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  1. New Mizmor track https://www.npr.org/sections/allsongs/2019/07/09/737961358/vikings-choice-get-lost-in-long-songs
  2. Welp this is fucking sick https://uniqueleaderrecords.bandcamp.com/album/existential-disconnect
  3. Fuuuuuck do I dare go for a 3rd pre order this week??? Want that /150 but $60+... I know they will be like $300 on discogs though.... The new tracks were sick live definitely felt like it was shaping up as a bit heavier than departure songs.
  4. If anyone can find somewhere that has pre orders for this with shipping that costs less than the records I would appreciate it... Would really like to get a yellow or blue but gonna cost me $65+ to order direct from Gilead I guess 20 Buck Spin will get them but would rather secure one now if I can... Edit: Mizmor big cartel selling test presses of Yodh and others as well https://mizmor.bigcartel.com/ So if I could read death wish Europe and dry cough also have the preorder dry cough works out cheapest for me but only by about $5 both still have yellow available which is sold out on Gilead.
  5. Got the coloured one, the track rips! What's this bullet hell grind album series it speaks of on the Bandcamp? The definitive ending to the piloted bullet hell grind album series started in 1992
  6. Listening on Bandcamp now, seriously good stuff. Is there any info on the concept of this record and why the tracks are broken into multiple parts etc.?
  7. Yeah you're right, I got the impression it was a different master but it was just that he put the vinyl audio of Errata on Bandcamp.
  8. Convulsing represses https://convulsing.bigcartel.com/products
  9. I really like the 2 long tracks from memory, waiting for my lp to arrive to get blissed and dive deep in to this.
  10. Yeah maybe that's why I consider them not so much a joke band but definitely not a serious band, and as we all know Metal is life or death serious only.... Yeah that was the other thing about Black Breath being on there because the criteria stipulated active recording bands only and they don't seem to be that....
  11. Mutoid Man are ok but wouldn't have thought they would be top 5 anything... I just skimmed the list they referred to Black Breath as powerviolence lol
  12. Full album streaming on Bandcamp https://earth.bandcamp.com/album/full-upon-her-burning-lips not really sure why they released cats on the briar first as imo it's probably the least impressive track on the album... Album is standard Earth I guess but I love standard Earth. Grabbed a green galaxy from https://evilgreed.net/collections/earth wanted that long sleeve too