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  1. Added a bunch 7/15 Need to sell these ASAP, hit me up with any offers. Thanks! Straylight Run- ST/ brown marble The Starting Line- say it like you mean it/ blue marble The Starting Line- Direction/ blue Something Corporate- North/ blue marble Something Corporate- Leaving Through/white letlive- If I’m the Devil/red letlive- blackest beautiful/ black letlive- fake history/ white Jacks Mannequin- Everything in Transit/ black Have Mercy- Earth Pushed back/ smoke Have Mercy- My Oldest Friend/ black The Little Maid, Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast pic discs chiodos- Bone Pallace Grand Coda/ white chiodos- All’s Well/ orange Incubus- 8 The Bled- Found In The Flood/blue The Speed Of Sound in Seawater- First Contact /black Pierce the Veil- Flair for the Dramatic / rose/orange swirl Have Mercy- A Place Of Our Own/ cream Have Mercy- Oldest Friend / clear with blue haze/ misprint /no jacket Fun.- Some Nights /black Fun.- Aim and Ignite /black Dikembe- Mediumship /clear pink marble Dikembe- Broad Shoulders /Orange Sons of the Sea- S/T /black Of Us Giants- Nova Scotia /clear blue Of Us Giants- Stitch /clear 22 of 25 Sounds of Animals Fighting- Lover, The Lord /black 180 Brendan Rivera- No Ocean /black Emarosa- Versus /clear The American Scene- Safe For Now /black Slaves- Through Art /orange red Their/They're/There- S/T /clear red Chiodos- Devil /red? Chiodos-r2me2 7" Of Us Giants-even if I meant to 5" Citizen- Young States 7"
  2. Looking to sell 1 GA ticket for tonights show in Pittsburgh, let me know if you're interested.