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  1. I agree that 180g is usually the culprit and is totally unnecessary, but also hate the shoddy jacket quality we see so much, especially on albums that retail for $25-30. I know it's unfair to compare pressing quality to the '60s and '70s when vinyl production was at its peak, but I don't see an excuse for why record jackets have to be made of so much shittier materials than was mainstream 50 years ago. It's just paper stock.
  2. Had a laugh at this one. One of the worst condition sealed records I've ended up with was Science Fiction– opened it up to find the top of the gatefold was split from corner to almost the middle of the cover, the edges were all peeling up a little, and the shrink had torn, leaving the back scuffed. Inner sleeve seam splits all around, of course. And I bought that one in-store! Just happened to be the last copy and I didn't catch the giant split on the top of the cover before i checked out. All because they stuffed some giant idiotic poster in there with the record. Oh w
  3. appears to still be in stock on this site, Europe only though :( https://www.flight13.com/burial-four-tet-thom-yorke-her-revolution-his-rope/142171
  4. damn, can't find it anywhere. Rough Trade says limited to 300 - I wonder what the actual number is or if there are multiple pressings
  5. Damn, if he can't come up with one single in the span of like 13 months... the prospect of getting an album anytime soon is not looking good
  6. according to @frankoceanography on instagram, the Little Demon replacement is now shipping, called "These Days" would make sense if it's a cover of the Jackson Browne / Nico / etc song, given the subject matter (and considering his brother just died) supposedly the B-side is blank.
  7. I don't believe for a second that the pressing plant was unfamiliar with the mockups. I'm pretty sure the possible color combinations (and likely the photoshopped mockups themselves) usually come from the pressing plant. Plants use multi-colored vinyl "pucks" to achieve multicolored pressings. They know what it should look like. (You might notice that indie punk band 7"s from the same eras often have the same similar colors combos/marbles/splatters, from URP or the like. They choose from what's available) It is not an issue of the labels/artists dreaming up things that are impossible. Pre
  8. But don't they do a test one first? Something like a vinyl blob turning out totally wrong seems much easier to quickly spot and fix than a flawed stamper or poor mastering. From my limited understanding, the machines aren't usually unattended
  9. 😞 Oh well... Was expecting it to look a little odd, but that's "Black inside aqua"? I get it when splatters get all mixed up, but that just seems like the pressing plant was doing something else entirely
  10. Just got an email from Plaid Room about "at least a 1 week delay, but more than likely we're looking at 2-4 weeks." "We ordered over 1,500 copies of this LP, and even after EXTREME allocations, I'm still expecting to be able to fulfill all of these orders (as long as the distributors' packing lists line up with what actually shows). At this point, I have tracking information for ~50% of my stock, although only about 25 copies have actually trickled in."
  11. Hmm... Have been putting off getting the Jar of Flies / Sap set forever, would be nice to have the separate Sap artwork. I wonder if there will be a Jar of Flies standalone reissue soon too anyone else not a big fan of etchings though? They always seem kinda cheesy to me
  12. Yeah, eBay flags stuff based on keywords - it's usually not an actual person searching out bootlegs, just listings that use certain words that pop up for moderators. See how other sellers are describing them and copy that
  13. With the date crossed out, like at the top of this photo? Seems backwards that the repress would have almost the same runouts, not crossed out. Strange
  14. Hey, can anyone who purchased the 2009 first press of Moth / Wolf Cub confirm that the runouts on Discogs are correct? Seems to be some debate over if the original has M̶A̶R̶C̶H̶ ̶2̶0̶0̶9̶ crossed out and "EW" on side A, or if that's actually the 2011 repress.
  15. briefly, I think. Recently people on Discogs/Reddit/eBay have been paying $100+ for it because it's sold out everywhere online, but I found a copy in-store a couple months ago to my knowledge, the only difference between the RSD and the repress is URP's circled "U" logo in the deadwax on the repress. pretty sure both have (identical?) hype stickers. I wonder if these new copies will also be the same packaging

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