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  1. throwgncpr


    sigh. I was so happy these were going to be on black.
  2. This album is gorgeous. Anyone hating on Night People needs to GTFO immediately. I can't wait for this record to arrive.
  3. I've ordered multiple times from TMS. They fucked up every order and it usually took a while to get a response from them. They eventually sorted out the problems, but I've never had any consistently bad experience with any other label before.
  4. throwgncpr

    PO: The Offspring "Americana"

    Aside from the radio singles, which are atrocious, I think this album has some of the best Offspring music. The Kids Aren't Alright and the title track are great. But LOL at any idiot buying or selling this for $100. I paid $3 for an OG copy maybe 8 years ago. Would pay $3 again
  5. Got my copy in today. Here are the bonus tracks included in the download: White Picket Defense System (Vince Ratti demo) The Breath (Vince Ratti demo) Ours Tonight (Unmixed, no VOX) Seven (NO SAMPLE) Euphio Question FORWARD Ours Tonight In Response - Kenny From Jacobis Alley As for the record, I would have preferred a black copy, but I guess I can say I don't own anything that looks like this tasty creamcicle: Haven't spun it yet, but plan to do so in the morning.
  6. this record is insanely good. wow.
  7. throwgncpr

    The Mondo Records Thread - Show Posts Anyway?

    That Jurassic World is nice looking, but I'm really glad I went to see the movie first before pulling the trigger. Aside from a boring, recycled film, Michael Giacchino should not be handed any more John Williams properties. This score was uninspired to say the least.
  8. I didn't find it that quiet, and I prefer a quieter press to one that's clipped out. At >49 minutes, the run time for All Else Failed is pushing it for a single LP. I'm glad they pressed it quieter to minimize inner groove distortion. Funeral of God is going to be smooshed into a single LP too. And at only 2 minutes shorter than All Else Failed, it's going to have the same challenges. I hope they play it conservatively and press on the quieter side
  9. Emma is amazing. I've been waiting for these details.
  10. throwgncpr

    PO NOW: Moldy Peaches- S/T

    I knew this would happen eventually. Happy to grab this at a decent price.
  11. Got my All Else Failed in today from Steadfast. woot!
  12. ^ you should! This record stands up, IMO. The nostalgia component is cool, but it's a really solid record