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  1. I bought this and opened it up to find out that it is the /100 version. I am not the biggest fan so I am contemplating if I want to trade it. Feel free to send me trade lists for me to look at.
  2. I believe I have the mispress of They The Undeserving that I could let go of. I'll need to double check tomorrow. I also have the goal to collect all the variants of Old Stories eventually. One day...
  3. Wasn't there an issue with Majestic Majesty? My copy without labels sounds horrible.
  4. I got 25 and 26! Both had a crease because the USPS blows but no biggie.
  5. That's good to hear. I'll keep my eyes peeled.
  6. This was one of the main items I wanted to get and both stores I went to didn't even get a copy. If someone happens to grab an extra of this I would love to get it.
  7. I got covers part 2 (teal) and 3 (NOTL). I already had them both on clear. If anyone wants the clear versions send me a message.
  8. I debated buying this when it was for sale for about a week. When I finally decided to pull the trigger it sold out that day and I missed out. If anyone is having buyers remorse or grabbed an extra I would love to pick this up.
  9. I was able to get the splatter and the Mansions disc! Sounds like they sold fast. Glad I got Mansions because I missed it last week.
  10. Damn I didn't even know this was going on sale and it seems that I missed it. If anyone grabbed an extra I would love a copy of this.

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