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  1. Local shops should be able to get Evermore on green now. I saw it appear for Bullmoose.
  2. Anyone know why Evermore is still showing not available? Wonder if they're still sorting out the shipping mess of Folklore...
  3. What's interesting is the image file name of the green copy in the store says "D2C" and green. This could mean the orange ends up being a retail/indie exclusive, and it's about time.
  4. I love this record, much like I love Folklore. I lean more towards this one because there is more of a pop element to a number of the tracks, and if she was taking this path sonically, I would have expected this album first after Lover.
  5. So...got a shipping notification on the Cardigan picture disc...but nothing else. Had ordered Clandestine Meetings with the cabin mix 12" and no word there.
  6. I wasn't familiar either, but apparently it's an album from the early 2000s.
  7. Waiting on Clandestine Meetings and the Cardigan "Cabin" single... As far as rerecording her past work goes, I halfway think she'll just do her singles and maybe some fan favorites instead of every last album...then again I would buy 'em again. 😂
  8. I'm really, really surprised the old WWF The Music albums haven't been pressed yet from the 90s. Can't beat telling the neighbors to repeatedly suck it to the Run DMC remix of the DX theme.

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