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  1. Just got back from seeing these guys and they kicked total ass! "Anna" sounded great live and I got my "Toy Soldiers" 7".
  2. Yeah, there is a link on their site, though it directs to the generic RSD page.
  3. Thanks - just saw the store link but hadn't checked their site.
  4. Any word on an indie store variant like they did last time?
  5. Every Ghost album is always rumored to be "darker" than the one before it. I doubt it will be any poppier than Prequelle, though I still love that one.
  6. Teardrops: US: https://taylorswift.bigmachinelabelgroup.com/us_en/teardrops-on-my-guitar-7.html Canada: https://shop.umusic.ca/*/*/Teardrops-On-My-Guitar/66YC0000000 Australia: https://www.officialstores.com.au/au_en/taylor-swift-teardrops-on-my-guitar-7in-vinyl.html
  7. Thanks for the heads up! Got U2's Songs of Experience and Jet's Shine On.
  8. Positive Songs is my favorite. Love every track.
  9. Still waiting on mine. Another friend in the area got his over the weekend...