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  1. what with the Black Friday sale, is there any consensus on the best-sounding variant? Discogs seems to indicate Seaglass being the best.
  2. oh i mean it sounds great, it just gets a bit samey for me there. I spent a lot of money yesterday haha. So many heavy hitters on sale - EF, Sleepmakeswaves, PG.Lost, Leech, Astodan, Appalaches, Of the Vine, etc etc. Stuff that should be in every collection!
  3. Blankenberge can keep releasing the same exact album every 18 months forever and I will never get tired of it. Also, I can't believe I slept on Cecilia::Eyes before. Literally just bought their whole discography on CD/vinyl. New album vinyl from A Thousand Arms, move before it's gone! Love their sound.
  4. lotta people not liking it on the Facebook boards, actually. I think it's fine/good.... Invincible Summer and the Weight of Light are my favorites. Wish it had more guitars, the violin-in-every-song thing just isn't what I'm looking for from them. I still like it though! I was a sobbing mess when they finally did the Trilogy in Boston. Incredible. Same with Sycamore. I believe The End of the Ocean did it to me too at Dunk! USA. While not post-rock, we went and saw Dying Fetus a couple weeks ago with Terror supporting, and their style of no-nonsense hardcore brought me right back to being 15/16 at VFW halls and it was a completely unexpected overwhelming flood of nostalgia.
  5. lol i know i was there man, i did both nights and saw it again in NYC Fire > Malacoda is about the best opening I think that band could ever do.
  6. Where was Sea Lawn written? Also you need to work your magic to get them to play that again. It can come right out of White Light just like on the album? Also right on!
  7. I love that this is based on a Grateful Dead thing, beautiful. Thanks for the info!
  8. i guess i walked into that one haha, i figured the respondents here would be over the age of 12 lol
  9. i almost pulled the trigger.... what do you guys use to play your tapes? That's the last thing I need for my system, i just don't know what to get.
  10. Pretty sure Raging River happened via Red Creek because of government Covid money to the band. They cranked out so many variants... that money had to come from somewhere. I don't recall why or how I heard or thought of that, but that's the story in my head lol.
  11. yo what! I've seen this name forever but never checked them out because the name seems cumbersome, but your description is everything I like!
  12. yeah my order was missing the splatter Oceanic. I'm saying fuck it, I'll just wait. I've got other records i'm waiting on from like a year ago so what's one more. Unfortunately we're moving so the system is coming down today haha it'll be a bit before i can spin these and see what's up. What took you so long? I'm very intrigued for this back story! Did you somehow just discover them? They are the best albums to start with.
  13. Pelagic told me i wasn't getting the PG.Lost splatter for Yes I Am that i ordered, saying they pressed too little and over sold. Then they sent me 3 separate packages to make up for it. Of the same bundle. Their customer service is very lacking. Does anybody have a 1st press they'd be willing to let go of? I slept on this and it sold out instantly, and A1KA seemingly won't be getting any copies because Pelagic is moving enough of their own via themselves and Indie Merch.
  14. I have copies of the Mondaze demo tape coming, let me know if you want one Managed to get an Italian friend (Francesco from Antigone Records) to buy a few for me, and i got extras for anybody who wants one
  15. Thanks man. Gonna be dealing with the fallout for a while. It jacked up my heart pretty bad, had to wear an MCOT monitor to catch my arrhythmia, and the ataxia (balance issues) and brain fog are fucking wild. It's like you're experiencing your life through a VR headset that's only like, 98% properly calibrated. You know it's real, and you know it's correct, but it still feels wrong. Covid is fucked, man. Absolutely fucked. I haven't worked in 2 and a half weeks. I can't even tell you how fucked up this virus is. Like. I can't. But yeah the Stolen View remaster is fucking ace, and this will be too. A1KA has copies. Get 'em now before they're gone.
  16. christ i thought my music collecting phase was finally starting to subside with post-rock, you guys are killing me here. Slow crush, Mondaze, Parannoul.... ughhhhh fuck.
  17. Leech just did a remaster of "If We Get There One Day..." you guys probably want that. A1kA has copies. A Also you don't want covid. Get your booster. You don't want covid.
  18. yeah I get you. They're special. Kind of like Maybeshewill. Never knew how much I missed them until this came out.
  19. took the plunge because Remedies is sold out too.... i hope i don't get burnt. Got the deluxe 2xLP with the bonus material, whatever it is.
  20. that Mondaze track is fucking awesome. Can't wait to hear the rest. Picking that one up for sure. Also just discovered an old band called Malory last night via a Youtube compilation. Their song "Sleeper" was a joy. So good. Reminded me of Blankenberge in the guitar work. Sadly no full lengths on vinyl at all....
  21. yeah it's everything up through Key haha. Versus and Oscillate are almost a different band, and just not my bag. But everybody seems to flip shit for that stuff...
  22. yeah holy fucking shit this new song. way, way too short but my god, if this is the caliber of stuff they're doing now, holy crap.
  23. yeah Parallel Lives didn't hit me the way the debut EP and Bloom did; it was a little more poppy and not so edgy. It's not bad though, and I enjoy it more now.
  24. I can see what you mean with the Ranges stuff. I like it because I like the sound. HOWEVER, you guys really ought to visit the new album, Cardinal Winds. I think it's their best, by far. The production and the songwriting, it just works. I really, really like it. The TNBD album is a grower too; I never have visceral reactions like you guys where I think "omg this sucks" haha. I don't know. I understand the effort put into albums, so I feel like having an emotion like that is... not fair. But that's me. I could never throw shade like that knowing what it takes to put something out. Gathering Half the Deep by PSOTY? And what's with the PG.Lost reference? I'm a bit lost here haha.

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