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  1. Finally got around to open my milky clear that I ordered within minutes of it going live. It's black. No color hype sticker. Womp womp.
  2. Had the color your own version in my cart and it sold out before I could checkout because I was picking a shirt to go with it. Hope they add more or cancel some mass orders!
  3. Band rules. Love their first two records and they put on a hell of a live show. Can't wait for this.
  4. Ordered the pink based on this track. I'm one of the folks who thought the LP2 vocals were sitting on top of the mix like oil on water but this single sounds great to me. Listened to that record maybe 3 times after it came out then never picked it up again. LP1 came out when I was in college so it's not just a case of Millennials Are Killing the Emo Revival Industry... just never really absorbed LP2 I guess.
  5. Sold a ton of these. Treat y'self for Cyber Monday from this updated list!
  6. Tuesday bump- couple of these are pending but buy some more before I go to eBay with 'em!
  7. Not so much a collector anymore so I’m selling off doubles and original pressings of records I’ve got newer versions of. Everything in good shape except where noted and happy to describe particular items if you’re a condition hound. Anything not sold here in a week or so is going to eBay but happy to listen to offers! PM is the best way to get in touch- will get back to everyone mostly in the evenings CST. $4 shipping gets everything you want shipped to you via Media Mail w/ delivery confirmation in the US. International shipping is negotiable but I've had nothing but trouble with
  8. Got my tri-color Friday but haven't listened yet. Hope it's not noisy dammit! Also, not that I needed it, but no download code in these... kinda sucks as I've gotten used to that across the board.
  9. I have the last box set and all the others included in this set already (including that crazy deluxe People's Key which is super awesome and I'll never give up) so this is a tough call for me as someone who likes nice-looking boxes.
  10. I still want that 4XLP but also never found a good deal on it (see also: Daydream Nation 4XLP) and now people are asking crazy amounts for it. I have an OG of this so don't see myself picking this one up but if someone who gets one says it sounds good I'll probably cave and swap out the old one.

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