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  1. Captain Chrismo

    Urban Outfitters Exclusive Vinyl & Sale Discussion

    I got a tracking number but the status never changed and my record never came. Was ultimately refunded. Not a good experience there.
  2. Captain Chrismo

    PO: The Offspring- Americana 20th anniversary

    It's not exclusive. My local shop can get one.
  3. Captain Chrismo

    Tom Petty - The Best of Everything (12/7)

    How are you determining that? It's somewhere in the source code right? Never knew what to look for... Regardless, instant buy for me, so thank you!
  4. Captain Chrismo

    PO: The Struts - Young&Dangerous (12/7/18)

    And fantastic live band too!
  5. If anyone finds a variant on this, please post it! https://store.thestruts.com/products/young-dangerous-vinyl-digital-album
  6. Multiple bundles available including a deluxe variant! http://traces.steveperry.com
  7. I too ordered the Tom Petty live anthology and it kept getting delayed. They didn't respond by email but I called the number on the bottom of the order confirmation and reached someone who cancelled it immediately. My refund appeared within a few days. Might want to try this route!