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  1. This track is better than anything from the last two albums. It feels like an actual progression from Major/Minor. I'm back in.
  2. LOLWTF this band. Aside from all the standard Glassjaw nonsense, don't forget that these are all going to sound like poo on single LPs.
  3. The apex of any music debate is truly when the conversation devolves to homophobic insults...
  4. I like the new song. Dan's drumming is great, and I can't wait to hear this entire record. I don't get the sense that they are doing something to get a specific reaction from listeners. It sounds completely genuine, and I hope they keep making music that makes them excited.
  5. Did they ever really have the metal purists though? It seems like people (especially black metal aficionados) were always snarky about Deafheaven and how they're categorized. I agree that the new material should still fit nicely with their older songs in a set list. Sonically it's similar, and it should give George's voice a break. I'm sure he's still going to be as theatrical with the new songs though.
  6. Gerken filled in for them before, and that was originally planned for more than just a temp fill in; Bryan had stepped away. Bryan was a huge part of their sound, and I loved the guy. I don't see Hum doing anything new anytime soon, (even regular Hum timeline is glacial), but I wouldn't rule out anything in the future.
  7. Devastating. Bryan was such a nice guy. I can't wrap my head around this.
  8. I was wondering about this too. I assumed anything after that first 500 would be sometime later this summer.
  9. I'm happy I was able to grab a black deluxe, and even know I had a feeling they wouldn't do it, I'm still bummed the deluxe didn't include a vinyl pressing of the [A->B] Live. I would have happily paid more for a more expansive box.
  10. Yeah, this is going to take a bunch of listens I think for it to click. After a couple listens, I'm not in love with it as much as Audio Noir, but there is some solid stuff here.
  11. I have the OG black. It sounds fine. No major problems.

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