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  1. my Blood Recs edition showed up in Canada before my Spotify edition. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Can't wait to spin!
  2. I think the consensus is that non-signed copies will likely show up at a few places, in particular SoV and uDiscover.
  3. Wild that there's still one unannounced record. Was it FSF?
  4. First time ever pressed, on Chain Smoking Records: https://chainsmokingrecords.com/products/presale-harley-poe-in-the-dark-or-b-movie-trash That price tag fucking hurt tho.
  5. Yeah second one is definitely I Call This Abandonment. Also only need the Showbread, trying desperately to get a hook up on that one.
  6. Those variants aren't really doing it for me, but I'm still excited for the record. Do we think the band exclusive is for tour? I'd be interested in picking that one up.
  7. I don't blame you, I had to reread the page half a dozen times to make sure I was understanding properly
  8. It doesn't say it's limited to 152, it says it's "152 limited edition screen print" - the 152 isn't a pressing number, it's the name of the album.
  9. https://www.takethistoheartrecords.com/products/722928-every-time-i-die-gutter-phenomenon
  10. Bummer that this is repeated behavior. A little communication would go a really long way, even if it's just to respond to a message to say "no updates yet but hopefully soon"
  11. I've seen lots of comments on their instagram going back several weeks asking for an update and not one got an answer. Should we be getting worried? The Copeland repress was also supposed to be in hand, shipping immediately, and haven't heard a single thing on that.
  12. That's wild! My shop got likely upwards of 100 copies and split it between their 3 stores. I just left the 3rd right now and they've still got a good handful 2 hours after open. 2nd store still had some ~30 mins ago when I was there.
  13. Heading in right now to get in line at my shop. I know for certain they didn't get The 1975 release, so if anyone can help me out with that I'd be happy to get something they want. My store got MOST things otherwise, PM me if we can work something out.
  14. Appreciate the effort! Its been in and out of stock all day and I keep trying to make it work but I think I've gotta take the loss
  15. So Zia won't ship to Canada, but the price is too good. There's even a code WELCOME for a discount. Anybody able to order a second one (which gets you free shipping) and post it to me afterwards? I can pay for the record upfront and pay the shipping when you receive it, or if you want to calculate it all in advance I can send you the whole total
  16. What's the shirt? I unfortunately don't have a medium to trade, but could maybe buy it off you.
  17. I hear you. I'm tired of paying minimum $50 for a single record to get it shipped to my house. Really tough when I know it's something my local shop won't get. If this album wasn't a huge part of my youth I'd be skipping it.
  18. I think I first noticed something seemed a little fucky when a recent Cake repress went up. Was something like $25 on the American site, then it auto redirected to Canadian and the price shot to about $40. Was like.. that conversion doesn't sound right. So I checked both sites for shipping, American was $12 or so and Canadian was $20. So greasy. Now I always check, and it's always cheaper to not use the "convenient" Canadian site.
  19. Not a huge difference, but order through the American site. After shipping about $48, converts to around $64. I've found that with all of these "buy in your local currency" merch stores, they are charging you a ton extra to use it that way. If you swap country back to US, it total after shipping could be cheaper by anywhere from ~$5 to ~$20.

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