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  1. I'm glad they made more available. I wish that coke bottle clear had been in the first round. Oh well.
  2. My favorite as well. I have the Hobbledehoy clear/black haze pressing and it sounds fine: https://www.discogs.com/This-Will-Destroy-You-Tunnel-Blanket/release/3155328
  3. A white with black splatter edition is available from her US webstore: https://www.districtlines.com/119765-Live-at-Roadburn-2018-LP/Zola-Jesus I kind of wish I knew this was going to be available before I jumped on the Burning World order.
  4. The album is fine. A lot less exciting than previous efforts, but not nearly as oof as that lead track suggested. This doesn't excite me enough for a purchase right now, but I would snag it in the used bin.
  5. ugg, I went ahead and ordered the teal. I think whenever the band copies go online, it's going to be a shit show. Went ahead and added that Gratitude record to my order.
  6. I'm kind of surprised how low the pressing is given the demand for this. Though I know licensing from Deep Elm is a real bitch, so maybe that played in to the small run.
  7. oof, that's not so great.... Did he self produce this again? Because he needs to not do that.