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  1. twatay

    various download codes

    Glacial Tomb - S/T LP Code: xfcx-62fu Pandiscordian Necrogenesis - Outer Supernal Code: vqjwjj8h
  2. twatay

    various download codes

    AFI - The Missing Man EP Code: Q3DJF9VDHVA3S
  3. Pissgrave can rest it piss. Wow! Such shock! Such gore and transgression!! Fucking losers.
  4. Agree on the packaging. It has a texture unlike any other album I own. Also, I noticed the clear splatter is now available outside of the bundle...makes me wish I had waited just a little longer. Oh well... Lean, catchy EP.
  5. $60 for a new record directly from the band at a live show is almost a slap in the face. Like what the fuck? I love Sleep but that is some serious price gouging/cash grabbing. Insanity.
  6. https://darkoperative.myshopify.com/collections/vinyl/products/power-trip-opening-fire-2008-2014-lp
  7. twatay

    various download codes

    Here a couple Gilead Media releases: Forn - Rites of Despair code: nbpz-j64z Inexorum - Lore of the Lakes code: nzsj-yfz6 Redeem at: gileadmedia.bandcamp.com/yum
  8. Was there. It was fucking awesome overall. Just now seeing this thread. OMG's set became epic about half way through I remember thinking and didn't let up. Pelican came out and destroyed, I'm very much looking forward to their new album next year. Isis...what else is there to say...it was great seeing them perform again. Cliff's solo at the end of So Did We melted my brain. Same with the Celestial extended ending. Cave In were great as well. Actually ended up leaving before Zozobra went on...big mistake since Bannon came out and sang vocals. Hanging out in the lounge/bar area I ran into Danny Carey a couple times. That was cool. Dude's a giant. The only downside were the drink prices!! $17 for a beer, granted it was a huge beer but still.
  9. twatay

    various download codes

    No problem. Have a question though. Did that download have a song titled 'God Bless' for the last track?
  10. twatay

    various download codes

    Blood Orange - Negro Swan www.dominorecordco.com/claim secret code: ZRC96V5N
  11. Now the fun becomes which color sells out first, second, etc...
  12. Just got the test pressing, plus each color, and Danzig's dead cat!!!