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  1. Murdered by shipping as I couldn't check out shipping from the UK, but will be worth it cause Sumac are sick
  2. Got in and grabbed a box, going to sell my og copy of Define the Great Line now. Does anyone know a contact email for the underoath store? I want to tell them to ship records outside of sleeves to prevent splits, but couldn't see a comment field when ordering and can't find an email
  3. Can confirm I got mine finally a couple of days ago, real happy.
  4. I've been waiting about 2-3 years at this point, and he emailed me saying he got around to shipping it around a week or two ago. So he may be caught up now depending, so excited to finally get my copy.
  5. Yesssssss so hyped about this!! Snagged a copy of the colour vinyl
  6. I was on the fence about this one, but sprung for it as they have an australian store selling it which I had a discount code for. Nice to see it's available from a store in this part of the world.
  7. Pretty hyped to be getting these on the Pelagic vinyl flat rate, especially with that Circle Takes The Square connection!
  8. Preordered this a few days ago, always really liked this band, and has been on the horizon for a while.
  9. I would loooove to see both The Pax Cecilia albums on vinyl, perfect for it too I think.
  10. Louise Cyphre discog up for preorder on React With Protest - preorders get their demo in original packaging as a bonus - http://www.reactwithprotest.org/store.php
  11. this is mine! https://www.instagram.com/swallowtales/
  12. Yeah hard, frustrating though as it was a replacement for another damaged one I had gotten from a different source haha
  13. I really hope they are still existing in some form, just went to play my copy of Thursday - Kill the House Lights I ordered from them a couple of months ago for the first time and it has an unplayable warp I didn't know about :S Will they reply or will they not, do they even exist anymore? Who knows