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  1. There were two mixes of Mass VI, so this shouldn't be a big surprise...
  2. Phoenix definitely colored my reaction. I love that album so much; everything about it is perfect. I assumed that he would connect it thematically, but probably do something different in terms of production and vibe. My assumptions were largely correct, but like I said, we'll see how this sits after more listens. Regardless, I expect the third entry to be different than both Phoenix and Havasu.
  3. My initial reaction is the same. Phoenix was amazing, but I admit that all of David's albums are big growers for me. I'm hoping this hits a lot harder after a few more listens.
  4. The new mix sounds like it was leaning into clarity and more sparkling top end compared to the original. I honestly may prefer the original for it's vibe, but this is an interesting alternative.
  5. Anyone expecting this to be anything more than an overpriced/oversized CD is fooling themselves.
  6. I recently listened to my copy again and it has no defects. Very clean. I love this mix.
  7. oof, that cover art... These songs are really forgettable. I could probably put together an album of decent songs from the last several albums, but mostly Coheed doesn't really have any magic for me anymore. I still listen to SSTB regularly - I love the raw energy and production on that album. More recent albums have only been purchased when I find them in the used bin.
  8. I bought the Vols I & II CD set at a Circuit City on release day. That statement does not make sense anymore.
  9. Yeah, the fact that Kristen reached out to at least some of them and was ignored is super shitty. Fuck these dudes.
  10. I'm over color vinyl in general. Splits and especially tri-color splits can fuck right off. Occasionally I get a color variant that I think looks great, and fits the album well, but most of it is trashy looking and has the potential to compromise the audio.

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