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  1. I originally only snagged the Spotify variant. But when I saw they put back up the Mark, Tom, and Travis variants, I had to snag at least one of them, and the Mark variant seemed the best of the three. I also grabbed the egg, because it seemed pretty cool. But what isn’t cool is spending over $80 on two records. Ugh.
  2. if we’re being honest with ourselves, not since Untitled has blink had an iconic album cover. So I’ve come to expect mediocre artwork, especially during the Skiba era. So I wasn’t exactly holding out hope for this one. With that being said, I kinda dig this cover. Is it lazy, absolutely. But I appreciate the less is more take. Plus I really like the new band font/logo.
  3. I saw them in Charlotte last week, and it was a stellar show. Tom honestly sounded great, and the band seems to be a good place right now. But it’s majorly disappointing that there was no hype for the new record on this tour, other than playing Edging during the set. Was hoping for Easter eggs in some way, by giving more insight about the new record or even just the next single, but nope. It is insane to think they announced a new record and a new single last October, and there’s been nothing since; until possibly the actual album release exactly a year later. haha
  4. @littlebistro the rumor has been floating around that the album is releasing in October; from what Travis has hinted at in tweets/Insta posts. But apparently with this interview he did with someone (who knows who this person is, I’m old..haha) he confirms it’s an October release. https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cu4_pTAND8k/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== still no name for the record, or definitive release date tho.
  5. Would anyone be interested in buying two tickets at face value for the STS show Saturday? Something has come up and my brother and I are not able to make it. And I’d rather not have these tickets go to waste
  6. Random side note, but sorta pertains to this thread. Haha Would anyone be interested in buying two tickets at face value for the STS show Saturday? Something has come up and my brother and I are not able to make it. And I’d rather not have these tickets go to waste.
  7. Sounds like he’s the second coming of RJ/MTS. #neverforget
  8. Anberlin finished up their third and final night in Atlanta tonight; by playing New Surrender in its entirety. They played three non New Surrender encore songs, one of which was a new, not yet released, tract called “Decoder,” from their upcoming new record! Check it out!
  9. Oddly, Love is Dangerous is one of my favorite tracks. But then again, I really dig the overt Angels influence on the song. But I am right there with you overall, Neighborhoods is top 3 for me easy and it’s grossly underrated.
  10. “leaked” https://streamable.com/t82xyl?fbclid=IwAR3h0Y1KV9Blt_wNMv6zo7ApUptzIcQizV61X9wMucl2HusujL5Zjivp9dE
  11. According to Aaron Rubin’s Insta story, ‘edging’ is produced by Travis. Interesting.
  12. Same! I’m hoping for a repress soon. I missed snagging one of these by like 5 minutes. Stellar EP, but there’s no way I’m paying $150+
  13. From his posts recently on his socials, it seems like Aaron Rubin is at least producing the single?
  14. This is my exact feeling right now. I adored Neighborhoods. Couple that with DED, they were on the brink of something truly great.
  15. Absolutely. With this being the first time being pressed, and how quickly this sold out. They’d be stupid not to. Basically printing money at this point.
  16. These boots are dope! Jet Set?? But I don’t trust giving my card info to a bootleg site; need that PayPal sense of security haha
  17. June 24th release confirmed. https://www.altpress.com/news/third-eye-blind-unplugged-hows-it-going-to-be-acoustic/ I’m honestly shocked they are including “Second Born” on this release. That’s a lost B-side that was supposed to be on the follow up on ‘Ursa Major,’ ‘Ursa Minor.’ I figured that song would never see the official light of day due to ongoing litigation battles with their former members of that era. I guess re-recording it gives them the right to do so.
  18. Third Eye Blind is releasing a semi-acoustic album, Unplugged on June 24th; per Apple Music. As of now, all I’ve found is the Amazon Preorder for a December release: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B09ZJ53FLQ?ref=ppx_pt2_mob_b_prod_image https://orcd.co/howsitgoingtobeacoustic
  19. Panic! is the millennial Third Eye Blind. #Jenkins
  20. Still looking for any help in the search! Haha

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