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  1. why would he suddenly choose to do this out of the blue?
  2. So I spoke with my buddy, it's not the recycled vinyl thing. It's just mixed pellets that have never been used, so it's the same quality. This was a band decision to go with, not sure why but that's what I was told. The "eco vinyl" is when they recycle records and melt them and reheat or whatever, which in my estimation would compromise the structural molecular integrity and result in a softer, not-as-good sounding product. This is not that.
  3. Not sure what or where or how to note this, but for the first time that I can recall, I'm not allowed to use my ad blocker on the site here. Is that normal or a new thing? It's definitely never asked me to turn it off for years, and it won't let me access the site now unless i do that. Anybody?
  4. I'm seeing ads all over the place now for the first time ever, and it's asking me to turn off ad blocker
  5. You want to go with Dunk! Pressing. They've been cranking out really nice products and are about to scale up in a big, BIG way. Their turnarounds are not crazy, and they are some of the nicest people. Shipping from Belgium. I have so many of their records, and they all sound great. They're still small enough to care about the product and not just crank out shit to make product. They're good people, I know them personally through their festival. You can tell Wout and Luc that Greg sent you. https://www.dunkpressing.com/
  6. **Gumbo72203 marked safe during the TRNA - Vostok group buy**
  7. this is very interesting music. Kind of hitting me in the Viva Belgrado feels. If you are into this band, you really ought to be listening to Viva Belgrado. Glad you're carrying the group buy torch, Derek. It's a tough job, but it's fun if you've got the time.
  8. I was going to say... I've met Ryan a bunch, and him and the rest of the band are super, super nice guys. He's been kind enough to talk with me a few times and help sort out some variant questions. I had a hard time believing it was them. This is what happens when bands get big: other people make decisions for them. To the band: Sorry for always yelling for "Yawning". I promise I'll try to stop. Anyway, I snagged both /250's. Hopefully the oxblood looks cool, unlike that clear/black mix for "Red Forest" by ITTCT that was literally black with like, a few litttttttttttle teeny tiny clear blips, as if someone spilled a drink a foot away and got a few drops on it haha.
  9. Your best bet is to take them to a local store. Let them do the work of sorting through it, for a fee. There is also Discogs, if you want to go through and price out what you have, so that when you can take them to the store, you can say "hey, i know this is worth X. If you give me 60% of that value for this lot, we have deal." Because they need to make money too, and you got them for free.
  10. yeah, their roster is no joke. I can't believe there are still copies of Hubris in stock too. That album is so good. For those who don't know, The Introvert is also the side project from Jeremy from TWDY. Can't wait for my package. I got the new Still Motions too. that band grew on me a lot.
  11. yo i don't know if you guys are paying attention but Post. Recordings has some sick, sick stuff available. I just picked up both variants of I Hear Sirens - Beneath the Sky, but they've got The Introvert - Carry the Bomb, Carry the Power and that album is awesome. It's so different but i love it. Almost like ambient synthwave mixed with S/T's programmed drum ideas. https://www.postrecordings.com/products/the-introvert-carry-the-bomb-carry-the-power-lp Also, IN EXCELSIS BY TEOTO ON VINYL FINALLY!!!! I'm very proud to say that I was sort of the genesis of that, linking the band to my buddy who works for Post. It sounds ***INCREDIBLE***. The re-recorded On Floating is *so* good. you must check it out. https://www.postrecordings.com/products/the-end-of-the-ocean-in-excelsis-lp
  12. Their set at Dunk was fucking mindblowing. The lights, and the sound... it was so much. I was a bit too tired to really appreciate it all but man, those climax moments during that set were BONKERS. I can't even fathom how they're going to fit on the St. Vitus stage? it's like 20 feet wide. The Dunk stage had to be 100 and they filled it. I'll probably come haha
  13. their live set at Dunk was truly tremendous. You think they're good on record.... mannnnnn you don't even know haha. It was something else. uhhhhhhhhh that's a bold statement. i'm curious...
  14. Man. You guys need to go to Dunk!. Like, holy crap. Bruit.... Hubris... Year of No Light... Of the Vine... OUTLANDER!!!!!!!! I can't stress how good Outlander was. If you think they are great on record, they absolutely utterly DESTROY on stage. Their setlist was Threadbare, Return, Sinking, Sundowning. 3 Valium tracks ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Like, fuck dude. It's so doable too! It's in Ghent now, so you just fly into Brussels, take ONE TRAIN, and then you're there. You get off at Gent - St. Pieters station, and take the tram for 10 mins into the center of the city, and you are 5 mins walking from everything. It's so ridiculously easy. I am not rich, and I don't make a ton of money, and we were able to do it again this year. You guys can do this. You need to. please come see the magic once before you die
  15. Oh i'm well into Discogs but I'm very bad at keeping track of everything I have. I keep telling myself that someday I'll go through my stuff one by one and add it, but that day never comes haha. Too busy with the band. never any free weekends.
  16. i never knew about these records so I'm so psyched to be able to get them. Such a vast, vast different sound than the Maserati that I know and love. I can see all your points about the sound change, they're definitely more dance heavy now but i love that stuff too so I'm cool. I imagine its like the people who got turned off by Isis who hopped on during Mosquito Control or Celestial and couldn't swallow the clean direction after Panopticon.
  17. this is really nice, i like it. Now someone sell me a copy of Grivo - "Elude"
  18. man these old tracks are so good. Love this band. Can't remember if i have Oshin yet or not haha, ooof. Is that how you know you have too many records?
  19. I'm with you on EIP being too busy sometimes. I enjoy it, but I enjoy Effloresce and Frames much, much, much more. There's more of a balance of calm to chaos on those, I guess. EIP is a lot of chaos. I have originals of all full lengths, and I have the remaster of Effloresce too. They're both good. I would say that the remaster is a bit of an improvement, it just sounds sturdier. The original is still enjoyable, but it's like you just went from a 320mp3 to a wav. The 320 was definitely enjoyable, but the wav is just a bit better. On another note, does anybody know why Mike says this: "The creatively lauded and commercially maligned sophomore album by Oceansize has, unbelievably, earned its self a reissue!"
  20. no clue what they're planning really... but caught the new tune at the show a couple weeks ago. Really good. These kids are so great, they deserve the world. I hope they become as big as Caspian or bigger. Headlining tour of the UK next, good move!
  21. my girlfriend loves her. We're going to see her this July with Bleachers. I like that she does uptempo stuff with sorta spacey indie guitars. Really good stuff.
  22. i don't share this experience, I've had a few reviews help me to outstanding copies of certain albums. For instance, the Discogs reviews helped me track down the RTI pressing of Slowdive - S/T and man, that thing sounds gooooooood. the naysayers will always be louder than the supporters though, so i try to make a point to make a comment when a pressing is good.