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  1. plaidroom still has the clear in stock for $29.99 that’s $6 cheaper than bullmoose, pretty significant difference, although bm ships for free for min. $30 ($50 for pr)
  2. have u heard from them? i sent cancellation my email 3 days ago but haven’t received a reply/refund yet.
  3. thanks for this. i checked “my order” and it still has the old price. if it does go to the new price i might as well order from cherry red bcos it comes with the postcard
  4. red vinyl for Go! and black repress for ( ) are both available on rough trade UK.
  5. same, just ordered from bank camp for fear of missing out on the beautiful colored vinyl
  6. thanks. i cancelled my cherry red order and saved £11 shipping
  7. up on bullmoose. has the same catalogue number as the 180g black on rough trade uk https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34598499/j%C3%B3nsi-shiver-index-2lp
  8. hopefully US links will be up soon
  9. same. even the shipping to the US is a bit much but for 26 tracks and this is still decent value
  10. you got your wish! they actually packed both sides C and D for a whopping 16 b-side/bonus tracks. https://www.cherryred.co.uk/product/mercury-rev-all-is-dream-double-coloured-vinyl-edition-2lp/
  11. i just left the wristband in there since i wasn’t going to wear it and it perfectly keeps everything in place
  12. ranking albums by the national is unique because everyone has different answers. one man’s list can be in opposite order of another man’s. and one can even have different favorite at different times, never mind having a set 1 through 8. i guess it’s bcos each resonates with the man in different ways. it’s different from ranking, say radiohead albums, most of which are excellent (just like the national) but with radiohead there’s a general consensus that one of okc/in rainbows/kid a is their best. with the national there is a lot more room for debate, everyone album is potentially someone’s favorite i never bother ranking them myself cos i don’t think i’ll be able to. i’m not even sure i have a favorite. i just enjoy them. but it’s interesting seeing everyone’s choices. seeing someone putting the likes of s/t or ssfdl makes me ask myself, did i not give these two albums enough time?