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  1. Album art reminds me of Celtic Frost’s Emperor’s Return ep
  2. I became obsessed with Thou a little over 10 years ago when I first heard ‘Fucking chained...’ from Tyrant. At the same time I was just getting into vinyl and made the decision to get a copy of every release they put out on wax (yikes!). Proud to say I’m still on that mission a decade later. So I’m very familiar with their whole discography. I’d recommend just starting from the beginning. I love everything they’ve put out though. Hard to think of a more prolific band in the past decade. Also, always go see them live if you can...
  3. Ok. Just read Pitchfork’s article. The guy’s clearly a creep. At the same time, what 19 y/o goes to a musician’s hotel room at 1 AM and think ‘he just wants to talk’? RUFKM? I’m not into victim shaming but holy shit. And then she admits to multiple consensual sex encounters afterwards? The fuck is that? Completely fucking ridiculous is what it is.
  4. This is the harsh truth...Haze is too fuckin busy and his time is too valuable to fuk wit a lost $5 CD. There. I said it.