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  1. I am really digging these Alice Cooper reissues. Dirty Diamonds, now Dragontown? I'll take it!
  2. Whatever happened to Cee-Lo Green's "The Lady Killer" getting pressed in 2012?
  3. Just the blue/pink though right? I'm halfway thinking a picture disc shows up for RSD.
  4. My album hasn't come in yet, but streamed it this morning. Absolutely love it. Hard to say if it's better than ATP yet...
  5. I'm sure it'll be available elsewhere too. For you folks that missed out on RSD... SRC Link
  6. Wasn't there supposedly a Let It Bleed pressing coming up?
  7. As a Virginian, I dig the hell out of this recording. I'll be ordering today.
  8. I had hoped it would be released alongside Vol 2. I'm sure it will be...
  9. Wish I held off on the Carly one...waited until I had a 20% off coupon. Oh well, snagged the Kacey pressing!