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  1. I also didn't receive anything about cancellation yet, but fear the same thing. I posted here the morning I made my order and it was sold out a little bit later. For anyone who got refunds for this PO, which variant did you get? Seems like most are Mycelium but idk.
  2. I play and stream Super Mario Maker 2 a lot. I'm almost done with Luigi's Mansion 3. I am gonna start Breath of the Wild soon. I also have a Super Analogue NT that allows me to play SNES carts or ROM hacks, so I have a bunch of SMW kaizo hacks that I'm playing through.
  3. Oh nice, I missed those. Weren't the "original" boots of red variety around 40-50 before shipping? I could be making that up, I wasn't paying attention. -------------------------- There are a couple of the grey and clear marble variants floating around some of the secondhand sites right now if you want to pay ~150-200.
  4. I saw some of these listings on discogs as they popped up. Really affordable stuff and I wish I snagged that Fear Before the March of Flames album. I ended up getting Anatomy of a Ghost, CTTS, and a couple of other items.
  5. Sorry to bump an old thread, but it looks like there was another bootleg pressing of STS. I don't really know where it came from or anything, but I've seen a few pop up on second hand sites. Discogs Release Page - AFI Sing the Sorrow Grey Marble & Clear Marble
  6. Ebay is what led me to learn about this release, actually. Thankfully MerchNow still had some available as of this morning. I can't believe this was finally pressed and am not surprised at all regarding the hype.
  7. I remember when the second edition of the Box Sets dropped; I didn't have a record player and didn't think anything of it. Fast forward several years, I have a turntable and want to get all of these releases on vinyl. With prices the way they are on the single releases, let alone the box sets, I didn't think these records were easily attainable at non-headcrack prices. Thanks for the rereleases! Just picked up the S/T and can't wait to spin it.
  8. Over the past several months, I've been searching for records and re-releases. This site always pops up and I decided to join today.

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