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  1. Late to the party on this, new Gehenna album rips. Filthy blackend hxc https://ironlungrecords.bandcamp.com/album/negative-hardcore-lungs-188 The new AN track is pretty sweet gives me Modern Life is War vibez, which can only be a good thing...
  2. Anyone that ordered Bekor Qilish from I voidhanger get it or shipping notification yet?
  3. Dang, not digging that new Scalp track so much, sounds devoid of the powerviolence influence I felt and appreciated on Domestic Extremity. Not terrible just sounds a bit slower cleaner and more calculated to my ear...
  4. Annual Decibel top 40 albums post https://www.decibelmagazine.com/2022/11/10/spoiler-here-are-decibels-top-40-albums-of-2022/ I've heard 2 of these in full Mizmor + Thou & Chat Pile; and was luke warm on both... *shrug emoji Need to check out that Eight Bells though big fan of their last album, and Mortuous amongst others.
  5. Witchcraft - Legend 10th anniversary repress https://www.svartrecords.com/en/product/witchcraft-legend/10823
  6. New Extortion is fucking sick, fast face ripping HC 11 tracks 9 mins. https://extortion.bandcamp.com/album/seething For listening only, Aus pressing sold out, US pressing coming soon apparently
  7. Faceless Burial on the Melbourne shows too. I've been on a massive hardcore kick the last 6-12 months so havent heard much metal released this year... can second Innumerable Forms though and add Artificial Brain... will be keen to check that Woods of Desolation when it comes out... Still more on the HC side but Extortion dropped a new album https://extortion.bandcamp.com/album/seething 11 tracks, 9mins of fast as fuck hardcore.
  8. Thread needs a bump... Got this line up in a couple of nights time Dead Congregation Blood Incantation Stargazer 🤯
  9. Not sure if I missed this earlier but new All Out War coming out via https://translationloss.com/collections/all-out-war-celestial-rot
  10. The new song is pretty good, it's a shame they're not doing an album... Wasnt super interest in this reissue at first but might have to get it now 🤔
  11. Yeah that song sucks, cliche maroon 5 sounding shit... And after paying stupid dollars for the reissues from clouds hill then to have a million variants available everywhere way cheaper... there is zero chance I'll preorder this at 40 euro plus shipping.

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