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  1. More impressive that he/she created an account just to make this observation.
  2. These are now available on Amazon but are slightly more expensive. Haven't seen them listed elsewhere just yet.
  3. I love when people come here, having never posted or contributed to the community before, and just try and peddle their shit.
  4. I'm loving it so far although I admit to pouring way too many hours into multiplayer Mario Maker 2 at the moment, as opposed to fully sinking my teeth into Fire Emblem.
  5. Really digging the song and even more curious to hear this whole thing now. Not into the whole gimmicky CD package thing, hopefully we get some traditional vinyl options soonish.
  6. Loving these reissues. I’m surprised there wasn’t a thread for the first batch. We should make this a Prince super-thread since this reissue campaign will be going on for quite a bit.
  7. I was under the impression the colored set sounds like shit. Anyone care to comment? Might pick this up on some nice deal down the line.
  8. I really like the songs themselves for the most part. The ugliness of the mix only really gets to me on some tracks. Overall I think it’s pretty solid and the criticism here is overblown in my opinion. To each their own obviously.
  9. Oooh that is a phenomenal price. Going to try and cancel that ROG order, it's a $53 difference.
  10. Dammit, me too. Guess they aren’t playing games with this stuff anymore.