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  1. Agree. I flip flopped for a bit on a few things I had my eye on but 20% off isn't great considering what the base cost is and in order to even make it worth it you need to spend $75 for that free shipping.
  2. I haven't listened yet but is there any overlap between the newly released stuff and the cassettes that came in the deluxe edition?
  3. I just assumed they would be widely available from someplace outside of their website at some point and have a wider release. Got Isn’t Anything at amoeba which I like a little more anyways. I’m sure Loveless will come around in some form again.
  4. OK I'm officially coming around to this album. I still really dislike Not in Kansas, but everything else is pretty solid. Also, back to my earlier post, they were able to replace my scratched LP pretty quickly and without too much fuss.
  5. That's dedication. Just went straight into the trash for me, haha.
  6. If they're supposed to be released in August I would assume so. And yeah, that setlist rules, getting really excited for this tour.
  7. Ah didn’t realize that, thanks for the heads up. You’d think they would at least try and explain some of the changes. I seriously don’t understand their line of thinking these days. I’m very curious to see how much web traffic has decreased since they dismantled the forums.
  8. Really lame that they got rid of month to month subs. Will likely just buy what I need on the secondary market from now on.
  9. I'm trying to like this album more than I do but I think there's a huge drop off in quality and consistency. Side C is a total snooze fest with I Am Not In Kansas being at least three minutes too long.
  10. Do you know specifically what exclusives for those two are being released?