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  1. Im pretty new to this hobby, what is good about a 3d printed tone arm?, why does that matter? Assuming the plinth is the base? guessing the thickness is good for rigidity and less shaking? please enlighten haha @one and @ajxd
  2. Came across this indiegogo (basically Kickstarter if you’re not familiar) was as curious if anyone had any thoughts or opinions on this thing. I like the way it looks but I am no audio equipment expert. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/logigram-by-defoss-high-performance-turntable-3d-design#/
  3. thanks man, super helpful, looking into these now since curious...
  4. where do I see the order of these things, is it just the amory wars or whatever? is there a digital download thats decent? the only have one on the website for like $15
  5. How long does a vinyl release usually take after this passes? I figured we would have seen something by now, been checking each day when bored at work. Also, just found out they do graphic novels with the stories, anyone ever check any of these out? Are they any good?
  6. Thats what made me check this one out, the ones with the vacuum seem pretty awesome and $200 isn't too bad. imo $500 is way steep for something so basic. Also, thanks for all the feedback guys think Im going to pull the trigger on this one, will check out my few local stores first to make sure they dont have it.
  7. truer words have never been spoken. For the $80 box set any idea what the quantity made will be?
  8. Just saw these guys live in Tampa they opened with dark sentencer was p sweet. That instagram post has got me all stoked RIP bank account
  9. I have no cats, so nbd there hahaha. Just curious, have you had to change the soft part that touches the record yet? (how long has it been) do you store the machine with a cover over it to keep it also dust free?
  10. Was looking into getting a record cleaning machine, saw the one suggested here for $500 but then I cam across this one on ebay for $200, seems legit. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Record-Doctor-V-Record-Cleaning-Machine/263428167761?epid=1404022346&hash=item3d558ad851:g:X1YAAOSw8-FaVQ91 Curious if anyone had any input on this one. I dont mind spinning the record myself to save $300 if this one is pretty good. Its called the Record Doctor V http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/record-doctor-v-lp-cleaning-machine/ Thanks
  11. turntable comes in next week, its that pre-geek out technology excitement until it gets here, hahaha cant use it yet, so doing the next best thing, posting about it!
  12. my timer is sitting at 0 and nothing happened *scratches head* maybe I just cant internet....