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  1. New Contaminated album is siiiick https://bloodharvestrecords.bandcamp.com/album/celebratory-beheading
  2. Favourite albums for 2023? For me in Hardcore it's Envision - The Gods That Built Tomorrow Which also have one of the best bandcamp reviews I've seen: It's like if Voivod didn't do drugs and were raised by single mothers.
  3. Favourite albums for 2023? For me in extreme metal it's Dodheimsgard - Black Medium Current
  4. Dang this Afterbirth record is sick https://afterbirthnydeathmetal.bandcamp.com/album/in-but-not-of Definitely one for the Artificial brain fans features member/s
  5. Also a couple of variants at Last Ride Records for the home town fans
  6. New Stargazer EP https://shop.nwnprod.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=38471&search=Stargazer&sort=rating&order=DESC
  7. The new album is great, CD version definitely worthwhile, the 44 min track is a journey worth taking.
  8. https://20buckspin.bandcamp.com/album/shambhallic-vibrations This just blew my mind
  9. Something for fans of heavy dark beatdowns grabbed a tape. https://cravedeath.bandcamp.com/album/die-slow
  10. New song sounds like a poor man's Torche with bad karaoke vocals.
  11. Nordvis was the best option for me price wise, that blue splatter is /100, where as I think the smoke from nordvis is /500 😑 Still cost me nearly $80 aud but I have committed to trying to get the whole Agalloch catalogue on vinyl as they come available again... just need Serpent and the Sphere for all albums now I think (including a couple of Grau pressings).
  12. No shrieks according the ALN... been luke warm on his last couple since Yodh, will give it a listen when it comes out...
  13. Ok, yeah I mean it's their shit they can do as they please... lots of people seem to be digging it, but if they kept it a similar sounding lofi production, seems to contradict their reasoning a little....

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