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  1. Why can't you make it this year??
  2. dickcritter

    Turning Point "1988-1991" 2xLP + 7"

    Anyone that's located in Milwaukee, we will have a handful of these available at The Exclusive Company (1669 N. Farwell Ave). Definitely my favorite release that's coming out for BFRSD this year. These turned out great.
  3. dickcritter

    Recent purchases

    What an insane haul. Congrats on snagging it all!
  4. dickcritter

    Jazz Music & Records Thread

    I just listened to In A Silent Way for the first time last week. It's so good. Will definitely be picking up that MoFi pressing eventually.
  5. I didn't even know this I.N.O. release existed, so I'm definitely excited.
  6. dickcritter

    Jazz Music & Records Thread

    Listening right now. This is great! Thanks for posting. I had never heard of this group/label before.
  7. dickcritter

    Jazz Music & Records Thread

    Had a guy come through the store I work at the other day with his Jazz collection he wanted to sell. He had a good handful of original Blue Note's, but they were all unfortunately trashed. My heart sank as I was flipping through them and saw the conditions. Ended up buying a small portion of the collection that was still in decent condition though. I was able to make it out with a handful of stereo reissues that were in VG/VG+ condition.
  8. dickcritter

    Jazz Music & Records Thread

    http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/music-matters-definitive-blue-note-45-rpm-and-33-1-3-rpm-vinyl-series-pt7.361195/page-193 News just got dropped there too. Definite bummer.
  9. dickcritter

    Jazz Music & Records Thread

    Agreed. I take most things I read over there with a grain of salt when it comes to issues like this. Like you, I haven't had a single issue with the 12 titles I've picked up so far.
  10. dickcritter

    Jazz Music & Records Thread

    I heard people saying it has to do with pressing issues on the 33's in the series. I haven't had any issues with any of the ones I've picked up, but it sounds like some people on the stevehoffman forums have had issues with their copies having non-fill.
  11. Got my white copy today and it is extremely warped. I don't really care what color I have, so I might just contact the label and see if I can send it back for a different one.
  12. dickcritter

    Jazz Music & Records Thread

    Recently picked up a couple more Analogue Productions Prestige reissues. Between these and the Music Matters Blue Note reissues, they are a little costly but are entirely worth it. I'll slowly be picking up more from their Prestige Mono series. They are starting a Prestige Stereo series as well with 25 more titles.
  13. dickcritter

    Official Numero Group Thread

    Finally got my hands on the Syl Johnson "Complete Mythology" box set. Also includes a 6-CD set and a 40-page booklet. It's OOP now, but I would highly recommend it to anyone if you see it out somewhere!
  14. This is absolutely going to be one of my favorite releases of the year. Every song released so far is great.
  15. Just found out about this band and WOW these songs are great.