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  1. I have his Trust No One 1st press of Oceanic, that came by way of a friend who grew up with them. Best pressing of Oceanic there is. Really bummed that this Oceanic drop was NOT the gold/red band copy they claimed it to be. That's what the picture was.
  2. thanks for the heads up. I'm tempted to do this because my other variants are awful. Horrible pressing quality, missing chunks from the side and riddled with all sorts of scratches everywhere. Truly bad.
  3. In what capacity? Wout and Luc are awesome dudes. I love it over there. The venue is way cool also, just a lot of stairs. Ghent is a beautiful town. I'm not sure we'll make it, as we're doing Post. Festival this time. Unless Envy gets booked. Then it's a hard fuck-it to the credit card debt. I'm here to answer your questions.
  4. I really have no clue. My guess is its either the new Spurv record, because they signed to Pelagic, or maybe a new PG.Lost album. I'm beyond blind-buying albums now, after getting burned a few times by bands i love putting out albums i didn't love. Hell, I think I've played the new Caspian album once. It hurts too much sometimes to admit I have an album by a band i LOVE that i don't really enjoy
  5. No i'm not trying to shame you, but like... why didn't everyone mass revolt against them? This is beyond egregious levels of bullshit on their part. Like, i can't even believe they did this. This is straight up MEAN and evil-spirited.
  6. dude. you guys legit spend $50 on literally the sound of amps being turned on?
  7. yeah my list of waiting stuff is finally starting to get cleared. I think it was up to 11 or 12 at its highest point
  8. Yasssssssssss thank you thank you!!!! I was so close haha. This is it. Tether/Weak. Thank you. I'm sick as hell and my brain can't do good very a lot right now. This is exactly it. Thank you.
  9. hey guys, someone here recommended an album some time back and i can't recall what it was. The album was all very pink, and it had a female in the band. Not slowcrush... and songs on the shorter side of things if i recall. The album is not their most recent IIRC....... Blush something maybe? i thought i bookmarked it but i can't find it
  10. This one has been getting rave reviews and I know a dude who has one and loves it. only $480. https://www.turntablelab.com/products/humminguru-ultrasonic-vinyl-record-cleaner?variant=40031281217626&currency=USD&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&utm_campaign=gs-2019-04-04&utm_source=google&utm_medium=smart_campaign&gclid=EAIaIQobChMImdC4t5f3-wIViv7jBx2M7QT0EAQYAyABEgI9KPD_BwE
  11. do you do the dual flap? I'm very interested in this because i hate sliding the gatefolds in and out and doing all that nonsense.
  12. you can save a shitload of money by going with this arc lighter instead. Got it off a recommendation from the Steve Hoffman forums. It takes the static out too, and it's like $10. I just kind of hold it an inch or 2 above the record and go in a circle or star pattern. You can feel the static charge dissipate from it pulling on your arm hairs. Seems to do the trick, and is rechargeable. https://www.amazon.com/RONXS-Lighter-Rechargeable-Electric-Candle/dp/B07FFWCWNG/ref=sr_1_5?crid=17BQCH7JEU40Z&keywords=ronks+electric+lighter&qid=1670857115&sprefix=ronks+%2Caps%2C464&sr=8-5
  13. oh word i don't know this one by them. Will check out, thanks! This is puzzling haha their albums are like exactly the same. I would keep trying... More eventually won out over Radiogaze i think, and then Everything came along and smashed them both. I didn't immediately love it when it came out, but I view them all as fairly equal. I do love "Everything" the most i think, they just keep getting better and better. I do believe "More" will surprise you on re-listens, and I often find myself feeling quite differently about albums depending on where I'm listening. Stuff I didn't connect with in the car, I put it on at home and it's totally different. Just food for thought! Blankenberge rules, I hope they get over here once someday.
  14. Great response. Very interesting thought about vocals... I'm not sure where I stand. I see your point completely, but I also see Derek's point as well. I suppose it's a case by case basis. A good example for me is the band Amenra. I can't stand the vocals, I don't think they fit the style. Their music is heavy, and I want growls and not high pitched screams. Tertia is awesome, but man really? Not even Quovis > Further Up > Further In from YATC? Mindblowing! I'm the opposite of you with Red Sparowes - it's alllllllll about At The Soundless Dawn. The others are good and enjoyable for sure but man, that first album is perfect for me. Barrens is great, but for me a little run of the mill with the new synth-heavy post-rock crazy that PG.Lost seemed to have started with Versus and solidified with Oscillation. It's great modern PG.Lost worship, but I just prefer more guitar-centric songwriting. I do reach for this album on occasion and I'm glad i have it.
  15. thanks dude. just riding out the crud over here. Gonna miss rehearsal tonight sadly, which hurts - we have *BIG* show Sunday doing a pre-party for Goose/Trey Anastasio Band. So it goes sometimes. I appreciate your thoughts - these deep discussions are very fun for me, and I haven't had a good back and forth here in a while, so thank you for your thoughtful replies. You know... i'll jump on this tangent. I've been back on a big Isis kick lately (I just bought all 4 Daymare CD releases of Celestial > WR in mint/unopened condition because I'm a maniac) and I've been giving more time and attention to the Wavering Radiant bonus tracks. I hate... HATE to accept this fact... but in spending a lot of time with those extra tunes, I have now come to the conclusion that their progression had dried up. Those songs are not as good as the album tunes. So, I think the band was right to call it quits. Perhaps they were typical B-side quality and that a new album push would result in better songwriting results, but man... I was pretty bummed to feel this way about Isis. I was firmly in the camp of "This band should have never stopped and they could never write a bad song." As an artist, I fully know how some songs just don't always land as hits sometimes. But it made me really wonder, had their progression gone as far as it could? And it makes me think of Mogwai, because Mogwai continues to basically ALWAYS do new shit. And it somehow always seems fresh. My theory as to why they are successful vs. Isis is that all of the members are onboard and bought in. Isis were not. Aaron Turner has gone on record saying how WR and ITAOT contain LOTS of difficult creative compromises for him. And if you listen to where Sumac is going, I think its easy to see what side of the coin he was on as far as the clean singing/atmospherics, etc. Rosetta has been going through a similar progression, but that band has dried up heavily too. I don't think they've even played live since Dunk18? But I feel like those members are still all bought into the creative shapeshifting with Eric on board. Oh, and pro-tip loophole: "Hey babe I want these records for Christmas ->" lol (for YT and CODY) EDIT - fuck YT is sold out. Where do i go now?! EDIT 2 - it's sold out on their website, but not Bandcamp? Amazon has them too.... do you guys have a thought?
  16. Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I'll counter on the criticism thing that there's no harm in honestly discussing music, but I've moved from saying "This sucks, it's garbage" to "it's just not working for me". Because that music might be revelatory for someone else, and who am I to rain on their emotional parade. I'd have a bigger response but I feel like fucking dog shit today. Concrete nose and razor throat. Blah. I'm psyched to get these Mogwai records tho... i hope they stick around for a while. Just don't have the cash available now with the Silent Whale drop and christmas coming up. Knocked another whale off last night with the hand-poured nebula variant for "The Longest Year" from Hammock. Gotta stay off discogs a while haha. How does "My Father, My King" stack in the order of things for Mogwai? That was my first exposure, way back in high school. A friend gave me that, Shpongle's "Are you Shpongled?" and a Hallucinogen record, and i still have those burned copies from like 2003. I was shocked to find the title track very similar to Weight by Isis. I liked it. Slow build to a huge climax.
  17. Yeah you know, I'm not really sure how to account for it. Because when I was at Dunk! this past summer, all those bands that you may call crescendo-core or derivative still got me off when I see it live. I have to imagine at some level, what you guys view as 'formulaic' is better experienced in the moment, in front of you. And perhaps my point was missed... because it's the very act of calling it formulaic, is what I meant by folks being critical. I just don't think that way. I think "i like it or i don't". I don't like being critical, probably because I play music professionally and wouldn't want someone to say that about us, so I don't do it to others I guess. And perhaps you guys don't mean malice or sneering derision when you say that, but I guess in my mind when I read that, I'm assuming that that is both your intention, and your result. But you may be right... the post-rock flame died out. I'm not sure. I still love all that stuff. I mean, I did "Pilgrimage of the Soul" by Mono and now I'm onto my new copy of "F#A#". As I look at my shelf to my left, I see Mooncake, Mono, Paint the Sky Red, TRNA, Jakob, Maserati, Shy Low, Mogwai, Daturah, and a bunch of other stuff. Perhaps it's being jaded, or perhaps its just like you said being more tuned into what I want at a given moment. For instance, last night on the car ride on running errands with the girlfriend, we had my new first-press CD copy of Malevolent Creation "Stillborn" in and had been doing the old Necrophobic albums prior to that. But some days I want to play Paul Oakenfold and Paul Van Dyk trance music haha. So I'll go from Phish to Mono to Cannibal Corpse to God is an Astronaut to Grateful Dead to trance music to Hammock. So who knows. Could be a symptom of listening to post-rock for the required amount of time to get tired of those who aren't so great at the songwriting, I'm not sure. Anyway, I've learned that I often feel differently about albums in different settings. So an album that didn't grab me digitally in the car, i'll have a much different/bigger experience when I spin it at home on the turn table. I'm expecting that to happen with CODY, much as it took me a few listens to gel with LLO1+2 And thanks, yeah this bug sucks. Real nasty sinus irritation. My girlfriend is just getting over it, and my best friend has it too. Must have gotten it from the Halloween party somehow last weekend.
  18. so glad this band is back from the dead. They have another new song they didn't record that they played at Dunk! a few years back. Hopefully that surfaces in some capacity, but Niklas said it wasn't as good as the new stuff so they didn't record it. I'm gonna try my best to wait until the vinyl arrives to listen haha
  19. Yeah i figured you guys would know more about what variants/remasters/anything are the best-sounding/best-pressed. I don't know anything about the lineage of that album, and haven't had time to dig into it since discovering i like this album haha. CODY is interesting.... its kind of like one long song for me. And it hasn't totally grabbed me, but that is the way I was with Mono, EF, and Envy. I didn't get them at first, but something made me keep coming back, and then eventually I was like "oh!" Yeah, I mean i think this is pretty much it. I'm saving something to chase. Same with GIAA - I kind of purposefully hold of on listening to them, because I know they have a deep discography, so i want to save an adventure for down the line. I'm finding myself on the down-swing with post-rock recently, going back to the Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd more and more. Which is how I am - I'm cyclical. My dr's tell me its part of having ADD - we go ALLLLLL THE FUCK INNNNN and touch EVERYTHING and see ALL OF IT and then move on. And like... it's a feeling, inside of me. I'll never be able to explain it so that you guys can understand, but it just creates this "!!!!!" thing inside of me, this fire... this drive to uncover ALL the mysteries. Figure it ALL out. And then when I do, it's time for something else. Thrill of the chase I guess? I'm not really sure. I just know this is how I am haha. As far as the decline of my post-rock listening, i think it's because there's not much new coming out that's been grabbing me hard. I'm excited for the new EF though, and the new Glaston album. Anything Envy and Mono release will of course be an insta-buy, but a lot of the bands I love have kind of petered out, like Spurv or ITTCT so the momentum just kind of falls away. I think that coupled with my finishing of all the big chases (I have every variant of Solace, I have all the old Mono early CDs like Hey You and the Session 02 release, I have my Trust No One Oceanic's, etc etc) just turned the flame down. I don't expect anyone else to understand, but it's just like treasure hunting I suppose. And it's fun for me. I want to have some more treasure to find later with Mogwai, like what's happening here. I think you guys think I love every post-rock thing that comes out haha and that's absolutely not true. There's a lot of derivative stuff on Youtube that never gets pressed, and sure it's all okay and fine, but I don't even think like that. What I read above is a lot of critical-minded assessments of music, and i don't even care about that. If it doesn't grab me, I just move on - i don't sit around and make fun of it, which is what it feels like some of you guys may do here. That just isn't fulfilling for me, I'm just looking ahead to the next chase that's going to make me feel the exclamation points inside. ha anyway TL;DR sorry! Sitting home here sick with whatever bug is going around, so you guys get my thoughts
  20. I was today years old when I listened to Young Team for the first time. This is fantastic. I have CODY on cd and it's fine but I can see that album *crushing* on a home vinyl setup. Edit - i'm listening to the 1997 Disc 1 video on Youtube and it sounds wonderful through our home TV stereo setup. Can anyone fill me in on any remaster or remix lineages? Is this era of the release worth getting or should I go for this new remaster? Also, I've purposefully held off on Mogwai so that I still have bands left to discover. I burned through post-rock real fast but wanted to keep some mysteries left to be mined. They are one of them
  21. Just got our package too, and i ordered the oxblood and the sticker says P8/Black over something that ALSO says Coke Bottle Clear. EDIT - just opened it. It's fucking black. EDIT 2 - lol it's the galaxy but holy shit there's no red. It's basically black and you have to look VERY hard to see the red. Reminds me of the 3rd pressing of "Red Forest" by ITTCT where they did a black and clear thing that ended up all black. Oh well, at least it's correct.
  22. Unless I'm an moran I'm not seeing the Revolver/Brooklyn Vegan /250 coke bottle splatter in here? Still waiting on both of my orders lol
  23. this is meaning that Appleseed are the ones stiffing him? Any reason why? That's lame and weird, I always saw them as rather professional and adult.
  24. Okay, so i went back to LLO the other day and it finally clicked haha. I like it. one song is ABSOLUTELY the same as a Caspian song though... it's on LP1 and it sounds just like Epochs in Dmajor. I found that rather funny. I assume LLO came before Tertia?

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