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  1. Got my sipping confirmation AND just shipped out my 1st press to someone off discogs. Hell yeah.
  2. Bladewillisisdead

    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    IIRC they tried. It was a very half-assed and unsuccessful try, but an attempt was made.
  3. Bladewillisisdead

    Best of 2018 - First Half of the Year

    Thou - The House Primordial Sleep - The Sciences The Body/Uniform - Mental Wounds Not Healing The Body - I Have Fought Against It But I Can't Any Longer Most anticipated: Thou Thou Thou Any surprise The Body collaboration LPs Pig Destroyer Nothing Self Defense Family
  4. Bladewillisisdead

    The official Horror fan topic

    I think they're both on Shudder. NSA was on Netflix for awhile, not sure if it's still up.
  5. Bladewillisisdead

    The official Horror fan topic

    I don't think they got Kevin Bacon back for CLM either. I would've enjoyed drunk Johnny Depp being like "Fuck this garbage"
  6. You posted while I was responding. I was mostly commenting on the "fan boys" remark. I totally get why you'd want to cancel and possibly reorder. I've never had a problem with USPS address forwarding when I move. But I've noticed that there can be a huge difference in the competency of the USPS between different branches.
  7. Yeah, that's way too soon to file a dispute when buying pretty much anything from anywhere on the internet. It's also important to note that NONE of them have shipped yet. It'd be one thing if everyone had these weeks ago and then a few people haven't and arent being responded to
  8. Bladewillisisdead

    PO : This Day Forward - In Response

    They joined Twitter and Instagram a couple days before preorders went up. Hopefully they didn't do it just to promote the LP and there's some reunion shows in the works... I think the release date is listed as 6/22 so maybe they DLs will go out on Friday? Kinda weird considering it's been out for 15 years if that's the case.
  9. Bladewillisisdead

    The official Horror fan topic

    Have you seen Never Sleep Again or Crystal Lake Memories? They're long as fuck (NSA is 4 hours and CLM is almost 7) but they're definitely worth the watch if you're a fan of those two series. My favorite part of NSA had to be when everyone was talking about how Nightmare 2 was basically a story about repressed homosexuality, but then one dude was just like "No! There's nothing gay about it!" For anyone that doesn't know NSA is a documentary about the Nightmare on Elm Street series and CLM is about the Friday the 13th series. I read a really in depth book about the production of the first Ft13th movie, but I can't remember the name.
  10. I forgot how dope this album is and I also forgot that the dude from Botch/TAAS played bass on it.
  11. 2 discs, eh? Makes that price sting a bit less if true
  12. Bladewillisisdead

    The official Horror fan topic

    Ugh. Some kids were doing that all through A Quiet Place because of the Hereditary trailer. Another group of kids wouldn't stop talking. I would've been pissed, but everyone else in the theater was being super passive aggressive about it instead of just saying "Shut the fuck up" so I was entertained.
  13. I'm sure Good Fight will have some variants of this.
  14. Bladewillisisdead

    PO : This Day Forward - In Response

    Really wish this would get a 12" pressing.
  15. Bladewillisisdead

    The official Horror fan topic

    I honestly couldn't tell if people were doing that at my showing or if there were random clicks buried in the mix. Only happened a couple times though.