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  1. Between this logistical shipping nightmare, their rising prices and other weird business practices (dismantling an incredibly popular forum for no reason) I think they're not going to make it much longer.
  2. Got my copy yesterday and it does include an insert. This is a great winter record, looking forward to many more spins.
  3. You can send him an email via the website, that’s what I did. I didn’t have any prior conversation with him. If he has more extras he seems willing to sell to whomever.
  4. I'm a relatively new Tycho fan but I also really like Weather. It's a little different but scratches that itch if I'm looking for something ambient and chill to listen to.
  5. Ah I forgot they were on the hype stickers. I kept mine in the sleeves they came in for now, but may change them.
  6. They have ended one month subscriptions. If you were previously grandfathered in and decide to cancel then you will no longer be able to do one month subs anymore. Really stupid honestly.
  7. Can’t wait, ordered the clear as well. Hoping there’s a New York show before the European jaunt.
  8. I used to see them all the time when they played as Smackin Isaiah, this stuff is good but I’m more looking forward to Benefits press.
  9. https://revhq.com/store.revhq?Page=search&Id=PUSR003 INFO: Before they were A Wilhelm Scream, they were Smackin' Isaiah, and in 2000, they self-released this album on CD the DIY way. Damn near 20 years later, this album is being released on vinyl for the very first time via Purchase Street Records. This new version also features seven extra tracks culled from compilation CDs, now all available in one place. Limited edition of 300 copies. TRACK LISTING: 1. Wyoming State 2. Bowling 3. Which Is Worse? 4. Mob Life 5. Beer And Loafing In New Bedford 6. 1957 7. September 9th 8. Forget Her 9. Mush Mouth 10. Shot 11. Studying The Sidewalk 12. Today's Special 13. How To Set Yourself On Fire 14. The Devil Lives In Massachusetts 15. It Never Happened 16. Don't Wake Me Up 17. This Is Gravity
  10. Sadly, the two obi's I missed are my two favorite albums but I already had earlier pressings of those so I'm probably better off. Anyway, delivery on the way for the last two, excited to fill out the collection.