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  1. Apologies for the long post I just picked up a used Cassette deck and need to fix a few things. So far, this is what I've noticed that needs fixin: Audio only coming out of left channel. Left VU meter working properly. I did some brief research on this found that cleaning the record/play switch might help - small thread I also found this thread, which has a comment I believe to be relatable, but I do not think I fully understand. "You can eliminate the head as the source of your problem by interchanging the L & R wires in the connector. If the problem migrates to the other channel, then the head or cable is the culprit, otherwise there is a problem on the board." I did this, I think. I took my red and white connectors on the back of the tape deck and reversed them, but I'm still only getting movement on the left VU meter, the right VU meter isn't moving. I am getting audio through right speaker of course. So I do not believe my problem migrated to the other channel, right? Slow or nonexistent rewind Rewind seems to work just fine when the tape is in the middle of its playback (hope that makes sense), but when the tape is near the beginning, rewind either doesn't work or is super slow. For example, if I start playing a tape from the beginning, wait about 30 seconds, then try to rewind, it's really slow or gets stuck. Counter isn't working - Belt doesn't appear to be spinning Tape Playing lights I think they're on, there's definitely light back there, but I can't see it from the front. Deck light bulb is out I think this is one of those bulbs that has two wires coming out of it that I just need to wrap around the connecting wires, but I can't really tell. I have the cover off and am willing to dive in, but I'm new to working on electronics and tape decks in general, so I have a whole lot of terms to learn. For anyone who is willing to help, you'll probably have to explain things like I'm 5, sorry in advance. Here's a video of my unit - Imgur Link - same video, but on YouTube. And in the meantime, I'm going to do some more research and learning. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  2. Astroworld was trending last night or earlier today; the same folks putting on When We Were Young put on Astroworld (and another event taking place in southern cali the following day, I believe) and there were comments about how ticket sales for these events are just going to cover the fees for the Astroworld tragedy. Ok, enough twittersphere for me though.
  3. Yep, here’s the message. “Firstly, thank you for your purchase from us. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to supply your recent order of Turnstile Glow on LP (0075678644436). Due to a technical issue in our system the item was listed for sale in error, and we do not have it in stock. We’ve been working with the label over the last 24 hours to try to source your LP but this has not been possible and we have been told we will not be able to obtain new copies for 8-10 weeks.“
  4. Ordered what might have been the last copy of baby blue, hot pink, neon purple w/ bone splatter this morning.
  5. I was also gonna complain about 20-25 minute sets as well, but thought better of it. Seriously, wtf is the point? A band has 5 albums, each 30-60 minutes...and they get 25 minutes? Ha!
  6. I'll be the grandpa for a moment...am I the only one who doesn't like big shows like that? Like, sure great lineup, like holy fuck, but I don't want to travel for what ends up being 5 days.
  7. I ordered this morning and it was 46.99...they dropped the price an hour later to 39.99. Refused to give me a refund of the difference lol. "Our prices are based on cost prices we source products from our suppliers. We automatically pass on any change of cost prices to the selling prices. Unfortunately, the price you bought for was correct at the time of purchase." lol k
  8. Interesting topic for me: Analog childhood and definitely spent countless hours in front of NES, SNES, Genesis, PS1, and N64, but video games music never really stood out to me for some reason as something to listen to whist doing other shit (not playing the game). Fast forward to today, I stream video game content, but still...the music very rarely does anything for me, until I watched a friend of mine stream with the Hades soundtrack on. It was so fucking good. Another friend of mine recommended some of the Doom tracks, so I listened on YT. I was searching through some seller's items on discogs or ebay or somewhere and ran into a sealed copy of Doom (2016) and bit the bullet. I've yet to spin it, but it's here and I'm excited. I would like to eventually pick up the Hades soundtrack if that exists on vinyl.
  9. Yeah, 40 is a lot better than 70-90 that they're going for on ebay.
  10. Idk why, but I intentionally omitted the link thinking maybe just maybe bots/resellers won't get to it lol

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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