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  1. I have one if your still looking for it. But, I won't sell it for under a $100.
  2. its cool how different people connect to different albums, but that's a good thing. To me self-titled is one big love story full of pain and hatred and love all tossed together. It's a darker album in darker parts of their lives and its rough, harsh and hard. I love it so much. Has so much emotion and the harsh screams even at the end of the songs that seem to get even better but we barely get to hear them as the songs fade out. The cover to the album is the best matched cover I've ever seen, it has the death skull in the front then the colorful love roses in the back, genius!
  3. Man thats so dissapointing they are $50, just for a poster.... That's crazy expensive. Self Titled is my favorite album of all time too bad I can afford to spend that. I died a little inside.
  4. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/live-v2-around-the-fur-d2c-lp-vinyl/22184271.p;jsessionid=A37EF7B3E17BD38A8D848A0465F3D484.bbolsp-app04-127?id=2813637&skuId=22184271&st=deftones&lp=13&cp=1 Just saw this, so I guess it was supposed to happen but never did?
  5. screw it, ordered red. can always cancel later if gets cheaper on amazon
  6. awesome thanks! I will wait since I don't care what color I get
  7. so.. this may be a dumb question, but will this be on Amazon later or is it exclusively SRC?
  8. I have one still sealed for anyone who wants it. The top has a slight seem split but if I were keeping it it wouldn't bother me. I will ship it to you for $31. Send me a note if interested. I dont want to sell it on ebay and be a flipper.
  9. yea seems like its back up again... http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/HTBrandsAndCollections/RDBrands/LinkinPark/Linkin+Park+-+Meteora+Vinyl+LP+Hot+Topic+Exclusive-10116252.jsp
  10. jeeze im glad I checked on here I would have missed out. I'm sure it looks great pictures never do justice.
  11. we should be patient though, this is from their site. I personally like ordering from underdogs, so I will happily wait. **You should receive your order roughly 3-4 weeks from when you place it. Typically it will much take less time to arrive, but in peak busy periods it can take a little more. Please realize that although we take this mailorder operation very seriously, we're a small family-run businesss in a small spot in rural Washington with just 3 people running the whole shebang. Only 1, yes 1, of these people is in charge of packing and shipping every single order that we receive.

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