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  1. Hmm... Have been putting off getting the Jar of Flies / Sap set forever, would be nice to have the separate Sap artwork. I wonder if there will be a Jar of Flies standalone reissue soon too anyone else not a big fan of etchings though? They always seem kinda cheesy to me
  2. Yeah, eBay flags stuff based on keywords - it's usually not an actual person searching out bootlegs, just listings that use certain words that pop up for moderators. See how other sellers are describing them and copy that
  3. With the date crossed out, like at the top of this photo? Seems backwards that the repress would have almost the same runouts, not crossed out. Strange
  4. Hey, can anyone who purchased the 2009 first press of Moth / Wolf Cub confirm that the runouts on Discogs are correct? Seems to be some debate over if the original has M̶A̶R̶C̶H̶ ̶2̶0̶0̶9̶ crossed out and "EW" on side A, or if that's actually the 2011 repress.
  5. briefly, I think. Recently people on Discogs/Reddit/eBay have been paying $100+ for it because it's sold out everywhere online, but I found a copy in-store a couple months ago to my knowledge, the only difference between the RSD and the repress is URP's circled "U" logo in the deadwax on the repress. pretty sure both have (identical?) hype stickers. I wonder if these new copies will also be the same packaging
  6. Hmm, might be too flashy for me. Kind of prefer the regular LP's minimal logo artwork. If you or anyone wants to unload their OG black copy, hit my line!
  7. I agree. It seems like a necessary step to have Discogs function by the same rules as every other marketplace on the internet. Having to message first and wait for a shipping quote is pretty antiquated in 2020 - everywhere else, it is the seller's responsibility to figure out general shipping rates so that they don't lose money. Sometimes they're a little high, sometimes they're a little low; it generally cancels out (and I say this as an occasional seller, currently figuring out those rates)
  8. Do you have another music source connected to your speakers? If so, what is it and are you happy with how that sounds? The speakers will make the greatest difference. Although I'm not familiar with your exact speakers, you have a surround sound setup, which was definitely not engineered with vinyl playback in mind (and probably not music at all). If you are happy with your speakers, then by all means keep them, but you won't find much benefit from upgrading to turntables (or preamps) that are more expensive than your front L/R speakers. Cartridge will make a difference - the easy swap to 2M blue, or to a moving coil cartridge, will definitely improve the sound. A high end MC cartridge with a high end preamp, even more so. But since you asked where the bottleneck is - a pair of speakers will only sound so good, no matter how much money you throw at everything else. They will always sound like that pair of speakers. Might be a good idea to look into room acoustics too!
  9. definitely benefits to have a couple other records in your cart for TTL - free shipping on orders $100+, and 10% off orders of 4 records or more.
  10. Same. Was gonna try for TTL online, but just went to Rock & Soul DJ in midtown and grabbed the last Cherry Bomb and a copy of D-Sides. D-Sides was $5 cheaper from them anyway
  11. they're very well known in jazz circles, popular with young music students especially Similar crowd to jacob collier / snarky puppy / louis cole. Kind of a new subset of jazz / funk fusion that seems to blow up thanks to youtube videos
  12. We are coming up on the 25th anniversary of the S/T in November... Hopefully they don't wait another 5 years for the 30th
  13. No, I’m not confused - I’m just noticing that Endless doesn’t sell the way most records do; the prices don’t stabilize when there’s a surplus for sale. If you look at the sale histories, one will sell for $200 then another for over $300 the next day, then another one closer to $200. I think it has to do with a lot of people wanting this who don’t buy records on the resell market regularly, not realizing that the stock changes. I know it is in demand, but there are always a lot of copies always up for sale, and people don’t seem to buy according to market value - they often buy above it. I think the release of the 7” singles has driven this behavior; people afraid of Frank vinyl prices going up end up actually driving the prices up. Sorry, I’m done.
  14. I mean on Discogs and eBay, it seems every few weeks the highest sale number has gone up, yet new copies are posted almost every day. It’s not supply and demand driving up cost, it seems like people just buying the first one they see. I’ve been following it on both, there are tons of copies always being posted for sale. People keep buying Endless above market value when they could just wait a couple days for another one to be posted at the lower end of the price range. Instead, they end up paying a top-end flipper and the whole price spectrum shifts up. A year ago this was a $140 record sealed.
  15. Who are these people that insist on buying them for such high prices and inflating the value? It’s not like there has been any shortage of copies popping up