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  1. Just received my 7” boxset. This thing is NICE! Heavy duty 45s. The box has a micro-fuzzy tactile feel and a quality handle. Really well done IMO. About to spin some and hear how it sounds. Oh and the packaging/unboxing was perfect.
  2. I ordered mine directly from the Tool website. Arrived in a nice and sturdy cardboard mailer. Triple gatefold jacket was mint. Record C/D is warped some but played flawlessly.
  3. So I listened to my copy last night. Sounds fucking incredible! Like whoa. 😲 Such a great record. Happy to have seen most of it performed live too. Glad I passed on the 5LP box.
  4. Is the Badmotofo track listing wrong showing only A and B sides? No C and then D being an etching?
  5. Fuck that, ‘New Reality’ is one of the strongest tracks on the album. Badass opener. Gets stuck in my head!
  6. I was kinda late to Beach House myself. I randomly caught this performance on PBS and became an instant fan…. ‘Rough Song’ on Charlie Rose