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  1. interested in the Nomadland soundtrack but could only find CDs so far. will there be a vinyl release?
  2. took a leaf out of the mbv playbook a few years ago. well i guess it’s a hard pass for me this time.
  3. sold out on bullmoose, still on rough trade UK and i expect it to be up on rough trade US soon. bullmoose’s “we’ll try to get it for you” hasn’t failed me, not yet anyway.
  4. is meteora really £100? https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/linkin-park/meteora anyway, titles i’m interested in are all on the UK list: suede “love and poison” (there’s a London Suede version on the US list) bernard butler “people move on” ash “bbc sessions” mogeai “zero ost”
  5. on their official site it’s $63.99 but after taxes and shipping it’s still $80. hope bullmoose will have some
  6. very true, as someone mentioned above no MBV rollout is straightforward. either way I'm happy, $110 shipped for the standard bundle or $125 shipped for 2 deluxe and 1 standard (IA). I think that's still a little less than what I would have paid for the 2018 reissues from mbv.org.
  7. ordered! the guitar picks are sweet. the shipping is actually not as bad as I thought compared to shipping from the UK. now I may just get the other two from MBV webstore and cancel the recordstore.co.uk order.
  8. mbv deluxe up on bullmoose. don't think we'll see the deluxe version of the other two in the states. I just went with the standard bundle on recordstore.co.uk, better than nothing after all these years waiting.
  9. in the US, went with the standard option on all 3 just to be safe in case even those sold out later.
  10. some on instagram and twitter suggested that these are just kevin making their remastered catalogue available on streaming platforms worldwide. while it’s very welcomed for some i’ll be more excited about reissues/a boxset.
  11. definitely up there as GYBE’s best work. i even enjoyed the “fillers”. they seem more like proper songs than the usual drone noises on previous albums. top of my post-pandemic shows wishlist.
  12. Schlagenheim is my most-listened to album in the last couple of years so I'm really excited about this one. Maybe finally an excuse to stop listening to Black Country, New Road every day 😁 There are a number of options available, just to list the ones I'm aware of: LP + Comic https://shopusa.roughtraderecords.com/cavalcade Picture Disc https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35004132/black-midi-cavalcade-picture-disc LP + Stickers set https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/Cavalcade-CD-Exclusive-Sticker-Set/6X8D0000000 LP+ Flexi (contains a co
  13. a somewhat easy pass for me due to price. love the band but 1LP + Book does seem relatively overpriced compared to the album + coffee table book format released over the last couple of years (think ok computer (3LP and Sigur Ros ( 6LP)). will gladly buy the standalone LP if it ever becomes available.
  14. pretty heavy surface noise on the red. is the white any better?

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