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  1. What pre-amp/receiver or vintage receiver are you using that you have issues getting this loud enough? I've never encountered a record that even came close to maxing out my system.
  2. ^ was just about to post that. I've never really understood the "too quiet" complaint. Sure, at extremes it can bring up more of the noise floor, but a slightly quieter press is necessary for long run times. Is it that hard to turn the knob on your receiver?
  3. I would definitely go in hard for a kickstarter for Fear. I love that album so much. Excited to hear the new material too!
  4. Mine was coming from Tragic Hero. I got no email notification, but the record arrived Saturday. It looks good, but I haven't had a chance to spin it yet.
  5. Really great interview, thanks for sharing. I'm holding off on that track though to spin the record in full when it arrives.
  6. eh, it's not a big deal. They've been really transparent about it. It's coming soon, and I'm glad they are taking their time to make it right.