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  1. Really? I see literally no comparison between the two....
  2. It's taken me a few listen throughout but I'm absolutely loving the album now. Thanks for all the fish is great, and I hated it at first. In saying that I'm a bigger APC fan than tool (just) so the clear lack if heaviness and anger in the album isn't the end of the world for me
  3. Apparently this has leaked... Are we able to link a source for download here or is that illegal? Would love to dive head first into this asap
  4. What's everyones thoughts on these tracks after we've had a few weeks to digest them?? They're definitely growing on me, TalkTalk is probably my favourite of the lot, with Disillusioned being a close 2nd and then The Doomed. If Disilusioned didnt have that slow, boring verse about putting the silicone obsession down, it would probably be in my top 10 APC tracks of all time... Overall im pretty hyped for this though! Definitely a grower!
  5. The track "Autumn" off Puscifer's Money Shot album is up there with my favourite Maynard songs. Prob only eclipsed by Eulogy and Vicarious. And Orestes. And Gravity. Fuck i am pumped for this album.
  6. Every time this thread is bumped, a small part of me dies
  7. beags

    PO: Billy Corgan - OGILALA

    Surprised to see this getting slammed on SPs social media posts, I'm really digging the new single and the blue vinyl was an insta purchase for me. Really wish he'd hurry along those Machina represses though easily 2 of my favourite albums of all time
  8. Edited. Thanks. I really struggled with Boxes, but this EP is absolutely incredible...
  9. Just throwing it out there, their latest EP "You Could Be Happy" could go close to my favourite GGD release of all time... How can they release 3 albums of mundane mediocrity (i mean SFTROU and Magnetic definitely had their moments) and then come out with 3 of the best songs they've ever released out of nowhere? Any GGD fan of the 90s needs to give their latest EP a listen. It's bafflingly great...
  10. Super keen on Gutterflower, Let Love In and Something pressings. Would assume they would have to happen sometime in the near future.
  11. I expect more from you piky!! DLC have taken over from Karnivool as the kings of aus alt rock in my opinion. Aesthesis was great as was The Catalyst Fire. I will definitely be picking this up! Thank you OP
  12. beags

    John Mayer - Paradise Valley

    I'd have to agree with you. Room for Squares = Heavier Things > everything he did after that. Those 2 are definitely 2 of my favourite albums of all time, but I absolutely adore all of his work. I think I'm enjoying Wave 2 more than Wave 1, but they're both extremely neat pieces of work. Excited for wave 3.
  13. I had a 100% complete Silverchair collection at one stage (not including all of the 2012 + represses)