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  1. Finally got my copy of the new Ulcerate this thing is gnarly, can't see it being topped this year...
  2. Esoctrilihum full album stream on invisible organges. Been digging through the back catalogue after hearing the first tracks released, real goood. https://www.invisibleoranges.com/esoctrilihum-premiere-review/
  3. Anyone catch the Oranssi Pazuzu live stream of them playing the new album in full? Settling in for a Sunday Arvo hangover watch now: https://youtu.be/PfANRKPnC8M
  4. Have used the internet before, the drop down doesn't ahhh drop down, on my phone at least. it does for other things like the shirts but not the vinyl... Not overly concerned.
  5. Secured that Basick version gonna cost me about $15 less than merch now, and that purple looks cool af. There was no option to select black or splatter. Can we have a repress of ...Magnum Heart now please
  6. Sulphur English was the best record of 2019 imo, I can live without owning a covers lp. That Neil Young cover is pretty sweet though... Wonder if they are trying to get out of their relapse deal, isn't that what cover albums are usually for?
  7. How bout I post what I like, sorry you find it stressful lol
  8. Although I agree with your sentimonies reminds me so much of this: https://thehardtimes.net/music/hardcore-conclave-meets-decide-pop-punk-bands-get-pass/ No
  9. I like it definitely their mellowest album, but in no way a huge departure from earlier work. I would say it is probably most similar to Lore. The end of Halcyon rules hard
  10. I like the track, but the drums sound like shit, just really low in the mix or something... When your hitting em at 20bpm I like em to sound massive...
  11. New Ulcerate fucking rips http://www.invisibleoranges.com/stream-ulcerates-new-album-stare-into-death-and-be-still/
  12. Yeah I searched and not many places seemed to have copies at all... Full album up and some super limited tapes available if that's your thing... https://oranssipazuzu.bandcamp.com/