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  1. You kind of answered your own question here. It's definitely a different approach, and Reflections was super strong. Omens and even Innate Passage are, for lack of a better word, smoother, and definitely take more of a proggy approach than Reflections. Like Derek, I'm not saying that Omens sucked, but I like that sound a LOT less than what they did on Reflections.
  2. I feel the same about their previous albums. I love Reflections, but Omens was a let down. I need to spend more time with Innate Passage. My initial reaction was more positive than Omens (maybe biased by low expectations?), but sonically the album is more similar to Omens than Reflections.
  3. Amenra vocals are perfect. Opinions on vocals are always all over the boards. I'm actually surprised I don't hear more opinions on the few vocals that Mogwai include on their records. Stuart doesn't have the best voice, but they make it work in really great and unique ways. I love his vocals, but I can see how some might not be into them as much.
  4. Derek summed up my thoughts pretty well. I'll just add that I meant no malice in my comments. FWIW, I generally resort to saying I am not into something, rather than it sucks. That said, I think there is validity in calling something out for being derivative. That doesn't mean it sucks. It just means it isn't doing anything different. There is definitely some post-rock and post-metal that I enjoy that has completely taken the formula and replicated it. Hell, Russian Circles did it to themselves on their last few albums. Enjoyable? yes. Anything different? no. I also think that not all of music that seems derivative comes from a genuine place. There are definitely bands/labels that see something as trendy or profitable and jump on it. Deep Elm is a pro at that game now... Back to Mogwai. My Father My King is amazing. It really deserves a decent pressing. The OG sounds like trash. It is not worth chasing down. I really hope to get that Rock Action material in a box set someday. That was a great era., Anyway, I hope you feel better soon Gumbo.
  5. Sucks hard. Such a unique voice on the drums and she created some of my favorite music.
  6. Even some of the bands you listed there have evolved and experimented some beyond what I jokingly refer to on VC as Gumbo-core. It's all the optimistic-sounding crescendo post-rock that just bores me to death. I throw Caspian in list (sorry). I discovered CODY shortly after it was released - I was in college at the time. Every album after has hit in just the right way. Just when I think I have a personal ranking/preference, I toss on one that I claim is my least favorite, and I love it, realizing I can't really rank them. Every album has a mood.
  7. ^ I agree with a lot of that, Derek. To be fair, I can't listen to much of the twinkly, whatever-wave post-rock these days. It all sounds cliched and cheesy. Early Mogwai certainly had the quiet-loud aspect, but the feel was very different. A friend of mine who hasn't listened to Mogwai in a while described that early stuff as "punishing." What I love about Mogwai is the breadth of their catalog. Diving into them now for the first time will surely be an adventure. Even my least favorite Mogwai records are some of my favorite records.
  8. LOL at fawning over so much derivative post-rock and then coming to Mogwai. Glad you finally got there Gumbo. Not sure how you're ever going to go back to the copycats now.
  9. Saw those. Are we thinking it will happen on Friday for bandcamp Friday?
  10. Why would you boycott Bullmoose still? They became completely employee owned after the major issues
  11. I haven't heard previous pressings, but I'm really disappointed with the audio quality. Is this the worst sounding record? No. Does it sound good? Also no. I can without hesitation say that the CD sounds better. The pressing isn't that noisy, but it sounds so flat. I hate that I have to play my CD for the best audio. Sorry. The packaging is really nice, but the audio is kind of crap.
  12. I really really hope this isn't just a 2LP release. Been desperately wanting a new box set. It is a gaping hole in my Mogwai collection.
  13. wow, I was in right when it dropped, so it had to sell out in 1 minute. Jesus. Yeah, time for a repress. The album does not get the love it deserves. Bunch was a great fit for the band.
  14. hmmm, I can add it to my cart, but keep getting this message when I try to check out: Sorry, one or more of these items are no longer in stock.