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  1. I want this but don’t know if I have it in me to spend $110 on it.
  2. How did I not see that my first look through the list!!! I can't believe that's being pressed.
  3. Man shipping is crazy but whatever, not missing out on these.
  4. Not that I don’t trust your musical tastes and judgement but have you given it a fair chance? It’s a really fantastic album in my opinion with some nice variety.
  5. Those thinking of waiting for next month before signing up should be careful. I’m pretty sure they anticipate all spots filling up before they even get to that point.
  6. I think they only won't allow new members to go month to month. I've dipped in and out since they changed that policy without having to commit.
  7. Re-upped for that. Wish I didn't already have Soft Bulletin so might swap that out for something else.
  8. My orders from Acoustic Sounds were all cancelled. Sad times. Really wish I didn't miss the preorder on the official site for these.
  9. Ordered the Rosita yesterday, I think the band said there are about 10 copies left. I'm really psyched for this record and looking forward to a pressing of Lady Melody soon as well (hopefully). There's also a super dope european variant but shipping to the US is out of control. Here it is for my european friends and those with deep pockets: https://shop.sbam.rocks/product/audio-karate-malo/
  10. Integrity Blues was fairly decent, will definitely give this a fair shake. Good to see them with continued solid output.
  11. I don't think this or the empyrean was ever announced officially, shops just started taking preorders and that was that.
  12. It came to $164 and change after some type of discount from a couple months ago. Think it was a 15% off coupon.
  13. Got shipping notification from deep discount today. Happy days!
  14. I’m so amped on this set, hopefully deep discount honors their sale price.