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  1. Count me in for the first three Train albums too! I'd also take the other three Matchbox Twenty albums too.
  2. Could not have ordered that quickly enough when the email came through.
  3. It appears vinyl is only available for order through her store at this time. Only seeing the CDs available elsewhere.
  4. Got my Plaidroom order today too - Cheap Trick. Ordered that Sunday morning.
  5. I really dug that! It's exactly what I'd expect that duo to release.
  6. Just saw her on the NFL draft. Stated more clues to come, so my guess...new single for a new record tomorrow.
  7. Registration is private, which means nothing. That site came from the Tumblr link above. First I heard of it.
  8. Only problem is it's a Saturday and not a Friday for an album drop...hmm...