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  1. the observatory recording of LITSOS now on streaming sounds pretty bad.... almost zero dynamics in the mix.
  2. okay, miss pro troll 1000 who uses this excuse when her feelings get toooo hurt lmao thx for the paragraph loser. now make yourself useful and post a pic of your stupid ass revolver variant so we can all laugh at you more. time to get this thread back on track!
  3. Check out the VC discord server, if that’s something of interest
  4. the scalpers use this forum as a primary resource, just FYI
  5. we get it, you’re still mad and crying because I called you out for having no life. Please continue to confirm this for us, it’s quite entertaining (and mildly disturbing) PS how’s that revolver variant treating you? 🤣
  6. Brb going to count the splatters on all my variants to make sure they are all achieving maximum market value
  7. Be sure to cc Touche on that email so you can let them know you don’t care about the actual music either.
  8. My question is - how do plants QA a variant batch like that and say “yep, looks good - send them out!” There seems to be a huge disconnect with how some variants have turned out lately...
  9. As a huge OPN fan, this album is so meh. doesnt feel like I’m even listening to the same artist anymore...
  10. Evil greed /300 https://evilgreed.net/collections/portrayal-of-guilt/products/portrayal-of-guilt-we-are-always-alone-lp
  11. just remember, 2600 really means 3000 😉 new songs are great
  12. Slightly better pic of butterfly variant: still doesn’t look that great but is dead silent and sounds good. definitely miles better than DOTBT in every way. current highlight = Catch a Fade
  13. who even asked for these stupid “butterfly effect” variants? If I never saw another it would be too soon
  14. Haven’t been impressed by any of the singles so really hoping the rest of the album saves this.