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  1. Thanks for the advice! I've been trying around a bunch of places cause shipping is a killer to over here - have managed to sort something for a bunch of them so that's cool, but will be keeping an eye out for the rest
  2. Hey! I'm looking for copies of any of these records in VG+/VG+ condition and above (looking for nice playing copies, no seam splits etc). I live in New Zealand, so would have to be willing to ship here, and that means it would be real great to get multiple from the same person if possible, but will consider anything Also the list below are a bunch of the ones I'm looking for that are expensive enough to make it worth the postage - if you have other similar style stuff I will likely be interested if I don't have it, and could make the postage more worth it if I grabbed anything els
  3. They're useless, I got mine, it was faulty, never responded to anything and had to do a paypal dispute.
  4. Just gonna come in here and shill my band Happy Valley - we are a post hardcore/screamo band from Wellington, New Zealand and just released our second EP Triptych yesterday - you can listen to it here https://happyvalleywgtn.bandcamp.com/
  5. Sadly I have just gotten my copies and I have the locked groove issue
  6. This looks sick, and I've been wanting a copy for a while - hyped!
  7. Just got my deluxe edition, so sick! Funnily the record sleeve seem to be glued in upside down, but ain't bothering me!
  8. had a lil look and managed to find it at one place, hoping more comes out about it though as it's gonna be expensive to get to NZ if it isn't stocked many places.
  9. I managed to get both from the main Merchnow site right after release, pretty excited. Just got to hope they get here safely now!
  10. Got my Valium Aggelein colour copy, was so excited to listen to it, but got to Side B and there are a few scratched, which while difficult to see in the colour, make noise through approx 50% of the side on almost every rotation. So gutted, as I'm sure I won't be able to get my hands on another of the colour copies.
  11. Same, and also with the quality of the jackets numero make - that does it for me really. A really nice jacket, and great vinyl goes a long way even if there aren't extras
  12. Skycamefalling need a discography reissue - including pressing 10.21 to vinyl for the first time, would be super into that.
  13. Got a pink copy, don't normally collect this style but album is so fun, can't miss out.

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