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  1. I've tried again and again with this. I literally cannot do this. wildflange, if I send you $, can you get me a copy?
  2. My store didn't have the John Butler Trio Ocean 12" If anyone could help me out?
  3. http://www.fomr-d.com/?pid=82327049 Or http://www.fomr-d.com/?pid=82336691 :/
  4. I'm after a Japanese variant of a record but the website that sells it is entirely in Japanese (no surprised there) and Google translate is not being very helpful. If someone is able to get me a copy of a record, I can PayPal them to cover their costs? PM me? (If a favour needs returning, I'm happy to help with UK/European-only releases?)
  5. These guys are immense. I haven't seen a topic for this so far here on VC, so just spreading the news about their upcoming second album, with vinyl pressed by the glorious intheclouds. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/owel-help-us-record-our-new-songs
  6. This has cropped up for sale in the last year on this forum and on Discogs. Keep looking and I'm sure you'll nab a copy.
  7. This is unbelievable.... how the heck is this one suddenly OOP and now scarce? I'll keep an eye out for this one for you.
  8. I have two. I could be persuaded to part with both of them?
  9. I could have sworn that they've said recently that they were done with vinyl for now. This said, I'm not complaining. Bought!
  10. Making more progress but my collection still isn't complete. Message me!

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