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  1. Damn just missed Sinatra Sings for Only the Lonely for $10. Booo
  2. Holy shit I found one! In case anyone else is after it: https://soulbrother.com/shop/evans-in-england/
  3. Ugh, no UK sellers have Evans in England. Think I'm going to have to give up on this one.
  4. Picked up the Colemine exclusive the other day on a whim after hearing a couple of songs. Really excited to hear the whole thing and generally love some of the stuff coming from Colemine. That Durand Jones album is phenomenal.
  5. Completely agree. This is certain to be another shit show and keep the secondary market active.
  6. I actually thought I remembered it was supposed to come out in April and then I just assumed I was wrong. Good to know I’m not going crazy. I’ve never dealt with this company before so I really don’t know what to expect.
  7. Top of that page says to ignore the sold out classification. I'm assuming if it's not listed they won't have it. In search of any overseas stores that might have Evans in England, having a real hard time finding that one.
  8. Bull Moose has just stated that they will be getting these in. Preorders to go up in a few days.
  9. Apparently Stars isn’t selling crazy well so you should be able to swap for it next month if you still happen to be a member.
  10. Don't think they had that one. Might want to try calling Finders for that. Don't know if they still have it but they did yesterday afternoon.
  11. Bull Moose had at least one copy of something I was looking for but I couldn’t cart it. Kept refreshing for like 25 mins and saw add to cart button once, couldn’t grab it. Oh well.
  12. Finders is amazing. Finally got through and got that Lost in Translation. They said they have some more so give it a shot. They also said they expected more Evans In England if anyone else was looking for that. Good luck!