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  1. Expensive represses of Yob Illusion of Motion and The Unreal Never Lived https://www.indiemerch.com/metalbladerecords
  2. Second pressing of the new Mare Cognitum also there for pre order. Would love to grab these if they pop up elsewhere with more economical shipping....
  3. New Mare Cognitum full album streaming on full via black metal promotion on YouTube
  4. This looks like a good time https://roadburn.com/line-up/
  5. Sadist Nation and Undoing Ruin are peak Darkest Hour imo.
  6. Finally got my copy of the Mirror Reaper repress hand delivered by an old lady from 2 streets away who received it in error... This album will take you places, heavy emotionally and sonically. Such a great record.
  7. I'll be upfront and say I've never heard this band or know anything about them, however is everything a Deftones reference?
  8. New Paysage d'hiver https://paysagedhiver.bandcamp.com/album/geister
  9. Just saw some actual pics on the profound lore insta they look nice I got the blue... Pressing 500 each They're repressing Foundations of Burden which I also need but 1 is enough for today https://profoundlorerecords.merchtable.com/
  10. New Wode coming out on 20 Buck Spin, pre order late Feb https://listen.20buckspin.com/album/burn-in-many-mirrors
  11. Don't know if this has been posted or not but new Spine preorders up on Bridge 9 album is sick https://bridge9.bandcamp.com/album/l-o-v
  12. So has anyone got the low down on Heavy Psych Sounds? Interested in those Dozer reissues also digging War Lung, not sure I'm a fan of the pricing structure and the lack of some releases on band camp though.... Are they legit? Never dealt with them before....

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