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  1. probably in red too. exactly. i’ve only been a casual kendrick listener but this is his first album that i consider getting on vinyl, until i see the price
  2. if i was getting this i’d probably sell my 2012 XL copy since very rarely do i own multiple copies/variants same record. decided to stick with the old copy because it sounds fantastic and i prefer its inner sleeves artwork by far. wish there were more additional materials than just a firestarter alt take.
  3. when is day 2 and how many days are there?
  4. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35420864/ash-1977 pretty sure FAA will be up there soon.
  5. free all angels: https://store.hmv.com/store/music/vinyl/free-all-angels
  6. this is great, hope they do NCS and FAA soon. would rather them reissue individual albums than the 7” boxset and best of compilation they put out a couple of years ago. i have both releases but think they could have just put out the best of first and done without the singles boxset.
  7. trying to get suede sci fi lullablies shipped from the UK to the US. looks like my best bet is to wait for rough trade to post their unsold inventory friday night local time but if anyone has any EU leads please let me know.
  8. slightly OT but if anyone is going to the ongoing YHT 20 dates, be there early as there’s an tour exclusive 7” available at the merch table. i was there on the first night and they played all of 70 minutes but i think they have since extended the encore by a few tracks but still not close from what you usually get from a wilco show.
  9. i think bullmoose and roughy trade don’t charge until they ship
  10. can’t quite get the arcade fire vibes that a lot of people have talked about but i hear bits of bright eyes, american football and isaac’s vocal is so jarvis cocker as always. i really like this album. ordered the deluxe 4LP as well, just for the live tracks.
  11. definitely excited to hear this when the clock strikes midnight tonight. was superstoked to see them in 3 weeks until the band delivered the shocking news. going to be a bittersweet experience listening to this. based on the singles and the debut i know i will enjoy the new album just as much, if not more. isaac’s departure will be deeply felt. bcnr won’t be the same without him for obvious reasons. perhaps they will make songs without vocal in the future. two albums in two years. perhaps the gap between albums 2 and 3 will be a little longer and the hope is that issac will have recovered from whatever he’s been dealing with and rejoin the band and grace us with his talent once more.
  12. definitely. it’s one of the most beautiful post rock albums i’ve heard. it no longer touches me in the same way it did 15 years ago (i guess that’s what happened to me with post rock in general) but at that time it was one of my most listened albums. i remember having over 100 scrobbles on my last fm for all 4 tracks (it’s a lot when every song is like 15-20 minutes. i’ll probably give it a spin/listen this weekend for old times sake.
  13. caught them live twice when they toured both albums, first time in hong kong second time in new york a decade later. phenomenal band live, and i have very fond memories of showing them around hong kong for one day back in 2007, we were all teenagers/ in our early 20s then. easy to forget they are still relatively young as people despite having been around forever. alreary owned the cd when it came out and bought the vinyl from burnt toast years ago, so i’m unsure if i need a third copy of this for $50. i do think the bandcamp variant is much better than the purple swirl that i got from burnt toast.