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  1. That archaic site gives me cramps. I placed an order for a record that was supposedly available as a UK import. I tried for a month to get a status, only to be told it was not available to them and they could fill the order with the US version (not the UK variant). They're Richmond based too, and as much as I want to support businesses in my state, I will not buy again.
  2. I'm guessing so in the States - Discogs lists a European pressing too.
  3. I got a tracking number but the status never changed and my record never came. Was ultimately refunded. Not a good experience there.
  4. How are you determining that? It's somewhere in the source code right? Never knew what to look for... Regardless, instant buy for me, so thank you!
  5. If anyone finds a variant on this, please post it! https://store.thestruts.com/products/young-dangerous-vinyl-digital-album
  6. Multiple bundles available including a deluxe variant! http://traces.steveperry.com
  7. I too ordered the Tom Petty live anthology and it kept getting delayed. They didn't respond by email but I called the number on the bottom of the order confirmation and reached someone who cancelled it immediately. My refund appeared within a few days. Might want to try this route!