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  1. DEAD BODIES EVERYWHERRRRRRRRRRRRE Definitely a guilty pleasure.
  2. twatay

    Pearl Jam fans

    I'm very tempted to roll the dice here and PO one of these...
  3. Trade list?
  4. James Plotkin remastered it specifically for vinyl, and a new master is cut, brah. Plus new/re-worked artwork from the man himself. :-P
  5. Producer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter and vocalist Devonté Hynes returns with his fourth album as Blood Orange, Negro Swan, released on Domino on August 24, 2018. The Domino Mart deluxe double LP is pressed on limited edition gold vinyl with a double sided 24 x 36 poster. The indie retail version deluxe double LP is pressed on orange vinyl.
  6. Looks like the Cave In's UYHS repress is back up and available.
  7. Might as well lock this thread, meow.
  8. The bronze/black combo with orange, gold and bone splatter is kind of like looking at the artist's paint palette while they were creating the album artwork. Pretty cool IMO.
  9. twatay

    PO NOW: Taproot — Gift (MOV)

    Talk about a blast from the past!
  10. Don't you mean the dude from Russian Circles and Sumac?
  11. This is delivering today for me apparently. Very much looking forward to spinning it this evening.