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  1. I received my copy of Distressor today. Haven't spun it yet but looks like stuff is finally starting to hit mailboxes or at least be on their way.
  2. And a crafty billionaire from New York is going to save us from the globalists. These people have lost their minds.
  3. Holy crap I can’t believe they’re pressing this. Such an awesome album. Thank you!
  4. I've been wondering this myself. There are a few retailers that have this listed as set to release the first week of February so should be soon. Rough Trade also has it listed as limited to 800 copies.
  5. According to one of the gizz Reddit threads there’s a fuzz club box set edition on the way. Based on their poly release that might be one to look out for.
  6. You should strongly consider some mental help. I’m not the one going off on diatribes and derailing a thread multiple times. Feel free to continue spouting your insanity as I’m sure you’ll want the last word. I won’t be replying to you anymore.
  7. Imagine getting this worked up over a couple of forum posts? You have a lot of anger issues, my friend. I simply asked why you were grumpy. I didn’t imply anything about my own posts, replies, etc. You’re going to have a tough time at life getting this agitated over something so stupid, it’s really not that serious.
  8. That Kid Cudi record is really good, definitely still holds up. If I didn't already have a copy I'd consider rejoining for that one. Anybody have any leads for the John Prine self titled that came out earlier this year? I slept on it and now seeing sold out everywhere. Not really interested in paying double the price for a VMP color copy (unless a noble VCer could help me out if they still have a discounted membership and aren't interested in that one).
  9. Just realized that unlike the Stolen Bodies set, the Needlejuice one does not contain Teenage Gizzard or the Demos. Just mentioning it in case anybody else didn't notice.
  10. Cool, thanks for the updates. I guess I'll hop on the Needlejuice bandwagon since they're the only other one doing a proper box set at the moment. Their mockups look cool, although not as nice as the Stolen Bodies ones in my opinion. I do like that they have a different color scheme for every individual record though. Never ordered from them before but I trust the opinions of others here.

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