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  1. ‘The Waiting Hurt’ is such a damn good song. I’m having flashbacks from 20 years ago thinking about it.
  2. Derek I’m burying the hatchet on you rn at least myself. It’s just frustrating watching threads go to hell over the stupidest shit and clearly I didn’t contribute to the greater cause by calling you out. Whateva. Clearly I don’t know all the history between you and JFC... It’s Labor Day and I popped off...oops. I really like the new Tool record btw and the only song I don’t really care for is Descending oddly...looking forward to my Amazon shipment arriving hopefully later this week!
  3. Derek loves to feed the trolls which then feeds his post count. Never have I come across a more long winded and insufferable poster online. Gets triggered over the stupidest shit and whines to mods for help. Pathetic all around. I’ll gladly dip out now and let Derek do his usual white whale thang... whaaa whaaa Uncle Joey is spamming towerrecords and sam goody vinyl POs whaaaa plz ban him hurr durr. Fuck off already and try getting a fucking life that doesn’t revolve around monitoring this board 24/7 and chiming in on every thread you can.
  4. Watching that kid thrash through the cd packaging was hilarious IMO
  5. Dude, Brody has only gotten hotter with age. I saw them live last year and loved every second of it.
  6. Got a shipping notification for this today...
  7. Too hard to pass up the /100 Live in L.A.! Can't wait to receive it.
  8. https://colloquialsoundrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/broken-play Welcome back APL! The songs I've listened to so far all rip.
  9. https://nooneknowswhatthedeadthink.bandcamp.com/album/no-one-knows-what-the-dead-think https://www.willowtip.com/releases/details/no-one-knows-what-the-dead-think-no-one-knows-what-the-dead-think-lp.aspx
  10. OK so I got the clear splatter in today and gave it a spin. The artwork for this thing is just gorgeous, and the records themselves are beautiful as well. As for the music...it's fucking great. I already like it more than either Purple or Y&G. The production is perfectly fine after listening to it in full IMO. Speaking of which I love the cheeky little phrases on the labels themselves e.g. 'frequency overload' & 'brickwall sounds' .