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  1. Just got my 180g clear splatter from Dunk. This is definitely the best pressing I have of this, it's dead-quiet and sounds awesome. They threw in a free Dunk! slipmat too which was sweet!
  2. Yeah i love the look of the new All is Violent but I'm not dissatisfied enough with my OG to pay $50 for a copy. Been listening to a lot of Oceansize lately, and I'm suprised to see that they never pressed Home and Minor. The back half of that EP is so, so good.
  3. I still have to check that out, I'm not as familiar with the older stuff like Instarmental. Some of it I like, some of it tires me. But man, Stolen View, Gates, and FBOFW are just golden. Look out for USA dates next year too.
  4. Some of you guys will probably like to know this.... A Thousand Arms just became the USA distro for Leech. Represses of The Stolen View are on their way, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, if you still haven't picked up their latest, or the Instarmental stuff ( i think you guys will dig that) then now you've got an affordable way of procuring. https://athousandarms.store/collections/distribution
  5. GREAT NEWS!!! A Thousand Arms has just become the official USA distribution outlet for Switzerland's own LEECH. If you guys haven't checked out Leech, you need to do so pronto. A fantastic mixture of post-rock and synthwave, I suppose you could say. FFO Barrows, Lost in Kiev, Sleepmakeswaves https://athousandarms.store/collections/distribution
  6. He's like, the most gentle person you could ever imagine. A total sweetheart. Meanwhile, this bad boy turns 22 today.
  7. I can't tell what that face is supposed to be. He posted it on his page. They were sitting on their porch.
  8. I don't know where to put this, so mods please feel free to remove.... but Ryan from Holy Fawn and his g/f were attacked and beat up by police at their house last night. Maybe throw them on Spotify today to gets some $$$ going their way.
  9. dude with all of the discount codes offered here from Indie Merch Store it should be a no-brainer! The only cover I've ever questioned is the latest Shipwrecks cover. This is goofy, sure... but the music rules
  10. Ha. Fuck. You guys got the deal! Does Pelagic always put their stuff on Indie Merch Store?
  11. Do you have any recommendation for Floyd pressings? I'm a little overwhelmed on where to start. Part of me wants to have the OG 1st press for the original mix, but I'm unsure of which masters I grew up on via CD. I do have the Meddle remaster, whichever is newest and it definitely sounds good for sure. Animals and WYWH are next in line, I just don't know which to get.
  12. haha yeah it kind of threw me off, but hey.... whatever. Realllllly psyched to hear this. Old PG.Lost is amazing. Yeah I did the same - that went *FAST*. I'll get a black play copy when A Thousand Arms gets copies, but I wanted to have the splatter limited for this one too.
  13. I'm not sure I can pick a favorite, but I 100% hold it in the same regard as Salvation and Somewhere Along The Highway. To me, they're equal pinnacles of achievement for them. It just depends on which one you feel like listening to!
  14. If you read the text on the website, they explain it. Their friend apparently spray-painted some OG homemade copies, and that is a photo of one of them.
  15. https://pelagic-records.com/product/pg-lost-yes-i-am-12-ep-download/ Never thought I'd ever see this pressed to vinyl! It's been remastered with new/old artwork. Link above takes you to the main vinyl page, but it's also available in a shirt bundle. All purchases come with a download of their show in 2017 when they played the entire album for it's 10th anniversary. USA residents - A Thousand Arms may be getting copies. Stand by on that. Black - 16eu Pink - 20eu (/350) Splatter - 20eu (/250) - SOLD OUT PG.LOST – “Yes I Am” 12″ EP (+ download) 16.00€ – 20.00€ This item is on pre-order. It will be available July 31 (Europe) & August 28 (N. America / Australia) Note: Orders cannot be split into several shipments. Your order will be dispatched when the item with the latest release date is available. Final products might slightly differ from mockups! * Plus 12 pages booklet & download of live album!
  16. Oh man. Keep your fingers crossed, everyone. For Bandcamp Day, I completed my Seven Mile Journey discography. I inquired about the Demo, whether there were any copies left in the vault somewhere.
  17. Right on, I need to give them another focused listen because I paid more attention to Vol. 1 when I played that through bandcamp. That one seemed to have a ton more presence on the guitars, really putting them forward and clear.
  18. I mean, honestly man it's hard to tell if these posts are playful jest or not. I know that's kind of the Reddit shit-posting character play thing and whatnot, but that's just not my bag so it's not all that surprising someone else may interpret that way. I'm quite tired of the ad hominem angle as it's all over Facebook these days (it's fun having right-leaning family members, let me tell you!) I suppose input from a label who does this would serve to settle it once and for all though. Maybe I'm wrong, who knows. It would be really curious to know for sure. I need to revisit the old recording, because it honestly didn't sound drastically different to me. What stood out to you, mostly?
  19. I struggle to see what other possible motive there would be, other than to recoup some of that extra sale money that flippers get. I mean.... if someone is willing to pay $100 for a record, why wouldn't the label try to get into that a little bit?
  20. I guess my point applies to both of you, but I don't quite see it as gouging. I think it's a fair reaction to regain some market share. This is partly why I've just said "Fuck it" and go black now, I'm not interested in paying that much extra for limited stuff. If some people are, cool - that's their right. Market forces would collapse that option if nobody really cared to pay more for limiteds. I guess my viewpoint is that label is taking on all the risk by doing the work to press the record, and then people buy them to flip at 2x or 3x the price.... why shouldn't some of that money go back to the person doing the work? I mean, I understand that capitalism is predatory and that it can't be avoided in some instances, but I feel like the "right" thing is for as much of that money as possible to go back to the label and band's pockets. I mean, they're the ones creating the thing in the first place after all. We Lost The Sea even posted something about it with the latest release of Departure Songs, because people had them up on Ebay for $150 hours after they went on sale haha. It must be a weird, shitty sort of feeling that this thing you put your heart and soul into making (not to mention losing a brother to suicide with) is getting exploited for profit. But then again, I suppose how you feel about that is related to where you stand on cut-throat capitalism maybe? I'm not sure. I just don't think an extra few bucks going to the label is such a bad thing, that's all. If the label isn't sharing that with the bands, however, that's lame as hell.
  21. I'm torn, because it's great that Caspian records are still in print for new fans but I've not come across any Magic Bullet/Dark Operative press that sounds good.
  22. What's your rationale, then, for labels already doing this? Pelagic, Elusive, TRL, they all charge extra for the limited variants now. It's been going on for a while? Also I fear you may have misunderstood my post - I'm not advocating for labels to start selling records for $40-60 for rarity (although Elusive already basically does this). That was just the spread in my analogy. For example, this very release: Vol 1: Black - 22eu /300 - 27eu /200 - 30eu Martyrdom: Black - 25eu /300 - 29eu /200 - 33eu How do you explain that?
  23. If they sell it for $20, and then a flipper sells it for $60, that's $40 more that the label could have potentially seen. So, I think them selling it for like $30 to eat into some of the re-sale market seems like a smart business decision.