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  1. I would be surprised if they do that again. I'd still love one for Inlet
  2. Great news! Hopefully Electra will combine all the content from the various versions.
  3. Their song titles always have some kind of meaning, and it's usually an inside joke. The last regular album title was a joke: "Every Country's Sun" was making fun of someone they knew who actually thought that every country had their own sun... The new song definitely feels like they are trying to at least give a wink to their early/classic sound while forging down the path they've been on for a few albums. I'm getting some serious "Teenage Exorcists" vibes from "Ritchie Sacramento."
  4. The new song rules. I love how the first 25 seconds tease some standard Gumbo-core, and then they launch into a Mogwai pop song. Super excited for new Mogwai.
  5. Wife will for sure murder me. I knew it was going to be steep, but $450 is going to be tough to swing. Any idea on press size or if this is a timed pre-order?
  6. daaaaammmm, I need that. My wallet is not ready though
  7. Unless you got in on the first 30 seconds it was online, there is nothing to regret... I was doing field work in South America and attempting to F5 like crazy on slow af dial-up speed internet and missed out. I'm still salty about this. It's a flipper's wet dream
  8. ^ this. It's why I still don't own SD. Fuck $50 for this...

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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