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  1. wow, it's hard to believe that this is a b-side to OCHL. I actually agree with Gumbo, and find this pretty boring. It's probably fun in a live context, but the Metallica riff is weird.
  2. Listened to Nivhek and bought immediately. Ruins was spectacular. Really a phenomenal record. Grid of Points was good, but it was brief, and hard to follow Ruins.
  3. is the 2xLP only available from thischarmingman? or will any US distros get it?
  4. The guest vocalists aren't doing much for me so far, but the music is great as always. Will probably grab the combo just so I can get the instrumental version.
  5. damn! been waiting for this. new track sounds great!
  6. my flash drive came unformatted and empty. Was anything on it that wasn't included as a download from the email?
  7. No one is ever lucky for being able to purchase a picture disc. No one.