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  1. Anyone else disgusted by having to look at a nearly decade old thread about a random glassjaw gimmick record on the front page every time they look at this forum?? I used to enjoy the band 20 years ago too. But fucking hell, lock this tiresome thread and put this band out of it’s misery once at for all.
  2. A cool couple million in revenue in 48 hrs from a special edition PO that has a year long lead time...that is pretty crazy.
  3. To me, the cover appears to be a thick art piece with crystals embedded/jutting out. I briefly glanced at the artist’s webstore and saw a bunch of different pieces with the same crystal aesthetic (note: all showing sold out). I’m curious if the clear LPs are actually held inside the art piece or not? Also wondering if the clear LPs ship separately from the crystal cover? Perhaps I’m overthinking all of this.
  4. Thank me later mothatruckas... https://www.shoxop.com/products/melvins-sabbath-10-factory-editions-black
  5. Went with the ghostly variant from Rise just based on the mockup. Rolling the dice hah
  6. New Bolt Thrower reissues from Metal Blade are up: https://www.indiemerchstore.com/b/bolt-thrower/12in This is not a drill!
  7. Decided to see if any of these were in stock in my area. Look online, see there's one in stock at a downtown location. Drive to downtown Target, they don't have it in stock. Employee shows me they're sold out everywhere except for one store south of town with 6 copies in stock. I say fuck it and head south. Get there, head to the vinyl section, see no PJ. Ask an employee if they have any in the back, he says no it would be out on the shelf and to check the end cap. Sure enough I go back and check the end cap which faces the back of the store and see multiple copies in stock. I'm briefl
  8. Not surprised by that at all. Of course I bought mine aftermarket for way over $100...still no regrets after seeing your post. But still!
  9. Damn. That was a hell of a heads up there earlier. That version is worth way more than $60 ha
  10. Alright that's it, I'm throwing down $50 and have dibs on tests from Darkest Hour, Thursday, Snapcase, Taking Back Sunday, Bury Your Dead, and Comeback Kid. Thanks!
  11. Imagine getting upset over Metallica reissuing their classic records exclusively with the country’s biggest retailer (and distributor) in 2020.
  12. Too much risk involved here for me personally, but I’m really curious how this auction plays out.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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