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  1. Hello guys, I am looking for this specific color of the relapse 012:2 2nd pressing. It is the "Gun Metal Gray w/ Blue haze". I have some extra copies of the first press of this I could trade for it, or we could work out a deal otherwise. If any one has it and will part with it, either reply here or PM, thanks
  2. Phew.... got in just before the buzzer on that one. Took me so long to have funds enough, this was on the top of my "to buy" list. Keep up the great work Jordan, cant wait till this comes. Are these going to be numbered in order of who ordered first? If I was the last one I might get 100/100 which would be cool.
  3. I hope so Yu. This album is great, the best they have ever done. The label the CD is on, profound lore, doesn't press vinyl. Or at least hasn't in a few years. The best bet for this being pressed would probably be Kreation Records, since they pressed a previous YOB record a couple years ago. But no news yet. Keep me posted if you hear anything.
  4. If youtube isnt blocked use that. Myspace is blocked for me too, but youtube is always my saviour.
  5. Also Brent.... at the risk of sounding corny, I need to take a minute and let you know it means a lot to me that you pressed these records. I know small start up labels are tough and I know you or anyone that does this is in it more to press albums you think people need to have rather than make money off of this. And I want you to know that there is at least one guy out there that really really appreciates that you did this, and I know the same can be said for a lot of records that are pressed, but for me, Zao is a band that changed my life and got me into heavy music in general. They have always been, and will continue to be for all intents and purposes my "favorite band", and as an intense vinyl collector it always killed me that all the good Zao albums were not on wax. Enough so that I would often have illusions of grandeur in my head about getting together some money and trying to press them, even though I had no idea what I was doing. I would have never had the balls to do it, and now thanks to you I can finally own one of my life changing records in the desired format. I guess I will stop the corny love letter at that, but I just wanted to let you know it does mean a lot to some folks and I just figured that is why you do it in the first place, so keep up the awesome work. I look forward to all future BCR releases if we have the good fortune of seeing more in the future, and if you have a suggestion box out there, do the first Sleeping Giant record
  6. Yeah, mine is more brownish with hints of Green and some gold swirl. I trust that mine is the one out of 105 since I had ordered black but by looking at it alone I could theorize it is any of the variants. No issues on my end though, I know Brent did the best he could to make sense of it all. And regardless, I think the swirly colors look way cooler than any of the one color zao variants, so who cared if they werent as planned
  7. Hasnt worked all day. Hopefully they get it fixed asap
  8. I keep a running list throughout the year. So since you asked....current top 40: 1. Mastodon 2. Coalesce 3. Buried Inside 4. Cobalt 5. Isis 6. Absu 7. Wolves In The Throne Room 8. Narrows 9. Kylesa 10. Agoraphobic Nosebleed 11. Cattle Decapitation 12. Brutal Truth 13. Altar Of Plagues 14. Fen 15. Magrudergrind 16. Graf Orlock 17. Saros 18. Irepress 19. Tombs 20. Pulling Teeth 21. Napalm Death 22. Amoseurs 23. Furnace 24. Black Math Horseman 25. Defeater 26. Ruins 27. Hull 28. Wino 29. Big Business 30. Giant Squid 31. Goatwhore 32. Sleeping In Gesthmane 33. Phantom Glue 34. Den Saakaldte 35. Dark Castle 36. Deathspell Omega 37. Suffocation 38. Imbroglio 39. God Dethroned 40. Disappearer
  9. The fact that this thread has 10 replies to date, and no one recognizes this as the Phantom Limb cover art makes me sick
  10. Thanks Juan. This strikes me as odd given that I ordered 2 and got blue and clear
  11. Got mine today. Got both blue and clear. Camera is out of town for the weekend so sorry Yu, no pics yet.
  12. sorry to bump this old thread, but can someone confirm to me that maybe also ordered this if VC has gotten their copies in? I placed an order way back when that included this and it hasnt shipped yet and I am positive everything else in the order has come in by now, so I wanted to get clarification on this before I emailed andy for an update. Thanks for the help
  13. Virgil, will you not be getting the new Big Business LP from HH?
  14. Pelican definitely had the champions of sound in boston, as well as the new EP in a tour only CD version which to my knowledge doesnt exist anywhere else
  15. Finally! Why does it seem like southern lord is the last place that puts up their own releases these days? Seems kinda backwards. Regardless I will be ordering all (plus the Wino finally) on payday. Also...I waited patiently even though these are in stores already since SL usually has a mailorder only color, although that doesnt really seem to be the case on these.
  16. The CD preorders already shipped last week, so no reason why they wouldn't/shouldn't ship together if you got both.
  17. Need to resurrect this thread to let anyone that didn't get in on this know that the band actually does have these on tour right now if you are going to go and see them. They have both the color ($30) and Black ($25) versions. Nice gatefold packaging. I am digging it.
  18. Virgil, Assuming these Mastodon restocks are the single LP black version....any chance you will get any of the new red colored ones in stock?
  19. Excited for this news! If only they were to be ready for this weekend this would be more exciting! Oh well psyched to finally see them regardless. Will buy when it comes out.
  20. Ditto. I would be down for this under any normal circumstances. Trying to solicit a group buy for metal dudes the week before MDF is bad timing Need to save my funds
  21. Ordered both. Narrows album is so good! Can't wait till these arrive. Jake....as far as your knowledge goes at this time, should these be ready to ship around the same time?
  22. Are you sure? I emailed Josh at relapse and he said he had Terrifyer on white, black and gray and Phantom Limb on blue. Well, no I am not sure...I am just relaying second hand what was said on other message boards. But when I looked, I assumed the original pressing was of 1000, and now that there are 2000, it made sense that there would have been a second press. But it could be wrong, especially if they have multiple colors of Terrifyer, since if they repressed PL it would have been all on blue.
  23. Just for clarification, these are not OOP records....They repressed both of them. The Agoraphobic stuff is actually the OOP 7"s though, but all of the rare ones are long gone by now.

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