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  1. I did, but mine said it was delivering next week when I checked.
  2. I could see this becoming a staggered release thing throughout the next few months. Throughout the year RSD did these kinds of releases anyway, perhaps not on this magnitude but still.
  3. Hey y'all, Long story short, completed a move of 800+ records using Uhaul boxes. They barely made the short trip. I'm going to be moving again in a year and feel by the time I get settled in I'll be packing up again. I had Kallax shelves at my previous home but want to opt for something accessible but portable until I find something permanent. Any recommendations for record storage cases? Saw a few from Odyssey that supposedly hold around 50-60 records (even though it says 70) with mixed reviews. Thanks!
  4. Had never heard of these guys but a friend recommended them because I love the Menzingers. Absolutely love the three songs I've seen videos for, so found an indie exclusive online today.
  5. I really liked Revolution Radio. That said, nothing has caught my ear from this one so far. Glad I didn't preorder.