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  1. Bladewillisisdead

    PO: Star Wars - The Last Jedi (I Am Shark)

    If it ends up being black I can save you the time in emailing them because Craig says "Go fuck yourself"
  2. Bladewillisisdead

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Fingers crossed that maybe now that they're sending then out "manually" I actually get one. Also, someone did just post this info with "it may take a day or two" so at this point I'd say just hold your horses and hope for the best.
  3. Bladewillisisdead

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    I got an email from Epitaph about this and by the time they actually sent it out it'd been shutdown. Apparently giving away $20+ to anyone on the internet who can vote is not a good idea.
  4. Bladewillisisdead

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Someone: This is a good idea *1 minute later* Oh...oh no... I think about sums it up
  5. God damnit. Oh well, given how the crowd reacted to 5 seconds of it I probably would've died if they had played the whole thing. If it's anything like the Boston show, they keep the video up. It's not just a livstream only deal.
  6. Bladewillisisdead

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Nah, they've been around too long without going bankrupt
  7. Bladewillisisdead

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    I am refusing to vote if I don't get my coupon. My voice will be heard.
  8. Bladewillisisdead

    PO: Star Wars - The Last Jedi (I Am Shark)

    Phantom Menace. Something about if the final product doesnt look like the mock up you can go fuck yourself or something.
  9. I went to the east coast benefit show they did. Cave In played like 5 seconds of Juggernaut, everyone lost their minds, and then they stopped and said "Gotcha"
  10. If Cave In play Juggernaut at this one I'm suing.
  11. Bladewillisisdead

    Brand New - TDAGARIM repress in 11/4

    I failed the age verification on checkout for the Skype variant.
  12. I'm just glad I don't have to worry about grabbing the more limited one.
  13. Bladewillisisdead

    PO: Brian Eno Reissues

    Yeah, I thought the prices were too good to be true. They should probably fix the product descriptions...