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  1. Got the bsm /200, but starting to want the triple crown clear too...
  2. Surely someone likes this enough to sell me their red splatter...
  3. Yeah it sounds like it's trying to be more epic than it is. Kind of boring and repetitive imo Same. This sounds more like Age of Adz... which is cool, but... I too was hoping for something closer to Carrie & Lowell / Illinois / Seven Swans
  4. clear preorder up now at Turntable Lab for $34.98 https://www.turntablelab.com/products/sufjan-stevens-the-ascension-colored-vinyl-vinyl-2lp
  5. Same here, ordered the one shown in the mockup but the vinyl received looks just like yours. If I really squint at it I can almost imagine I see a blotch of light blue.... but no, I think it's pretty much all that same greenish gold.
  6. Anyone know what happened to this? Link is down and I haven't heard any news of a repress anywhere else.
  7. Looks like Rough Trade (UK) is still selling it. https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/sufjan-stevens/the-ascension/lp-plus-x2
  8. on the topic of the In Colour pressings, while the thread is nicely bumped— Other than the occasional pops and clicks from the crappy colored vinyl, are people happy with the sound of their deluxe editions? Was thinking of getting the regular edition but the reviews for that seem even worse, which makes sense for a 42 minute, bass-heavy album packed onto a single LP
  9. Anyone know how common the mispresses of Live at Biko are that have Lana Del Rey on the D side? The discogs comments make it seem like the majority of the first press was messed up. https://www.discogs.com/Mark-Kozelek-Live-At-Biko/master/810403 Trying to decide if it's safe to buy a sealed copy or if I should get one somebody's already played through (as hilarious as that "split release" would be)
  10. They said the Little Demon 7" would be replaced with a 7" of "a new, unreleased Frank Ocean song." So the orders themselves weren't cancelled, everyone will just be getting a different single from what I understand
  11. I don't understand why they couldn't have used the existing In My Room artwork shown on streaming services, rather than the generic sleeve with hole. (There is a barcode printed on the back, it's not totally standard issue.) Seems like a missed opportunity if all the little graphics at the bottom of the single artwork do correspond to different songs. The remix is near identical with the addition of a Benny Revival verse (I guess he's a rapper) at the end of the song. It's fine, nothing to call home about
  12. No.... Check eBay, copies with in-hand photos have been selling for weeks now. As far as I know, nobody has the unreleased, formerly Little Demon track yet.
  13. Wish we could get a repress of that Ocean & Montana EP he did with Buddy, it seems to almost not exist.
  14. Still haven't received Dear April or Cayendo, but I got In My Room, which really doesn't sound that good. I don't expect that much for a 7", but it sounds lower quality than a spotify stream. (It's also slightly warped and I swear the tempo is a tiny bit off) Super disappointing for the price, I hope the others are better. Honestly though, I never thought Blonde (official) sounded all that great, my copy always seemed a bit compressed.