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  1. This is slightly off topic but I have Shenmue III sitting on my shelf unplayed and I'm wondering if it's worth the time investment. I've only played the first one years ago when it was originally released for Dreamcast. Does anyone recommend going back and playing through I and II or should I just watch a review of the story up until this point and jump in straight to III? I'm wondering if the gameplay is dated at this point.
  2. Great list so far. Luckily I have almost all of them already through the AP Blue Note reissues from a few years ago. I love that all this stuff is getting high quality pressings for affordable prices. I'm still making my way through the Tone Poets and they are excellent value.
  3. Damn, didn’t think that coke bottle was going to be so limited. Shouldn’t have slept on it.
  4. It's still up there they just rearranged everything and made it harder to find (probably not by design but nothing Billy does has to be easy, does it?): https://store.smashingpumpkins.com/music.html
  5. https://www.turntablelab.com/products/king-krule-6-feet-beneath-the-moon-colored-vinyl-vinyl-2lp-turntable-lab-exclusive Turntable Lab Gray /600
  6. That could potentially be really cool looking or a disaster. I trust it'll be cool though, curious to see it.
  7. That's really weak. I would've went for the signed blue one if that was the case.
  8. /2500 With shipping from the official site it comes to about $40 so its really not that big of a difference. I guess if you're not a member it's steep.
  9. Apparently they will not make any replacements if you choose media mail. Kinda read through it quickly to make sure I got the order through. Also, somewhat surprised they are allowing 2 copies per person, pretty much inviting resale here.
  10. Ready to purchase this immediately. Wonder if there will be another VMP variant.
  11. I can live with $40 for a double LP but $50 is really pushing it. I like that web store pinkish one but I don’t know if I have it in me. You know this is going to be widely available and discounted at some point.