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  1. FWIW, I received a shipping notification (no tracking) on 11/3 and received the record 11/9. The pressing is fantastic. Black vinyl is super clean and housed in archival mofi-type sleeves.
  2. in for hot takes: As a nearly 40-year old dude who was a fucking adult when AF1 came out, it took me a reaaaally long time to come around to AF2. I fucking love it now. It's not exactly what I want out of American Football, but it is a phenomenal album. I'm so-so on Owen, but that AF2 is killer. Also, I kind of like the new Mineral jam. The music feels very Mineral to me, and the vocals aren't far enough removed from what I would expect a couple of decades later. The vocals are certainly different, and kind of lackluster, but I like that they aren't trying to replicate their youth-selves. I'm in for it. Bought with quickness.
  3. Anyone in the USA going to carry this?
  4. I love this record. I think it might be their best work. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Just got shipping notification. Looking forward to seeing/hearing how this turned out.
  6. This EP is lovely. I want to go curl up under the covers and listen to this all day.
  7. throwgncpr

    Smashing Pumpkins

    The first time I read through that I was confused/worried that he was whittling it down to 1 LP from both albums, then I realized he probably meant 1 or 2 discs *of* relevant extras
  8. I was a complainer, but it was obvious to me that the sound--especially the drums--was a very intentional artistic choice made in the mixing/production of the album. I don't think different mastering or pressing QC is going to change how this record sounds.
  9. It was clearly an intentional choice. Was anyone arguing otherwise?
  10. would definitely buy that 7"