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  1. I didn't even know Benigans sold records! Seriously...this release is annoying me because there's about 15 different variants and none of them were available on Amazon.
  2. I purchased two styluses...the first didn't work because I was too impatient to do it right, but the second... It's given a nice pick me up to the pre smashed stylus sound. I'm probably going to pick up another one to keep on hand as a back up.
  3. Master-Vindictive Miscreant Junkpile Jimmy-Wants You Dead Mournful Congregation-The Incubus of Karma Vile Creature-Cast of Static and Smoke Un-Sentiment Twilight Fauna-Where The Birds Sing My Name Morrow-Fallow Amarok-Devoured HAMMR-Unholy Desctruction Body Void-I Live Inside A Burning House I will stop now.
  4. I also was confused by the above post. I put my preorder down on the red splatters.
  5. Battra has been my online screen name since I picked it while playing Phantasy Star Online for the Sega Dreamcast....Final Fantasy XI Online, Phantasy Star Universe, and then into the world of online forums. I've been thinking about changing it lately, but I also haven't done it, so there you go.
  6. I realized about 30 minutes after I posed that....that I probably looked like an idiot. S'all good. It was my turn.
  7. OK. I like songs. So...there's 2.5 LPs worth of him introducing the songs?
  8. 4 discs. 16 songs?! That's like 1.5 LPs of music.....
  9. Post Script: I got the cartridge and the stylus off last night. Just waiting for the replacement now.
  10. Thank you. That's what I thought. I ordered one off of ebay just now. $12. Crossing fingers. Will put the back up on the slab for the time being.
  11. On Thanksgiving my daughter mahoobered up my turntable. She squished the stylus onto the deck of the player. Really love the thing and I want to get it working again. When I try to use it now, it sounds like the record is kind of underwater. What could make it sound like this and how do I fix it? Thank you!
  12. Oh. It's that kind of party? Here's my first press. I didn't ask about it. I did review their show in St. Louis back in the summer though. You can read there here if you so desire: http://glaciallymusical.blogspot.com/2018/06/concert-un-at-sinkhole-61318.html That's where I got my shirt. They'd said they were trying to raise money for some vinyl pressings on the tour, I'd assumed it was for Tomb, then Translation Loss put this monster out.
  13. Yay! Someone else knows Un!!! I still want their debut on vinyl...but it's not a thing. I have the original pressing of that one.
  14. Late to the T-Shirt Party... But I'm just waiting for someone to see me in my Un shirt and get excited and know who they are....