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  1. Sleep going on indefinite hiatus ☹️ especially devastating as their tour here got cancelled because the promoter was a creep... On the flip side maybe a new Om album???
  2. Is the art work by Whitehead? The label FB post says artwork by 'Abomination Hammer' lol On a side note I saw Eyehategod for the first time last night and it was super rad 🤯
  3. A couple of new Krukh tracks for the black metal fiends: https://krukh.bandcamp.com/
  4. The Beatdisc variant : 'Bone White (opaque) with Heavy Aqua Blue (opaque) and Sea Blue (translucent) Splatter' and this pressing is limited to 100 copies
  5. Oh that track is great, haven't listened to any of this band since Death Mask (which I liked a lot). The melodic ambient riff around 2:50 stole my soul
  6. I can only hope this lives up to the unrivaled quality of the Ascension Monuments represses 🤨
  7. Saw on the socials that Profound Lore is putting out a 4 LP remastered version of Leviathan - Verrater
  8. Radical research pod cast dissecting the new album (fair to say they like it) plenty of audio snippets too, sounds great! http://radicalresearch.org/episode-38-fathom-by-fathom-by-fathom-kayo-dots-blasphemy/
  9. Howling giant: sounds like Elder meets Yuri Gagarin with a pinch of Fu manchu https://howlinggiant.bandcamp.com/album/black-hole-space-wizard-part-2 New album also available for preorder
  10. Tool were my favourite band for a very long time I probably considered them as such up until 10,000 days was released (and wasn't anywhere near the 2 previous albums imo)... Anywho the way they are going about releasing this new album is actually really pissing me off, I was only probably 25% chance to consider purchasing it in any form, I'm now at 0% Tool are now a parody of themselves any one buying a 'deluxe limited' physical version of this is as stupid as people who believe in god...
  11. New Blut Aus Nord: https://www.debemur-morti.com/en/32-blut-aus-nord-shop
  12. I respectfully disagree regarding Arluck, I'm not overly enamoured with the track on its own but in the album it has context... Feels like it's a real slow burn with the first 2 tracks before Milano steps in to melt faces. It's almost like they released Arluck first to not give too much away...
  13. It's like they have used the gaming console price model - what's the most we can possibly charge and people will still want this? After 3 months they'll be 50, 6 months 30.... Then the standard jewel case will miraculously appear for 10
  14. Track is pretty poor for mine, boring AF 10 mins of tacked on typical Tool by the numbers shit all over this...
  15. So I missed this new Bergraven dropped in March https://bergraven.bandcamp.com/album/det-framlidna-minnet Loved the album hydra head put out many years ago this is also pretty rad. It's kind like what Opeth might sound like if they went more kvlt and less prog.