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  1. My Vol.3 preorder has just been cancelled... They are however still listed at Roadrunner with a release date of June 24 and July 1 : https://shop.roadrunnerrecords.co.uk/uk/vol-3-the-subliminal-verses-violet-colored-vinyl.html https://shop.roadrunnerrecords.co.uk/uk/all-hope-is-gone-orange-colored-vinyl.html
  2. Same here, couldn't believe the total price. Shipping only was 44$ to Europe...
  3. ??? https://www.impericon.com/us/slipknot-slipknot-lp.html
  4. It's available again at Rough Trade with a 04/22/22 release date.
  5. Shipping notification already received !
  6. Doesn't smell good... the release date now appears as December 31, 2022 on Amazon UK.

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