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  1. twatay

    various download codes

    No problem. Have a question though. Did that download have a song titled 'God Bless' for the last track?
  2. twatay

    various download codes

    Blood Orange - Negro Swan www.dominorecordco.com/claim secret code: ZRC96V5N
  3. Now the fun becomes which color sells out first, second, etc...
  4. Just got the test pressing, plus each color, and Danzig's dead cat!!!
  5. Oh yea?! Well I'm not buying cause Napster! Hmmph!! Take that, 'tallica!!
  6. LOL. Did you listen to it just once? Could you even make it through? Thou bringing the pain as only they can hahah
  7. **DongLover carrying pizza boxes gif** Holy fuck this thread is insanity. I'm proud to have played a key role in B-dosia's meltdown. Maybe he can quote my post from the first page for a fourth time!?!
  8. I’d put money behind Post as well. Earl’s just jealous that a white boi w/ cornrows has already had more hit singles than he ever will.
  9. DEAD BODIES EVERYWHERRRRRRRRRRRRE Definitely a guilty pleasure.