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  1. Haha, exactly this. As fun as I feel like this would be I doubt I would ever play it realistically.
  2. Thanks for the input @bluethumb Yah if I did mess with a needle change I would bypass the red from what I have read. I went budget with my speakers and just grabbed a pair I found used in good shape for pretty cheap they are Yamaha NS-333 I am looking to upgrade the speakers fairly soon and will likely put these on my patio, do you have several suggestions for speakers so I can keep an eye out for something that comes up?
  3. Thanks for the article share @bluethumb what other adjustments would be major jumps in audio quality? I was kind of thinking with a cartridge/needle upgrade this would be a solid turntable for quite some time. Was kind of curious about, with an awesome needle in this table what separates it in audio quality from the turntable the next price bracket up (in audio quality).
  4. Yes, the Marantz PM5005 has a phono input, Its one of the ones I was looking at before I ultimately ended up with my Yamaha AS500 (also has a phono input). If you keep an eye out for these used you can usually find a pretty good deal. My AS500 used with a really scratched up volume up knob cost me around $100 and I eventually just ordered a new volume knob from Yamaha for like $7 or something and the entire amp looks brand new now. If you're patient for used you'll come across something. I added a few amp models to my eBay search so I got a notification when that model number was listed. Also search/set notifications for stuff like 'let go', 'offer up' and facebook marketplace. GOOD LUCK!
  5. this video seems relevant..... (hope it helps) I actually just came across this video the other day. Was always curious what a needle upgrade on the Pro-ject would do to this test since I think in this video its rocking an Ortofon 2M.
  6. Got a pretty good deal on a Pro-ject Debut III w/ Acrylic platter upgrade, Sumiko Pearl, Pro-ject Speedbox II and the Pro-ject Phono Box II. It's all hooked up to my Yamaha AS500 and I am pretty happy so far. A pretty sizable jump from my LP60. Anyway, was messing with my cartridge alignment(didnt have to worry about this with my lp60, haha), the cartridge alignment protractor I picked up is the Baerwald alignment, hadn't considered which type of protractor before buying. Seems like there wouldn't be a huge difference between Baerwald and Loefgren but was curious if anyone had any input. Thanks! Also open to any other setup tips, I've been reading quite a bit since acquiring this setup.
  7. didn't even know these guys were still making music, this is awesome.
  8. solid suggestion, thanks for sharing I just got a Pro-ject so will pay attention to this
  9. So a Technics SL-1311 in really good shape recently popped up for sale around me. Looking at upgrading but not in a huge rush so just keeping an eye out for deals. Curious if anyone had thoughts on how this table compares to the Technics 1200, 1800 and the other high end tables. Any input or thoughts would be appreciated.
  10. Im pretty new to vinyl, but whats a typical run? 4k seems really high.... Curious what "standard" is in general and for this genre.
  11. Same, not going to bother though if its much over $40 thats pretty unreasonable imo, especially if its just the vinyl. I want it but not that bad... Funny considering I can roll over to fat and can pick up albums for $12
  12. Letgo, OfferUp and Facebook marketplace are better than craigslist now imo. Less flooded with crap.
  13. @aviolentworld bought a bunch of stuff from this guy, fantastic seller, fantastic packaging, will buy from again
  14. Purchased several records from this list, all fantastic and accurately described. Excellent person to work with, 10/10 will buy from again.