 by Antigony Records. 180g Dark Green/Pale Grey Marble vinyl in gatefold jacket. Includes six inserts for each song. Sticker included. CD and Vinyl (limited to 300) FFO: Immanu El, Mogwai, Sigur Ros. A River Crossing play a powerful and moody brand of vocal post-rock. Imagine Immanu El but with more power and rock energy. This album seems to be heavier than their last one as well. USA residents can pre-order through A Thousand Arms (A1KA) and EU and others can go through Antigony Records directly.
  12. It's so fucking good dude. They crushed at Dunk! 2 years ago (sad face) and I'm so glad that that festival set has given this band new life. You should also check out the new A River Crossing, which I'll be posting about. Another limited vinyl that'll be gone real fast.
  13. oh man that stream was awesome! I think the first track is my favorite. Everything I ever want from this band. Some of the tunes got a little same-y to me but they were still really good overall. The mix was fucking BANGING. Loved the sound. We had just gotten a new sound system/sub for the TV too a couple weeks ago, perfect timing. The bonus cuts at the end were fun too. Celebrating the anniversary of Hardcore was a nice touch there.
  14. You guys doing the show tomorrow? I can't wait, my girlfriend has been on a huge Mogwai kick so I don't feel so bad saying "Babe lets watch the post-rock show" haha
  15. Another Second Chance by Baulta releases March 5th, 2021 by A Thousand Arms Music and dunk!records. Album artwork by Error! Design. FFO: Caspian, GIAA, Mogwai Baulta play an ambient, yet moody and powerful brand of post-rock. Very, very satisfying, with some well-placed prominent piano work. It's lovely! The copies are flying too, and won't be around for very long according to my sources. Take heed, friends! USA variant: 180g Bone with Brown Center in gatefold jacket. EU variant: 180g Brown with Bone Center in gatefold jacket. Vinyl, T-shirts, and C
  16. ah right on. i thought maybe with the label change, they'd re-stamp it. Do you know which pressing sounds the best for this album by any chance?
  17. do you think this means new plates and stampers? I still haven't picked this up, but if it's a fresh fresh new pressing, then I'm all about that.
  18. Awake by SOM releases March 12th, 2021 by Pelagic Records. SOM features members of Caspian, Constants, and Junius. The result is the luscious new EP Awake. Combining two exclusive originals with remixes by beloved collaborators Holy Fawn, Hisself (Johnny Dang of O’Brother), U Dye (Marshall Gallagher of Teenage Wrist), and Giuseppe Capolupo (of The Devil Wears Prada), the short collection is a triumph of self-described “heavy dream pop.” Its concise compositions balance the gritty riffs of Deftones with airy, Tame Impala-esque vocal lines, just as primed for rock radio success as t
  19. Hey guys, CJ has a host of new things from Pelagic coming in that i think you'll want to get in on. All pre-orders and when they're gone they're gone. Som, A Swarm of the Sun, Briqueville, etc etc https://www.athousandarms.com/collections/pelagicrecords
  20. ah right on. I had no idea this pressing was already sold out. I kept saying "ahhh i'll get it eventually" because it sat forever. Did you have the first press to compare it with? I'm so curious whether it's actually an improvement. I know Ryan wasn't happy with the Holy Roar pressing. Also, did you speak with ImportCDs at all in the process? Or did it just show up one day?
  21. Yeah that's too close. You're better suited to the Steve Hoffman forums for really technical gear questions, as there's a ridiculous wealth of expert knowledge there. Your tracking force balance weight is probably out of alignment. Investigate that, as others have said. You usually don't see the cartridges THAT close to the record itself. Some are different, but that's really close and usually not how most setups go.
  22. Of course they won't do that, because then people have the chance to pass. When announcing separately, you keep the excitement and FOMO going hard. Also Pelagic is far, far too under water to ever coordinate something like that. Have you seen their Facebook group? It's day after day of "Where is my order?" "You sent me the wrong thing" "Nobody is responding". I had to email them to ask about my "Yes I Am" order from PG.Lost, because everyone else was getting it weeks earlier, and they said "Oh sorry you aren't getting it, we oversold." Okay. So, they send me a replacement.

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