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  1. oh wow! I am definitely ordering this. Would be really great if there were a US distro
  2. That same bullshit excuse was used for A City by the Light Divided. Maybe that was the intent, but the product is not that. I love challenging, noisy, and over-the-top. I have a ton of records in my collection that challenge the listener from an artistic standpoint. You can have chaos, brutality and dynamic range. In fact you need dynamic range to actually have the chaos and punch resonate. This is just shitty production. As Derek said, it's brittle, clipped, and in my opinion it actually lacks any impact because its a one-note over-saturated clipped shit-show.
  3. Go have a listen to the new Get Up Kids. Apparently shit sounding ultra-compression is the way of the future.
  4. I didn't make it to the outro I liked the intro/groove, and tried to power through, but the production was so fucking bad, I turned it off about 2/3 of the way in.
  5. FUCK. OFF. DAVE. FRIDMANN. song is cool, but completely ruined by the production.
  6. I just tried listening again. Jesus Christ, this production is City By The Light Divided levels of fucked. It blows my mind that the clipping and distortion doesn't register for some people.
  7. I asked TRL on Instagram. They recently activated the black. You can now add it to your cart.
  8. I need to sit with this some more, but I wasn't impressed on first listen. I also hate the production, so it's tough to really dig into the songs.
  9. I got mine from ROG. No damage, even though it was packed rather haphazardly.