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  1. LOL, we're done here. Bye Derek!! Have a nice day!!
  2. I'm the cunt?? That's funny. I'm just going to laugh really hard one more time at the fucktard with almost 13,000 posts (sad) complaining about the 12 year old with not even 400 posts lingering on the board. Really, how dense are you? I'm the worst kind of troll in your mind because I easily piss you off and you can't handle it. The big bad white whale is not used to 12 year olds trolling the fuck out of them. You never answered my question regarding meditation. I honestly think it would help your mental state. P.S. I'm sorry you shat yourself when you were in 2nd grade. I truly hope that was the only occasion.
  3. 'Good memory'...right. Clearly you took downvotes or whatever personally and still hold a grudge. Sort of pitiful if you ask me. Also, obviously I don't think it holds near as much weight as you do, but my 'community reputation' shows up as 'Good'. That sure is weird for being such a 'stain' on this board! It's just too easy to provoke a reaction from you, Derek. It's that simple. It goes back to you getting upset over me defending the band and making fun of the people who were piling on (you being one of them). You reacted as if I was calling for no differing opinions or dissent when really all I did was just made fun of the haters. You took it personally, kept coming back with the most copycat replies, and now here we are. You exposing yourself as the stalker of Twatay who can't take a little joke. It's OK bud, it gets better, I promise. Have you ever tried meditation?
  4. Wut. Apparently I just pissed off my VC stalker!! LMFAO. You can't handle my rebuttals bruh. Take the 'L' already and find another thread to inflate your post count some more. Pretty please?
  5. Funny how 90% of your posts in this thread are simply aping my replies/formatting. But yea bro, lecture me more about how I'm the 'shit tier troll'! LMAO Now I will say the finish on this Bud Lite Lime is exquisite, and I cannot wait for the Foos to get inducted into the R&R HOF!!!!
  6. Aw, you were so close to an original reply!! What would you do without me?!?
  7. I'll never forget the time I ran into a hardcore PJ fan at an airport. I was in the TSA security line and the PJ fan was asked why they were traveling and the fan just kept saying 'Pearl Jam' over and over in the most bizarre and robotic way, like they were hypnotized every time they said the words 'Pearl Jam'. It was so fucking weird and cringe inducing I had to reassess my own fandom of the band. Truly eye opening.
  8. Apparently I have a lot of pull regarding this thread's title! LMAO Shout out to Derek, you big ol' white whale, you!
  9. So then maybe you should become a producer...
  10. High On Fire - Bat Salad (RSD 2019) code: 664-3227P3FHGNVC
  11. EVERYBODY PILE ON BARONESS!! AKA Nickelback lite hurr durrr! Are people seriously preordering this band's albums and complaining over the new singles 7 YEARS after Yellow & Green came out?? That's rich! Also, suckers! Or maybe flippers... Hah. Haters coming out the woodwork to blast a band that has only gotten more popular with every release. Love it, and I guess that's to be expected. Baroness rules. Comparing them to the Foo Fighters is hilarious btw. Also, I don't think the band has lost anything with regards to complexity ('Seasons' for example). The rhythm section is tight as a mug, and the new female guitarist shreds. Bring on the hate.
  12. I went with the 'Fire' variant from Gimme Radio since it came out to be a buck cheaper than 20BS because of free shipping.