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  1. I hate to throw a wrench in the fun here, because seriously, believing mwY was trying to rip off fans is hilarious, but... the media mail option for the box set was the same price ($8), which is reasonable. It probably costs about $5 or so in postage, plus whatever packing materials they needed. I'm sure it was just a mistake in setting up the shop. So instead of being a righteous douche nozzle on a soapbox, you probably could have just emailed and inquired about it...
  2. would have loved that black, but grabbing the red/white now
  3. I really like It's All Crazy... It's not a terrible album, it just lacked the aggression they included on other releases. Some of the songs are really well written. The Beetle King rules. Perhaps I'm the crazy one, but CFUTF is one of my least favorite mwY records. It's a bit of transition, musically, and I get why people love it, but it can't touch Brother, Sister which I adore. I have CFTUF, so I'd be down for some kind of deluxe version that had extra audio content.
  4. The pic disc does sound surprisingly good. I usually avoid them like the plague, but I couldn't pass on getting this. Also, thanks for properly packaging this. So glad it wasn't in one of those heavy PVC sleeves that always react with records and ruin them.
  5. aww man, I thought this was bumped with repress info. :-/
  6. Agreed. This album is incredible. I still listen to it regularly. Dear Tool: let me give you money.
  7. wait, you want this album on multiple formats?
  8. I think this album is sick. Really enjoyed the first listen.
  9. I hate the production on this record. It's really compressed and flat. That with the songwriting makes it feel very one-note for it's duration. sigh.
  10. All of the white album is trash. I'll see myself out...