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  1. I absolutely adored Empty Black, but I think the new single sucks. Sad times.
  2. Well I can report that my copy of the orange w black smoke variant sounds awful. Tons of surface noise and pops/cracks - maybe good US got delayed haha.
  3. I got through too, ungodly expensive but hopefully will be worth it.
  4. Snagged Thursday - Kill the House Lights (third time I've bought this album, hopefully it actually comes playable this time......) and both the Strife records. Hope I get lucky and get coloured versions!
  5. Finally got Crisis, been waiting on that one forever!
  6. Real excited about this, though probably my copy is going to get heavily delayed because of USPS suspending shipments to New Zealand. But I can wait, more Number Twelve is always a good time.
  7. I got the gold nugget variant mostly cause I'm a huge fan of the band and somewhat of a completionist in wanting to own everything they've put out. That said I definitely think Lament is their weakest album, so while it'll get listened to a bit, I can't imagine it will be anything like the rest of their stuff in terms of how often it gets pulled out.
  8. Yeah I really want this but 70 USD shipping ain't it sadly
  9. Damn, I would have loved one of these - they look amazing!
  10. Nah there hasn't been a set confirmed, I was just speculating and hoping I don't end up buying two copies that way haha.
  11. Coffins has been such a pain for me to find, need to step up the chase. Although I thought Blasphemy was really cool too, need to put that on today!
  12. maudlin are basically my favourite band ever, so GOD DAMN am I excited for this. Did not expect something like this at all.

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