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  1. I don't think so, I have 3 confirmed orders in my emails now though 😂
  2. Have been waiting for this for a while, stoked it's getting a non boxset release... Well I'd love to buy it but merchtables checkout doesn't seem to be working...
  3. The backbite pressing also sounds good, they just fucked the cover, embarassingly so... It would've been a nice package all up if they didn't... I seem to remember they acquired the rights through Atlantic and tried to contact the band and received no response, at least that was their side of the story. This is the last one I need, then I have my full set of the first 3 albums (misprint covers and all) and can ride off into the sunset. Never got into Versions or Tropic Rot, but there is still time.
  4. New Ustalost streaming, super creepy vampire synth USBM from the yellow eyes brothers; vinyl some time next year... https://gileadmedia.bandcamp.com/album/before-the-glinting-spell-unvests
  5. I'm feeling so full of... What's the opposite of 'no regrets'? Regret!? No not that far from no regret... Less no regret? Yeah that's it.... As long as there are some twisted slow spacey solos can still see this being great... Fingers crossed.
  6. Whoa did not expect this to be coming, copped the trans orange... Cost me 70 beans with shipping but no regrets (hopefully) for a Blood Incantation album.
  7. New Charnel Altar https://charnelaltar.bandcamp.com/album/abatement-of-the-sun Going to my first show in about 2 years tomorrow for its release. Support from the even more rad Gutless! https://gutlessmelbourne.bandcamp.com/
  8. Just listened to this as I liked their first EP back in the day, and I like to get vinyl of local bands.... It's so bad, if it was a joke it wouldn't even be funny.
  9. I need this but $30 shipping for a 7 inch... I'm used to paying this for 2lps but fuck me... hopefully this goes up elsewhere. Edit: 7 euro shipping form the EU store still makes an obscene $27 AUD for a 7 inch... I have a blood moon pre order any idea if DW would add this to it?!? I would say it's unlikely as they aren't due for about a decade.... Sooo I emailed them and they added it, how good!!! Thought I'd better update as I'm sure the suspense was killing everyone.
  10. 2 track album? interesting... Love Yodh, Cairn was ok but hasn't clicked with me the same yet. Will be interested to see what this is like...
  11. So this is 90mins on a 2lp?!? Had a little listen and got about half way, some really great parts but totally agree about the production not really hitting the mark...
  12. Dream Unending preorder up at 20BS. Members of Tomb Mold and Innumerable Forms playing early Anathema inspired death doom
  13. Un - Sentiment repress pre order up at https://translationloss.com/ Been waiting for this for a while one of my fav funeral doom albums in recent times.
  14. Dark Descent had new Hyperdontia for pre order but already gone from Bandcamp.
  15. Got my copy from Amazon today. Just wanted to let everyone know the correct way to listen to this if you are listening to all 4 sides is to play the D side first 😁
  16. 10.21 is a great album but is sounds like shit... Would want a remix/remaster if it was to get pressed, probably 0 chance of it getting this treatment...
  17. It's the threads fault that the human I've never noticed post anything in said thread missed out on a record 😂
  18. Not sure if this has already been posted?? Grief - Come to Grief re-issue on swamp green https://www.dropdeadhc.com/product/grief-come-to-grief-extended-2lp Black from Throne records for the Euro's https://thronerecords.bigcartel.com/product/grief-come-to-grief-extended-vinyl-2lp-black-ltd-200
  19. Oh man thought you said Buried Inside for a moment there.... New Carcass
  20. The breakdowns in ...the death of 10,000... Have some of the biggest hang time ever heard 🤯

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