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  1. So a Technics SL-1311 in really good shape recently popped up for sale around me. Looking at upgrading but not in a huge rush so just keeping an eye out for deals. Curious if anyone had thoughts on how this table compares to the Technics 1200, 1800 and the other high end tables. Any input or thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. Im pretty new to vinyl, but whats a typical run? 4k seems really high.... Curious what "standard" is in general and for this genre.
  3. Same, not going to bother though if its much over $40 thats pretty unreasonable imo, especially if its just the vinyl. I want it but not that bad... Funny considering I can roll over to fat and can pick up albums for $12
  4. Letgo, OfferUp and Facebook marketplace are better than craigslist now imo. Less flooded with crap.
  5. @aviolentworld bought a bunch of stuff from this guy, fantastic seller, fantastic packaging, will buy from again
  6. Purchased several records from this list, all fantastic and accurately described. Excellent person to work with, 10/10 will buy from again.
  7. Oh man, watching this for sure. They did the yearly club or whatever this year it looked like for 2003 albums and the repress of war on errorism had the trump art on the front(fetches a pretty penny on ebay rn). Are these annual clubs typical from FAT? is there somewhere to get more info? really sad I missed out on this....
  8. Make sure you check out your local craigslist/offerup/letgo/facebook marketplace. I get a really good deal on those sites with some of my stuff like speakers and other things.. You can also watch searches on them, like I get a notification in my area whenever anything with "Technics" in the title is listed.
  9. I mostly listen to like punk/thrash/some metal/some classics is this club worth looking into? I don't really listen to a ton of hip hop (but I do listen to music across the spectrum the above are just my typically preferred categories) if you're curious here is my collection so far: https://www.discogs.com/user/imnothardcore/collection I don't mind exploring new music but this club doesn't seem to cater to individual styles, right? Its an everyone gets the same record if I understand correctly? Another reason Im undecided is I did a random 5 record buy one time and it was all indie hot trash ( I just gave most of them away they were worth like $2-5ea on ebay ) so I wasn't into it. Does this club deliver more "valuable" music in any of your opinions? Thanks in advance for any input.
  10. All my records are pretty clean but before I play them there might be a few small dust particles or paper fragments or something. Curious how everyone here dusted their records off of just small stuff like that before playing. My local shop uses a microfiber cloth, was curious if that was the standard or one of those velvet brushes or a carbon fiber brush.
  11. Im pretty new to this hobby, what is good about a 3d printed tone arm?, why does that matter? Assuming the plinth is the base? guessing the thickness is good for rigidity and less shaking? please enlighten haha @one and @ajxd
  12. Came across this indiegogo (basically Kickstarter if you’re not familiar) was as curious if anyone had any thoughts or opinions on this thing. I like the way it looks but I am no audio equipment expert. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/logigram-by-defoss-high-performance-turntable-3d-design#/
  13. where do I see the order of these things, is it just the amory wars or whatever? is there a digital download thats decent? the only have one on the website for like $15