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  1. throwgncpr

    PO NOW : SUMAC - Love In Shadow

  2. throwgncpr

    PO NOW : SUMAC - Love In Shadow

    oh yeah, that wasn't on there earlier. sounds great! According the the mp3 metadata, this is track 1 "The Task"
  3. I like the MS folks too, but to be fair, they've fucked up every. single. order. I've placed with them. I'm really hesitant to give them my money until I see products are heading out the door. You can be a super-awesome, well-intentioned human and still suck at what you do...
  4. definitely grabbing the deluxe. clip sounds great
  5. I loved Beggars and Major/Minor and their progression through that point, but I really disliked TBEITBN. Mostly because of Dustin's vocals, but the entire thing was safe. This is maybe slightly better, but still along the same lines. Beggars and Major/Minor may have been less aggressive, but they were excellent albums (M/M is my favorite Thrice record, and I got into them with Identity Crisis...). It feels like they're phoning it in now.
  6. needing an ad-block blocker blocker

  7. No. Remember when this band was good? I 'member.
  8. throwgncpr


    adblocker blocker is bullshit
  9. I got mine yesterday. Cool concept, but I find the packaging annoying af. I removed the records from the bag, put them on my shelf, and the zipper pouch will probably just hide in a cupboard somewhere for all of eternity. I would have rather just paid $20 less to have the records without the cool but completely impractical packaging.