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  1. hey man just checking to see if you received yours from AU because i haven’t yet. i’ll shoot them an email today.
  2. hey man just checking to see if you received yours from AU because i haven’t yet. i’ll shoot them an email today.
  3. no, but they finally responded after i used the “contact us” on their website, having sent them several emails and not hearing back. this is what they said: We can confirm your order was shipped on Wed 19/05/21. Your online order has been sent through the regular Post surface mail network without a tracking number. For International Orders, please allow up to 8 to 12 weeks
  4. just opened my target copy, i’d say it’s more opaque than translucent, but a tad more transparent than folklore (when i put folklore over the sleeve i could not see through it but with evermore i could, slightly). evermore is also a cleaner, purer red where with folklore there are swirls of black on the first LP.
  5. amazon have the translucent green. from what i see on discogs the target exclusive red is translucent as well, unlike folklore.
  6. didn’t fell in love with the last one immediately but it has since become my most listened to record of the last two years . this one is a slow burner too, always a challenging listen. went with the rough trade flexi in the end as i’m thrilled to hear the king crimson cover.
  7. ordered from jb hifi to deliver to the US, got an order confirmation but no shipping notification. emailed them two days ago but haven’t got a response.
  8. already own the 2009 reissue but jumped on this anyway as this is hands down my favorite muse album (they used to be so great). the difference between the new remix and original versions of citizen remix is quite clear, the new one definitely sounds more crisp. tempted to sell my 2009 reissue but I guess I'd keep it since I got it for a pretty low price and it's still relatively inexpensive on Discogs.
  9. looks like loveless deluxe is shipping to the US too (for now).
  10. interested in the Nomadland soundtrack but could only find CDs so far. will there be a vinyl release?
  11. took a leaf out of the mbv playbook a few years ago. well i guess it’s a hard pass for me this time.
  12. sold out on bullmoose, still on rough trade UK and i expect it to be up on rough trade US soon. bullmoose’s “we’ll try to get it for you” hasn’t failed me, not yet anyway.
  13. is meteora really £100? https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/linkin-park/meteora anyway, titles i’m interested in are all on the UK list: suede “love and poison” (there’s a London Suede version on the US list) bernard butler “people move on” ash “bbc sessions” mogeai “zero ost”

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