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  1. Been digging Irkallian Oracle lately https://nuclearwarnowproductions.bandcamp.com/album/grave-ekstasis
  2. Low stock on Transcendence into the peripheral. Grabbed the /200, album is a classic.
  3. New Alex Poole (Chaos Moon, Skaphe) track: http://www.invisibleoranges.com/haxanu-premiere/
  4. The song isn't bad I quite enjoyed it but it didn't have my undivided attention when I was listening, was kinda waiting for it to take off ala sanctuary but there where no whoa! Fuck me! Moments that's for sure...
  5. Will probably preorder the azure blue locally, haven't heard the track but Reflections... Was the album of the year for me when it came out so will probably buy regardless looking forward to it.
  6. Ha I listened to this in the car the other day, my daughter picked the CD for the pink cover. Can confirm it has not aged well...
  7. Eisenwald has posted the entire new Turia album on their you tubes excellent frosty melodic black metal I would post the video but when I do it just posts a shitty link...
  8. Oh fuck the teaser sounds fucking excellent too 🤯 https://youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3D2ymS3P9lcuY&ved=2ahUKEwj8lbOouL_nAhWWYisKHUe_A1MQwqsBMAB6BAgGEAQ&usg=AOvVaw2DGviJ_vDzqLffnWzR-nfU
  9. As in the extreme metal thread any other preorder options for limited versions appreciated currently record shopx whoever they are, are the cheapest for me at about $80 AUD which is at least $20 too much for my liking...
  10. So Oranssi Pazuzu just dropped a new album preorder, fucking fuming it's on nuclear blast... 28 euro for shipping from their German store to Australia when shipping from Germany/ DHL is usually about 7 euro... Gold on German store /300 Splat on US store /1250 If anyone sees any other international options pop up please let me know 🤦‍♂️😔
  11. Saw Carcass post about this for ripping off their untouchable classic album's title.... This is surely a contender for worst album of the year just based on the track names alone...
  12. 1 track each off the Mare Cognitum /Spectral lore album for streaming: http://www.invisibleoranges.com/mare-cognitum-spectral-lore-dual-premiere/ Kinda wish I didn't listen though, now seriously considering paying the $100ish it will cost me to pick this up 🤔 The Mare Cognitum is a BM banger, the Spectral Lore throwing some funeral doom vibes around.
  13. Shrinebuilder reissue preorders up at deathwish and neurot Deathwish /100 sold out 😔
  14. Starting to catch up on some of last year's releases Alcest are playing black metal again... This is the closest thing they have done to Ecaillies... https://alcest.bandcamp.com/album/spiritual-instinct
  15. Mizmor 3lp compilation of early splits and first album up at Gilead, will be available through dry cough also when they are pressed.