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  1. I'm curious how the total lack of usable mass transportation in the metro area didn't bug the shit out of you. I, too, came here from working in Philly and NYC about 14 years ago and just walked around with my mouth hanging open for about a month. I eventually came to love it here. Except the mountains. You can have your little quaint hippy-filled mountain towns full of shitty coffee and waste-of-time lifers.
  2. Just saw this thread. Yes, one of the best things on TV right now. The endings are so good. The one with the puppets? C'mon! And the DeathPunch was hot too. I truly love that show.
  3. I always wanted to use that little piece of dialogue between Luke and Yoda outside the cave. "I'm not afraid." "You will be"
  4. Yeah, if I had money to just throw away I'd do it since it's for a good cause.
  5. I do love Fleet Foxes and Japan and helping people. But damn. http://cgi.ebay.com/Fleet-Foxes-HELPLESS....#ht_50 0wt_1156
  6. A friend of mine is looking for anything by these guys. Anyone got their records?
  7. There's lots of pictures on our Facebook page, and here's an OK story the local paper did on the shop. http://www.coloradohometownweekly.com/news-story-louisville.asp?ID=6040
  8. Thanks for the advice. I did all that before I opened. You'd have a very hard time getting any companies to sell to you without incorporating. It's hard enough as it is.
  9. I think it's universally understood that when someone in the crowd is giving you a problem your best course of action is to demand that the other members of the audience turn on that person and beat them down for you. 40+ and he still hasn't learned how to use his star power.
  10. I just opened a skate shop, System Skateboarding, in Louisville. Come check it out. We are like Judge Judy: tough but fair. www.systemskateboarding.com thanks
  11. It's a Time Capsule. Basically when I tried to restore my compy there was nothing on the TC to restore to the laptop. But something is definitely up because it already is telling me it's too full to do any more backups. I'm just going to buy a regular old external and backup every few days.
  12. I have most of it on vinyl too, so it's the ultimate backup. But still.
  13. My was acting weird and I got a funny feeling, so I bought a new one and while the data was transferring the old compy shit the bed. I lost about 25 percent of my data, including everything from t-z of my music. Through a long process and some open-source software I managed to get a lot off my iPod (everyone laughed at my 160gig jawn. Who's laughin' now?) I'm only missing about 20 songs. Oh, and my 1T backup failed.
  14. Remember that time those guys were messing with Warren G and then Nate Dogg showed up and murdered them?
  15. But wasn't the cover and name originally changed?
  16. What's the deal with this? I remember the controversy. I found a copy of this today, sealed, super cheap. I bought it just because I don't have it and it's a good record, not to resell it or anything. But I see on ebay it's pretty common. Anyone have info?
  17. I bought UBF on ebay on like Christmas eve one year for next to nothing. I think everyone was doing shit with their families and stuff because no one bid against me. I think I paid $17.
  18. Young Widows is the only band I've ever collected variants of, so I'm glad they did this one again as a cover variant, not just a bunch of useless colors of vinyl. Even so I'm pretty sure I've got every variant of everything they've put out.