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  1. and don't let Dan be the only guy checking tests! Mr. Reliable Turtable... I have a middle of the road (Thorens) table with a similarly broken in stylus. Maybe its a Goldilocks set up for touchy records
  2. Out of curiosity, how much did you have to adjust your anti-skate? If pretty minor, that seems reasonable to make that recommendation and move on. If pretty drastic, that's another story.
  3. Thanks for clarifying Jeff. I wondered about that. Not sure if this is a win or a loss. Hopefully folks aren't having to overcompensate with tracking adjustments.
  4. It's being reported on the orange variant as well (see FB thread below). Jeff said this regarding reporting the issue: " take a video of it and send it to [email protected]"
  5. Super relieved that my copy doesn't have the problem. I posted a couple pics of my copy on IG: Also, I got shipping notification last night from Steadfast for All Else Failed and Early Recordings
  6. Got mine yesterday. They look great. Can't wait to spin them!
  7. This. I love S/T. Would kill for a really great vinyl treatment.
  8. Just got shipping notification from MerchNow. Excited to get these!
  9. I largely agree with this. I didn't really care for Gore. I'm enjoying Ohms. It was an edge I wasn't expecting.
  10. Thanks for this. I was much more interested in the solid state variants and was begging to get a little paranoid. Grabbed both from merchnow.
  11. Consumed might be my favorite initially too. Nick's drumming on that is perfect.