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  1. My Willowtip grab bag showed up... Daemusinem Thy Ungodly Defiance Crowpath Red on Chrome Lecherous Notcturne [] Occultaclysmic[/i] How did I do?
  2. I've been shopping Marilyn Manson's Portrait ever since I posted that..... =/ I need to pull some stuff out of the collection too.
  3. My steps to not getting too crazy: 1. Don't buy bundles. Just buy a record. Also don't buy multiple versions of a single record. 2. Don't be a completist. If I don't to listen to an album all the way through I don't buy them on vinyl. 3. Buy records for intrinsic value and not for future value. 4. Don't buy Marilyn Manson Portrait of An American Family or Motley Crue ST.
  4. I just bought a record... Gotta slow down the trolley a bit...it's getting out of hand.
  5. I dunno if you've noticed...but sometimes LPs don't come with the downloady codies. And when I'm not certain about an album, I check it out. Here in STL, we have libraries on damned near every corner...stopping by our branch is just taking a different turn...hit Spring Ave instead of Louisiana St....so it's not even out of the way. Also...do you realize the extreme irony of calling me Captain Yesterday while you're mired in the pinnacle of 1970's tech? But seriously, I save a lot of money using my local library. :)
  6. I'm with you. I checked out the CD from the library and if I liked it, was gonna order it.... But I'm just going to return it to the library and call it a day.
  7. So. I saw Coheed and Cambria this Saturday past and realized... I had not heard this record. OOPS!
  8. I liked Yellow and Green the best of the four. I still don't have it on LP. :(
  9. Translation Loss seems to be picking up the slack of the loss of Halo of Flies.