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  1. 2notepockets

    Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders

    Rune - The End Of Nothing Requires a vinyl release: https://runemetal.bandcamp.com/album/the-end-of-nothing-special-edition
  2. 2notepockets

    Black Metal Discussion Thread

    My impression was this is the final releases they will be doing. listening to the sampler on band camp gonna have to get the Det eviga leendet album too this track slays. https://bandcamp.fallenempirerecords.com/album/- Also the Acathexis track is crazy good
  3. stream struggling bad now
  4. Stream has been great thankful they did it hopefully many of the people watching have something spare to contribute.
  5. Holy smokes Isis fucking incredible, can't even imagine how massive it would sound there
  6. 2notepockets

    Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders

    Yeah sounds like it i need to get that Skaphe2, there are some i want to grab from the later groups so hopefully they leave preorders up for a while...
  7. 2notepockets

    Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders

    in case anyone missed it Caleb Scofield memorial show streaming live here: https://scofieldbenefit.merchtable.com/?no_redirect=true OMG on now, Isis reunion later
  8. https://scofieldbenefit.merchtable.com/?no_redirect=true - Live stream OMG currently destroying!!!!
  9. 2notepockets

    Black Metal Discussion Thread

    Looked like the final Fallen Empire release schedule some must haves in this MISÞYRMING and Skaphe in particular for me... only making as many as get ordered The shop is back open until October 19th. Enter '3HOPCE' at checkout for 20% off your total, no restrictions. https://store.fallenempirerecords.com/ From here on out, all releases will be made-to-order, since there's no longer any reason to generate excess inventory. We will be running a fixed pre-order period for each release, and however many copies get ordered through the shop + our distributors will be what is made. Here's what's left: --- OCTOBER 26 ANDEIS - SERVANTS OF THE COLD NIGHT LP DET EVIGA LEENDET - LENIENCE LP LUNAR MANTRA - GENESIS LP KRUKH - БЕЗГЛУЗДІСТЬ! LP SKÁPHE - UNTITLED MLP SKÁPHE - SKÁPHE² LP TRIUMVIR FOUL - SPIRITUAL BLOODSHED LP* WORMLUST - THE FERAL WISDOM LP NOVEMBER ACATHEXIS - S/T LP ARKHTINN - 最初の災害 LP^ HHWAUOCH - S/T LP^ MAHR - ANTELUX LP^ MARE COGNITUM - PHOBOS MONOLITH DLP MARE COGNITUM - LUMINIFEROUS AETHER DLP VOIDSPHERE - TO AWAIT | TO EXPECT LP^ DECEMBER 26 DEATH FORTRESS - REIGN OF THE UNENDING LP GUÐVEIKI - VÆNGFÖR LP LUBBERT DAS - DE PLAGEN LP MISÞYRMING - SÖNGVAR ELDS OG ÓREIÐU LP SERPENT COLUMN - INVICTA MLP TCHORNOBOG - S/T DLP *Released by Vrasubatlat. Distributed by Fallen Empire. ^Digital by Fallen Empire. Physical by Amor Fati. Pre-orders for North American people will be available via Fallen Empire. PS: Some of these will also be released on cassette. Stay tuned to find out which. --- Additionally, we have prepared a sampler for new releases that will be handled exclusively by FE: https://bandcamp.fallenempirerecords.com/album/- ANDEIS // DET EVIGA LEENDET // KRUKH // LUBBERT DAS // ACATHEXIS // DEATH FORTRESS // SERPENT COLUMN // GUÐVEIKI Cover art for each release (except for Death Fortress) can be seen by visiting the specific track pages. --- Previews of the Amor Fati / ПРАВА Коллектив releases, along with the November batch release date, will be posted later. --- Start the timer.
  10. 2notepockets

    Best of 2018 - First Half of the Year

    This is pretty great, members of the drones, currently touring with modest mouse apparently... https://tropicalfstorm.bandcamp.com/album/a-laughing-death-in-meatspace
  11. Anyone wanna buy a 1st pressing in a ties that bind sleeve? Lol https://www.discogs.com/Mouth-Of-The-Architect-Quietly/release/4125308
  12. Ditto, only issue is how to effectively hide this purchase from the misses Anywhere else getting these? I would really like to get the 100 but happy to land the 200 at a reasonable international shipping rate.
  13. 2notepockets

    Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders

    Yeah I slept on getting one and missed the boat there's one of the black on discogs for $25 I think...
  14. 2notepockets

    Po : Slow Crush - Aurora

    Didn't realise Nothing had 2 albums coming out so close to each other