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  1. I liked Yellow and Green the best of the four. I still don't have it on LP. :(
  2. Translation Loss seems to be picking up the slack of the loss of Halo of Flies.
  3. When I first heard of it...I thought back to seeing The Four Horsemen live acoustic on the Reload tour...and that kind of colored my idea of the album. Metallica's still doing loads of great stuff, but this isn't one of them for me, and I love Lulu. Still love that the band takes chances.
  4. I checked out the youtube versions of the tunes...and I couldn't bring myself to even want to want it.
  5. Perhaps, empathetic human being is the term you're searching for. I guess, when you donate your time and money to protecting women from intimate partner violence, the idea of domestic abuse grows repellent to you.
  6. What about Bill Clinton? Did he get to be a creep and keep going? Naturally. Do you think that these men have had their lives ruined?
  7. Wow. I'm really glad I'm not you. Also...one can't be an incel and a snowflake at the same time.....good gawd.
  8. Yup. Remember Tim Lambesis, Donald Trump, Justice Kavanaugh, Louie CK, Chris Hardwick, etc when you hear someone claim a woman's false accusations can ruin a man's life. Because the real ones don't even matter...even when he's convicted.
  9. In my world, there are things for which I can and cannot forgive. When you hire a hitman to murder your wife, you've crossed a line and you cannot go back. The fact that he's not in prison is a sin to me. The man should never have walked outside of an institution again... AND the fact that he's out there fronting a major metal band shows....one thing... a woman's accusations doesn't ruin a man's career or life. In fact, it was just a time out.
  10. As I've said many times on the internet.... I'm glad I'm not you.
  11. This is the right answer. We shouldn't be rewarding domestic violence. Period.