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  1. circles on circles on circles on circles on circles on circles on circles on circles on circles on circles nice
  2. pretty sure pirates press are also the ones transitioning to that shitty looking splatter we are seeing on everything now. could be why....
  3. Jesse Lacey hurt my feelings wahhh am I doing this right
  4. https://deathwishinc.com/products/greet-death-dixieland translucent blue vinyl
  5. has anyone confirmed actual black copies? many people who ordered “black” or the default ended up getting Pink this is a fantastic little album
  6. the listings on the site were updated with in-hand photos of the completed vinyl so they will be shipping soon; also hasn’t even been a week past the ESTIMATED shipping time.. y’all need to learn PO patience lol
  7. were you dropped on your head? its a fact their back catalog has surface noise issues. good to know you’re still upset though, I’ll keep up the quality content just for you, mr. triple digits
  8. those complaining about surface noise must not be familiar with previous Whirr pressings lol
  9. If the handpoured versions of past releases never reached those amounts, neither will this. people can ask however much they want but this shit ain’t selling for “triple digits” despite your gatekeeping
  10. kinda confused, it says new colorway but isn’t this the last reissue that was a tour exclusive with remaining copies online? unless this is more of those?
  11. to anyone that located tracking, was it via informed delivery or a shipping confirmation?
  12. https://silentpendulumrecords.bandcamp.com/album/portals-arsonists-get-all-the-girls
  13. my silver copy sounds great, I would suggest looking into your tracking force/VTF issues, as some styles of music may track heavier. TRL presses a quality record.